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How to Get Permanent Residency in Australia on a Student Visa 

January 8th, 2024 at 10:51 pm

How to Get Permanent Residency in Australia on a Student Visa

Student visas allow international students to study in Australia for a certain period of time. The student visa makes this accommodation possible.

The primary and most evident goal of a study visa is to provide financial support so that international students can attend reputable educational institutions in Australia. After completing their studies in Australia, these students can apply what they have learned in Australia to progress in their careers and improve their chances in their home countries. On the other side, it may not happen.

Every year, a sizeable number of international students who are already in possession of valid study visas for Australia realize that Australia would be an outstanding place to make their permanent home. There are people from other countries who are currently unable to finish their education in Australia, but they are holding out hope that they will soon be able to do so legally. However, when it comes to studying visas, there are only specific types of programs that can set you on the path to becoming a permanent resident of the country.

Eligibility Criteria for a Student Visa

Applicants for a study visa need to demonstrate that they are serious about their academic pursuits for the visa to be approved. This indicates that they need to apply for a course in Australia that is relevant to their subject of study. For instance, if a student from another country has already graduated with a bachelor’s degree in engineering from their home country, they can apply for a master’s degree in engineering at an institution in Australia. This would qualify them as legitimate students and make it possible for them to receive a study visa at that institution.

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The issue here for many of these students from other countries is that it’s possible that their area of study or the relevant degree doesn’t offer a route to permanent residence in the country of their choice. And the designation of “genuine student” is not going to help someone whose major objective is to make Australia their home permanently if that person wants to do so. So, what exactly is the answer?

How can we help these international students who have the singular goal of eventually settling down in Australia figure out how to accomplish this goal in the shortest amount of time?

The Quickest Path to Obtaining Permanent Residence

If an international student is currently enrolled in a course that is listed on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS), then they are qualified to apply for a student visa. This is because CRICOS is a registry of institutions and courses that are designed specifically for foreign students. To be eligible for higher education in the United Kingdom, one must be able to fulfill this prerequisite.

Students from outside Australia who have already been granted a student visa and have arrived in the country have the option of changing their course of study to one that will put them on a more direct path toward acquiring permanent residency. For instance, some examples of such disciplines of study include cosmetology, automotive repair, commercial cuisine, and various other crafts.

The successful completion of these seminars is one of the ways to gain permanent residency that is both speediest and most cost-effective.

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A lot of people will probably be curious about why you didn’t just apply for one of these quicker routes to permanent status right from the start.

An international student who is currently located outside of Australia and who applies for a study visa, because they wish to study commercial cooking or any other course that has the potential to expedite their acquisition of permanent residency in Australia, would have their application rejected. As long as the course is listed on CRICOS, there shouldn’t be any problems. If there are problems, the applicant can appeal the decision to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, which could take some time; however, as they are already in Australia, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Everything is completely above board, even though some people would view it as unethical.

Why Is This Permitted to Take Place?

The fact that this procedure is being followed is not a secret, and the Department of Home Affairs is fully aware of the fact that it is taking place. It is not a mystery that this protocol is being followed. There is nothing wrong with a person wanting to come to Australia and study something that will provide a pathway to permanent residence; however, the Department of Home Affairs has set up rules so that international students can only obtain a student visa based on studying a course that is relevant to the field of study they have completed before coming to Australia.

There is nothing wrong with a person wanting to come to Australia and study something that will provide a pathway to permanent residence; however, the Department of Home Affairs has set up the rules. Because of this, the procedure is more likely to be exploited for personal gain. Studying requires a visa.

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Following the reopening of Australia’s borders in April, the Australian government has been conducting a parliamentary inquiry into the field of international education. The purpose of this inquiry is to study the challenges and opportunities that have emerged in this business as a result of the reopening of Australia’s borders. During the month of April, the findings of an inquiry that was conducted into Australia’s Migration Program were made public as well.



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