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Comprehensive Overview of July 2023 UK Immigration Law Amendments

Comprehensive Overview of July 2023 UK Immigration Law Amendments

Are you a worker, student, or someone else who intends to apply inside the UK but is concerned about the recent changes announced by the UK Home Office? If so, there is absolutely no need for concern. The major changes to UK immigration legislation announced in July 2023 are discussed in this article.

Did you know that the UK government raised the cost of obtaining a UK visa as well as the immigration health surcharge to earn money for pay increases in the public sector? The cost of work and visit visas is expected to increase by 15%, while the cost of other visa types, such as citizenship and certificates of sponsorship, would increase by 20%.

Noting that IHS would experience a significant 66% growth is startling.

Changes to Student Visa Route

Please be aware that the UK government has started to make significant changes to the requirements for student visas. Sadly, students in the UK cannot transition to a sponsored work visa until they have earned their degree. International students pursuing a degree or higher are likely to be impacted by this change to the student visa rules.

New Occupations Added to Shortage List

Many construction jobs were recently added by the UK government to the shortage occupation list (SOL) and the pathway for skilled workers. Please keep in mind that this action is designed to lure skilled employees to fill openings in fields where demand outpaces supply.

Updates to UKVCAS Systems

Did you aware that the UKVCAS’s document uploading system has changed? This will soon go into action. Fortunately, the new version will also have a bulk upload feature that will enable the simultaneous upload of up to 20 files. Unfortunately, free Saturday appointments will no longer be available due to slots being moved to other days of the week.

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New Visa Restrictions for International Students

There is a significant update for all of the students out there. Read this if you are a foreign student studying in the UK or if you intend to do so.

A small bombshell has just been dropped by the UK government. It is forbidden for people with student visas to switch to work visas while they are still in school. This could cause problems for those of you who plan to remain in the UK and look for work.


How will this affect international students specifically? This policy change can interfere with your plans if you’re an overseas student. This was sort of a stepping stone towards finding employment and eventually obtaining permanent residency in the UK before you could leap from a student visa to a work visa while you were studying.

You might want to reconsider choosing the UK as your preferred study destination in light of this new policy. It is imperative that you keep up with these modifications and plan your future career paths accordingly, whether you are a prospective student or a current Visa holder.

Statements of Changes in Immigration Rules

Changes to Appendix Skilled Worker

A person granted permission to stay and applying for permission to stay must meet one of the requirements below as of the date of application. In essence, you must fulfill these requirements if you are in the UK on a student visa before you may change to a skilled worker visa.

  • First and foremost, candidates must have finished paying for the studies for which the acceptance confirmation for studies was signed.
  • Second, the applicants require full-time enrollment in a degree-level or higher course of study with a higher education provider with a history of compliance.
  • Additionally, the commencement date of the certificate of sponsorship cannot be sooner than the course completion date. In other words, individuals on a student visa cannot change to a skilled worker visa until they complete their studies in the UK.
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This is something you should keep in mind if you’re considering studying in the UK. You can not switch to a skilled worker visa or any other form of visa until you have finished your education, therefore you cannot come with your family (dependents).

You might, however, have to head back to your home country if, after completing your studies, you are unable to obtain a skilled worker visa.

  • Moreover, the applicant must have enrolled full-time in a PhD-granting program at an institution of higher learning with a proven track record of compliance. Additionally, the certificate of sponsorship can’t begin earlier than 24 months following the course’s commencement date.

Genuineness Requirement

The application for a skilled worker must wish to fill the position for which they are getting sponsored, as well as be capable of doing so. If you are entering the UK on a visa for a skilled worker, you must continue to perform that position (the one that got you there) honestly.

The applicants must not have any other work plans to save the position for which they are receiving sponsorship. As a result, you must continue in that role and refrain from taking on any other roles while you are in the UK.

The UK government is getting stricter, but it’s not necessarily or plainly because they wish to reduce net migration that they are doing so. They also have sound policies.

Increase in Visa Fees

The UK government has announced an increase in visa application fees. This has an impact on practically all foreigners in the UK.

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Shortage Occupation List

Interesting new additions to the UK shortage occupation list include several jobs or professions. Employers can now start hiring individuals in these industries from outside the UK to relocate to the UK and work there. Among these new professions are;

  • Agriculture and fishing
  • Trace bricklayers
  • Maze things
  • Tyler
  • Slaters
  • Carpenters
  • Construction and building trades
  • Plasterers

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