I Cant Count The Number Of ‘Ds’ That Have Entered My Somewhere-Queen Farcadi Reveals

Let me be lenient with slaying queen, Queen Farcadi in this article because I feel lazy listing all her titles—I hope you remember her?

The social media slay queen who trades her body in exchange for cash and luxury from rich men says she doesn’t remember the number of ‘Ds’ that have entered her ‘somewhere’ ever since she ventured into one of the most lucrative businesses in the world.

Queen Farcadi in a recent video posted on her Instagram page shockingly couldn’t remember the number of men she has engaged so far when she was asked; “how many ‘Ds’ have you swallowed so far?”

Queen Farcadi responded that they’re uncountable because her ‘somewhere’ has become a continental dish patronized by men from different countries; Nigeria, Ghana and a lot more.

At the age of 24, Queen Farcadi says she cannot remember the number of ‘Ds’ she has engaged so far because they’re uncountable.

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Apparently, Queen Farcadi has gained a lot of experience in her line of business and I will conclude that; “whatever you can do best, do it with all your strength and power”!

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