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Canada Visitor Visa Update 2023 – Canada Immigration

Canada Visitor Visa Update 2023 – Canada Immigration

We’ll discuss what you can and cannot do during a visitor visit in this article. It is crucial to secure the required travel documentation, such as a visiting visa, if you intend to travel to a foreign nation.

You can enter the nation for a predetermined amount of time with a visitor visa, typically for leisure, business, or medical reasons. What you can and cannot do while on a tourist visa is subject to limits and constraints, which are crucial to be aware of. It might help you avoid potential legal issues and make the most of your stay if you are aware of the rules and regulations before your journey.

We shall examine every aspect in this essay.

Canada Visitor Visa

To enter Canada to work or study, anyone who is neither a Canadian citizen nor a permanent resident must apply for and be granted a temporary residence visa. Unless you are from a nation that is free from visa requirements, you must apply for a visiting or tourist visa if all you plan to do is visit Canada.

A visiting visa has more restrictions than a work or study permit, which is only provided for carrying out or beginning certain activities in Canada. That does not, however, imply that there are no limitations on what you can and cannot do when visiting Canada.

Enter and Stay in Canada

First and foremost, a tourist visa enables you to travel to Canada. Your visitor visa grants you temporary legal status once you are within Canada, allowing you to live and travel wherever you like. However, keep in mind that this is a visiting visa with a temporary status that is only valid for up to six months. The official issuing your visa will specify how long it will be valid in advance.

Your visa will expire after the validity period is over, and you will no longer be able to legally enter Canada as a visitor.


Transit through Canada

Even if Canada isn’t where you’re going, but you have to pass through it to get there, you could still need to apply for a visitor’s visa.

Search for Work in Canada

Visitors are not explicitly barred from looking for work while they are in Canada, but visitor visas are not intended to be used as a means of doing so. Finding a job domestically rather than abroad may be more successful because Canadian employers frequently prefer to meet potential hires in person.

But if you do decide to look for a job while you’re on a guest visa, bear in mind the following;

  • First, never lie to an immigration official about why you are visiting Canada.
  • Second, regardless of the results of your job hunt, you will need to demonstrate that you intend to return to your country after your visiting visa expires.
  • The third requirement is that you must demonstrate that you will not work in Canada without a legal work permit.

Join a Short-Term Course in Canada

Normally, to be able to study in Canada, you must obtain study permission. The following prerequisites must be met, while there are a few uncommon exceptions that let you study in Canada on a visiting visa:

  • First and foremost, the school giving the course is not a designated learning institute.
  • Second, the course or program’s duration is fewer than six months.
  • Thirdly, the course does not form a larger curriculum.
  • Fourth, you’ll finish the program before your tourist visa expires.

Apply to Extend your Stay in Canada

Visas for visitors may be granted for up to six months. But you can request an extension if you want to stay longer than your visa’s initial period of validity. The immigration officer who reviews your application will decide whether to grant the extension and how long it will be valid.

Perform Business Activities

Even though you typically require a work permit to work in Canada, you can conduct some commercial operations while there as long as you don’t immediately enter the labor market. You can, for instance;

  • Purchasing products or services from Canadian companies for a foreign company.
  • Visit a company website as well.
  • Next, attend training for product use, sales, or other commercial endeavors at a Canadian company’s request.
  • Additionally, interact with individuals to begin and complete a business deal.
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Apply for a Work Permit

Typically, tourists to Canada are not permitted to apply for a work permit. However, tourists can apply for a work permit while in Canada on a visiting visa if they obtain a legitimate employment offer while there. This temporary provision is in place until the end of February 2025.

People who wanted to work in Canada used to have to apply for their initial work permit before they arrived, but this temporary policy change eliminates that requirement. If they had visitor status when they were granted a work permit, they would have to leave the country to receive their work permit.

This policy eliminates the need to leave Canada.

You Cannot Stay Permanently

Travelers can enter Canada with a visitor visa, which also grants them temporary legal residency there. You only keep that status, though, for the duration of the validity of your visa. On a visitor visa that is no longer valid, you are not permitted to remain in Canada.

Work in Canada

To work in Canada, you must have a valid work permit. You must be careful not to engage in any kind of trade during your visit that would allow you to immediately access Canada’s labor market as a visiting visa does not permit you to work there.

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Study in Canada

You cannot study in Canada if you have a guest visa, except for the circumstances mentioned above. To lawfully study in Canada in any other circumstances, you require a study permit.

Apply for a Study Permit

You cannot apply for a study permit from within Canada based on your tourist status. After you return home, you must start the application procedure for a student visa. If a tourist has a family member who has a current study or work permit for Canada, there is an exception to this rule that permits the visitor to apply from within Canada.

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