‘I don’t want pressure, I am doing my music’ – Adina speaks on marriage

'I don’t want pressure, I am doing my music' - Adina speaks on marriage
‘I don’t want pressure, I am doing my music’ – Adina speaks on marriage

‘I don’t want pressure, I am doing my music’ – Adina speaks on marriage

Who is Adina

Adina is an Afropop and highlife singer and multiple award-winning artist. Adina is a Ghanaian- South African singer, songwriter, and actress. Thembi Ndamse is popularly known by her stage name Adina. Adina seems to be enjoying a flourishing and stable career in music and fashion design.

Her take on Marriage

According to the Ghanaian-South African singer, Adina, marriage isn’t on her mind at the moment. Adina was speaking on GTV during an interview where she was asked about marriage.

During the interview on the GTV breakfast show, the singer emphasized that she is not ready for marriage. The reason she gave was that she is busy building her career as a singer and fashion designer. She further mentioned that marriage is very important and would one day love to get married and have children. But for now, marriage is not what she is thinking about.

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She stated; “It is happening, I mean, all I can say is, eventually I would like to get married. I feel like that is very important and heavy to deal with at the moment so there you go. Eventually, I would like to get married and have kids. That is all you need to know now”.

More On Adina’s Take On Marriage

She then added “I don’t want pressure, I don’t want stress. I am doing my music and sewing my clothes. What is this? Don’t disturb my life, I beg. I am busy, I have a show on Saturday then maybe we will see. I don’t want to be forced into something I am not ready for but I still love you guys though“, she said.

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With the question about when she is getting married put aside, she took the opportunity to advise the youth. Especially, young girls, she advised that they prepare themselves adequately while they wait for their big break. She added that whatever you would want to do, research and do your homework well.

And don’t forget to brand yourself while building. They should also try their best to stay focused and not get distracted. She further advised girls who would want to do music. She continued that” so know how to package yourself and do a lot of research and make sure when you do music, you are doing publishing and making sure that, you know the writers are making the money. Because if the song goes really far, you can be cashing in on it. So like I said, do all the research.

“There is information on social media, on Google. Yeah, brand yourself, you never know when your next big break is gonna come “, she concluded.

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