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How Your Work Experience Contributes to Your Express Entry CRS Score | Relocate to Canada

November 24th, 2023 at 05:00 am

How Your Work Experience Contributes to Your Express Entry CRS Score | Relocate to Canada

Is your work experience considered while calculating your Express Entry CRS score? Let us now find out the answer. If you’re applying for Canadian immigration through Express Entry, keep reading to learn about the elements that determine your CRS score.

How is your work experience important in determining your Express Entry CRS score?

The National Occupation Classification 2021 is critical in Express Entry, particularly in category-based Express Entry draws and Provincial Nominee Programs.

Overall, unless an applicant has a prior employment agreement contingent on their presence in Canada, the NOC 2021 that corresponds to their work experience has no bearing on their CRS score.

CRS scores Summary

The Canadian government rates applicants who apply for one of the three Express Entry programs using the Comprehensive Ranking System. The Federal Skilled Trades Program, or FSWP, and the Canadian Experience Class are two examples. They provide CRS scores to candidates so that they can compete against one another in order to pick eligible individuals by granting ITAs.

The normal Express Entry draws consider candidates’ CRS scores when issuing invitations to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence. Furthermore, individuals with scores higher than the CRS requirement are eligible for these invitations to apply for PR. This is not the case with Category-based Express Entry drawings.

A Guide to NOC Codes

The federal government of Canada uses the NOC system to define, characterize, and distinguish employment based on its primary functions, educational requirements, and other crucial information.

Each task described in the NOC system achieves a distinct number for classification objectives. This number also serves as the NOC code, which consists of five digits.

Draws for Standard Express Entry

In the case of conventional Express Entry draws, a candidate’s NOC may make them eligible for additional CRS points, increasing their chances of receiving an ITA.

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Does demonstrating “arranged employment” earn an applicant more CRS points? Category D of the CRS bonus points section awards 50 to 200 points to candidates who have “arranged employment.”

Category D indicates that any candidate who has arranged employment or already has a job offer in a profession from one of the NOC 2021 major groupings is eligible for 200 additional CRS points. A candidate with an eligible employment offer in any other profession under NOC TEER 0, 1, 2, or 3 will, on the other hand, receive 50 points. With the exception of Major Group 00.

Candidates with additional points depending on their NOC will play a critical role in Canadian immigration through standard Express Entry draws in the aforementioned scenarios.

Please keep in mind that the NOC major group 00 is specifically for Senior Management roles. Senior government administrators, legislators, and officials are among those who hold these roles. They work in a variety of areas, including health care, banking, communications, media, transportation, and construction.

Express Entry Category-Based Draws 

These Express Entry category-based selection draws allow the government to choose qualified individuals with recent job experience in selected prominent industries and French language competence.

These individuals, who have recent job experience in high-demand areas, can assist the government in combating critical labor shortages in the Canadian market.

STEM, healthcare, transportation, commerce and agriculture, and agri-food are the five key occupations that will come under the Category-based selection in 2023.

Furthermore, NOC codes appear to play an important role in category-based draws because each profession among the five categories has its own NOC.

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As a result, candidates seeking Canadian immigrants who have recent work experience in a profession that fits within a specific NOC code may be eligible through category-based draws. This is in addition to their eligibility for regular Express Entry lotteries.

Here is a list of acceptable vocations for each Express Entry category in 2023:

  • Healthcare: Dentists and Message Therapists
  • Transport: Transport Truck Drivers
  • Agriculture and Agri-Food Butchers: Retail and Wholesale
  • STEM: Architects and Engineering Managers
  • Trades: Residential and Commercial Installers and Servicers

Provincial Nomination Programs

The fact that each province has different labor standards has a significant impact on the significance of a candidate’s NOC in relation to their work experience. Furthermore, it implies that each province uses local PNP to combat current provincial labor market gaps.

Furthermore, if a candidate’s recent job experience falls under a specific NOC, they will be better qualified for a province or territory looking for skilled labor. This also implies that their skill set and work history will assist that province or region.

History of PNPs in Canada

All Canadian provinces and territories have Provincial Nominee Programs. Quebec and Nunavut, on the other hand, are exceptions because they have separate PNPs. These PNPs assist local provinces in welcoming foreign nationals who may contribute to the local economy and labor market.

These programs are the largest and most substantial streams of economic-class programs in Canada.

Each Canadian province or territory has the opportunity to select candidates who will contribute to the province’s economic requirements. In addition, each location will provide them with the opportunity to obtain PR.

Again, the goal is to bring forth prospects who will assist a certain region in filling labor market vacancies. Furthermore, the location will entice these individuals with the potential to obtain PR and settle there.

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Even within each PNP, all provinces or territories operate through various distinct channels to bring in foreign nationals with diverse professional backgrounds.

Except for Quebec, the top destination provinces, for example, include a number of streams for professionals in a variety of occupations. Also included in the Permanent Residents 2022 category are the following top provinces:

  • Ontario: In-demand Skills Stream: Transport Truck Drivers, Nurse Aides, and Construction Trades Helpers/Laborers are among the jobs that are in high demand.
  • British Columbia: Skills Immigration: Psychiatric Nurses, Nurses, and Physicians are examples of healthcare professionals.
  • Alberta: Alberta Farm Stream: Farm Workers



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