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Jobs in Finland with Visa Sponsorship 2024

December 28th, 2023 at 08:23 am

Jobs in Finland with Visa Sponsorship 2024 (€4,437 – €4,500 Monthly)

Finland is generally considered to be a great place to work for a living. This is mostly because there are so many jobs available to foreign nationals in the healthcare and education sectors. This guide has been compiled to help you achieve your aim of finding employment in Finland since many citizens and foreigners alike share the desire to work in Finland and have their employer sponsor their visa.

Consequently, since this article is factual and free of misinformation, you must read it through to the finish and understand all of the information presented.

Job Details

Finland, a nation that belongs to the Nordic region and is situated in Northern Europe, is officially known as the Republic of Finland. To the northwest, its borders are shared by Sweden. Finland is bordered by neighboring nations on all sides in addition to its locations in Norway to the north, Russia to the east, the Gulf of Bothnia to the west, and Finland to the south, which borders Estonia.

Helsinki is part of a larger metropolitan territory that also includes the cities of Espoo, Kauniainen, and Vantaa. Helsinki is the largest city in the nation and its capital. The population is estimated to be 5.6 million, and the nation is 338,455 square kilometers in size. People of Finnish heritage make up the bulk of the population, and the area (130,678 square miles) recognizes Finnish and Swedish as official languages.

The length of time needed to obtain a work visa in Finland

Generally speaking, the Finnish authorities will issue a work visa that is good for approximately a year, though the exact length of the visa will depend on the passport being used. Your B permit, commonly known as temporary permission, is only valid for a single year. On the other side, you can work in Finland if you have an A key, commonly known as continuous permission.

Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Finland


  • It is a requirement to have a legally binding employment contract in Finland.
  • Also, except for seasonal work, a degree from an authorized university is required.
  • In addition, work in your industry like a professional.
  • Besides that, there cannot be any active criminal proceedings against you at this moment.
  • Apart from that, follow every piece of legislation in Finland
  • Lastly, under no circumstances may you be prevented from traveling within the Schengen Area.
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If you could prove that you are an exceptionally skilled worker, it would work to your advantage. Everyone would benefit from your being able to work in your sector of choice and contribute to social welfare and healthcare.

Entrepreneur Visa:

  • Foremost, a limited partnership with a general partner in addition. You may find that working for yourself as a private entrepreneur is advantageous.
  • In addition, a cooperative member who has limitless liability for refinancing
  • Above all, a business owner who functions through a limited liability corporation.

Start-up visa:

  • Both financial assistance and a plan are going to be necessary for your business.
  • In addition, it would be great if your income was far higher than the national average to qualify for an EU Blue Card or a specialty visa.
  • Also, possess a high degree of expertise in finishing the required tasks.
  • Aside from that, include a notarized document proving your status as a researcher with your application for a researcher visa.
  • Similarly, first, receive an invitation to engage in a scientific study before you can take part in the research.
  • Above all, working on religious matters requires your association as an employer.

Card Scheme Project Manager

In your role as a project manager for the card scheme, you will be able to share your opinions and experiences and help manage and enhance the protocols of our card scheme projects. You won’t be working entirely by yourself, even though it will be required of you to be able to execute the majority of your tasks on your own. Rather, you will work closely with our chief operational officer, who will help you comprehend the company’s guiding principles.

They are in charge of organizing and leading the team, monitoring the project’s progress, setting deadlines, resolving issues, handling money, and making sure that all stakeholders are satisfied. The Card Scheme Project Manager will also benefit from the group’s critical technical and industry experts, who will bolster your industry and company expertise to provide context. The purpose of this support is to add additional context to the project.


An annual salary of €4,696 is typical for a Card Scheme Project Manager in Helsinki, Finland. In euros per hour, this works out to either €26 or €31.04.

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The responsibilities are listed as follows:

  • Foremost, create, file, and complete scheme projects to enable client deliveries. They also need to be coordinated with other relevant teams.
  • Also, verify that the payment card’s features adhere to the standards for payment cards.
  • Besides that, work together with the policy and standards team to figure out how the organization’s current policy and risk management procedures can incorporate payment card compliance requirements.
  • In addition, encourages the completion of risk assessments and audits.
  • Aside from that, ascertain whether the payment card requirements relate to the organization’s companies.
  • They are collaborating on and managing the creation of internal procedures related to card scheme initiatives.
  • Being aware of and monitoring card scheme releases concerning our organization


  • Most importantly, the willingness to get their hands dirty and the ability to complete tasks while maintaining an eye on the wider picture.
  • Also, if you consider yourself to be a critical person, you must possess good interpersonal and communication abilities.
  • Besides that, possess a bachelor’s degree
  • Similarly, more than three years of experience working on card scheme projects.
  • Likewise, a track record of achievement in various pursuits
  • Aside from that, the Card Scheme is an information distribution and governance system.
  • Above all, exceptional proficiency in the English language.


  • Proficiency in Efficient Communication
  • Also, skills in negotiating
  • Moreover, skills in time management and scheduling
  • Additionally, have abilities in problem-solving, technical proficiency, risk management, leadership, and critical thinking.


  • Initiative Diverse
  • Also, making new social connections
  • Moreover, opportunities for travel
  • Likewise, have excellent organizational skills and are always learning new things.
  • Aside from that, you can change careers.
  • Besides that, high pay
  • Above all, contentment in one’s profession

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Salaries for Jobs in Finland

Between €55000 and €85000 is the average yearly salary for jobs in Finland that sponsor visas; between €4,437 and €4,500 is the typical monthly payout.

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