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Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada for Foreign Workers 2024 ($14.39 per hour)

March 3rd, 2024 at 05:36 am

Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada for Foreign Workers 2024 ($14.39 per hour)

Fruit picking in Canada is a great way for foreign workers with working holiday visas to earn money and obtain vital experience. It is now easier than ever for foreign laborers to enter Canada and work in the agricultural industry because of visa sponsorship.

One of the most well-liked seasonal jobs in the country is harvesting fruit, which is a fantastic way to tour the nation and obtain useful work experience. The Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario, and the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia are the most sought-after areas in Canada for fruit-picking occupations.

Seasonal variations in the fruits available for harvesting include apples, pears, blueberries, strawberries, peaches, plums, raspberries, grapes, and cherries.

Though some firms offer year-round employment, most fruit-picking positions in Canada are seasonal and typically last for two to three months. You must be physically active and able to labor outside in all weather situations to be considered for a fruit-picking job.

While some farms are open later in the day, most farms are open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. with breaks during the day. Fruit picking is a fantastic opportunity to make money and travel the nation, whether you’re searching for a summer job or a long-term career.

Benefits of Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada for Foreign Workers

  • Seasonal Employment: Fruit collection during the busiest harvest seasons often presents short-term job opportunities. This could be beneficial for foreign workers looking for part-time work or to supplement their income during particular seasons.
  • Competitive Wages: A lot of fruit-picking jobs offer competitive pay, often paid on an hourly or piece-rate basis. If workers can reach or exceed output targets, this can provide them with a decent means of subsistence.
  • Possibilities for Overtime Pay: During times of heavy harvest activity, fruit-picking jobs may offer opportunities for overtime pay, allowing employees to increase their income in return for working longer hours.
  • Outside Work Environment: Because fruit harvesting usually occurs in fields or orchards, workers can enjoy the fresh air and natural surroundings in an outside work environment.
  • Physical Activity: Harvesting fruit often involves physical labor, such as bending, reaching, and lifting. This can provide workers with the opportunity to exercise and participate in physical activity, improving their overall health and well-being.
  • Development of Skills: Fruit-picking jobs require the development of skill sets such as accuracy and the ability to work effectively and efficiently. Employees may learn skills like teamwork, time management, and hand-eye coordination while carrying out their jobs.
  • Cultural Exchange: Fruit-picking jobs often attract workers from a variety of cultural backgrounds, which promotes interactions with people from other countries and cultures and allows for cultural exchange.
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Additional Benefits

  • Transportation and Housing: Some firms in the fruit harvesting sector provide housing and transportation to their workers, which makes it easier for foreign workers to find employment opportunities in rural areas with farms and orchards.
  • Travel Possibility: Working in fruit picking could allow foreign workers to visit different parts of Canada and experience different temperatures, cultures, and landscapes.
  • Opportunities for Long-Term Residency: Working as a fruit picker may allow foreign workers who wish to immigrate permanently to Canada to be eligible for permanent residence through Express Entry or the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

Available Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada for Foreign Workers

Fruit-picking occupations are plentiful in Canada and can range from seasonal to year-round employment. When a foreign worker meets the required skills and experience requirements, most firms are prepared to sponsor their visa.

  1. Apple Picking – British Columbia – The Okanagan Valley
  2. Strawberry Picking – Ontario – Niagara Region
  3. Blueberry Picking – Alberta – Peace Country
  4. Cherry Picking – British Columbia – Fraser Valley
  5. Peach Picking – Alberta – Edmonton Area
  6. Grape Picking – Ontario – Niagara Region
  7. Pear Picking – British Columbia – Okanagan Valley
  8. Raspberry Picking – Quebec – Monteregie Region
  9. lum Picking – Nova Scotia – Annapolis Valley
  10. Apricot Picking – British Columbia – Okanagan Valley

Obtaining a Visa for Fruit Picking in Canada

Some of the most varied and fruitful agricultural regions in the world can be found inside Canada’s enormous territory. There are several options for foreign laborers to obtain employment in the fruit-picking sector. The high point? Prospective seasonal workers in Canada can apply for visas sponsored by several seasonal fruit-picking firms.

Available Canadian Visas to Explore

Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP)

This visa is intended for foreign nationals who are employed temporarily in Canada, usually for a set amount of time. Several other types of jobs qualify for this visa, including picking fruit.

Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP)

This visa is normally valid for six months or less and is granted to foreign workers who work in Canada in seasonal agricultural positions. This is the best visa for anyone who wants to gather fruit in Canada.

Working Holiday Visa

For anyone between the ages of 18 and 35 who want to travel and work in Canada, this is a great option. With this visa, you can work in seasonal agriculture, such as fruit picking, for a maximum of one year.

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International Experience Canada

Young individuals between the ages of 18 and 35 are eligible to work and travel in Canada for a maximum of two years under this program. Fruit harvesting is one of the seasonal agricultural jobs permitted by this visa.

Requirements for Securing a Visa

You must fulfill certain standards to be granted a visa if you wish to benefit from the fantastic prospects for fruit-picking employment in Canada that offers visa sponsorship for foreign workers. The following is a list of prerequisites that are essential to know:

  • You have to be at least eighteen.
  • You need to have a passport that is good for at least six months after the date you plan to leave Canada.
  • To work in Canada, you need to have a valid work permit or visa, such as a temporary foreign worker visa.
  • Have a legitimate employment offer from a Canadian company that includes information on the working hours, pay, and other aspects of the position.
  • For the job, you have to prove that you are qualified and experienced.
  • A bank statement or other proof of your ability to sustain yourself financially in Canada is required.
  • Present proof of your health insurance.
  • Provide proof that your criminal record is spotless.

It should be easy to secure a visa if you meet all of these requirements and have a legitimate employment offer from a Canadian employer.

Working Conditions in Canadian Fruit Picking Jobs

For the most part, Canadian fruit pickers have excellent working conditions. There is housing and food given, the labor is pleasurable, and the pay is adequate. Fruit harvesting in Canada might be a great option for international laborers looking for jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Canada have an age restriction on those who pick fruit?

For fruit pickers, you must be over 18.

What is the salary of a fruit picker in Canada?

In Canada, the average yearly pay for a fruit picker is $28,061 ($14.39/hour).

How can I apply to work in Canada harvesting fruit?

A work permit is a prerequisite for working as a foreign laborer picking fruit in Canada. Knowing what is required before you apply for a work visa is crucial because the process might be convoluted. If you need assistance applying for a visa, you can consult with an immigration specialist.

Keep up with us on for the most recent updates on work permits, visa application procedures, routes to permanent residence, and jobs sponsored by visas.

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