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Canada New Work Permit: No IELTS, LMIA & Job Offer | ICE Process 2023

August 3rd, 2023 at 04:37 am

Canada New Work Permit: No IELTS, LMIA & Job Offer | ICE Process 2023

Concerned about the trouble of obtaining a work visa but yearning to begin a new life in Canada? The International Experience Canada program in Canada has recently added a new work visa that does not require the feared IELTS exam and does not even require a job offer for two of its streams.

No matter if you work in a skilled or unskilled occupation, you are eligible for this work visa. The needed proof of financing is also merely CAD 2,500. Additionally, you do not require an LMIA, or labor market impact assessment. Nearly all nationalities are eligible to apply, and to make matters even better, your spouse or common-law partner may be granted an open work visa that entitles them to employment with any Canadian firm in any position that may be made available to them.

In this post, you can learn more about the qualifying requirements, application requirements, cost, and processing time for this fantastic visa.

IEC Work Permit

Do you long to work in Canada but put off the idea by the notion of going through the arduous work permit application process? You can find the ideal solution in the recently created work visa offered by the International Experience Canada program. The IEC work permit makes it possible to start a new life in Canada.

Not only that but your spouse or partner will also receive a bonus when you apply for an IEC work visa. In Canada, you and your loved one can go on a brand-new journey together and make priceless memories.

Young Professional Stream

The young professional stream of the International Experience Canada work visa might prove ideal for you if you are between the ages of 18 and 35. The best aspect is that you can apply without taking an LMIA or the IELTS. The IEC work permit costs about CAD 156 and permits up to two years of travel and employment in Canada.

With only six weeks needed for processing, you can acquire your work permit very quickly.
You must have a work offer to apply for the young professional stream. On the IRCC website, you may identify registered organizations that can assist you in finding one. These professionals can help you organize your vacation by organizing your lodging and transportation as well as helping you understand local tax laws and regulations.

You shouldn’t feel concerned about bringing your dependents with you. After arriving in Canada, your spouse and kids can apply for visiting visas and get jobs. If you possess the fundamental abilities, getting work shouldn’t be too tough given the present labor need.

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International Coop Internship Stream

Do you currently school in Canada or are you thinking about doing so? Well! You should enroll in the international Coop internship route. With the help of this stream, you can quickly obtain a work visa while you are a student in Canada without having to deal with an LMIA or IELTS exam. You only need to apply for this stream while your study program is still in session.

Your topic of study must also be relevant to the internship you are offered. You’ll be able to work for the business where you completed your internship once you’ve finished your education thanks to the employer-specific work permit you’ll be given.

Working Holiday Stream

Anyone who wants to work while exploring Canada may consider the working holiday stream. Even without a job offer, you are welcome to come to Canada. All you need to work for as many employers as you want while you’re in Canada is citizenship from one of the 35 nations listed on the IEC website.

If you’re seeking adventure and want to see different regions of Canada, this stream is ideal for you.

Your circumstances and aspirations should guide your stream choice. The IEC has a stream that will work for you whether you’re a student looking for an internship, a young professional looking for employer-specific work permits, or just looking to travel to Canada while working.

To assist you in planning your trip to Canada, don’t forget to look at the IEC website for a list of qualifying nations and registered organizations.

Job Application Sites and Available Portal Internships

You should start by typing IEC Canada into Google to access the official IRCC page right away.
You can now select your country from the IRCC page to see if it is one of those eligible ones listed. Consequently, to determine whether you qualify for any of the IEC streams

Choosing “my nation is not mentioned” will suffice if you do not belong to one of the eligible countries. However, your country must have a youth mobility agreement with Canada to use a row or recognized organization. Before choosing your path, make sure your country is eligible for the organization you are choosing.

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List of Positions You Can Apply

Make sure to select Canada as your search location since the jobs on this list are offered anywhere. You will now view a thorough list of roles that are open in Canada. If you don’t see a job profile listed here, don’t be discouraged; please check back later. These openings are frequently updated.

You can view details about; when you choose a position.

  • The salary offered
  • Information about the company
  • Job description
  • Working conditions
  • Duties
  • Skills needed for the position
  • The language requirements
  • Nationalities that can apply for the position

After You Apply

You will receive notification of interview rounds after your application is shortlisted and your profile is selected. It will work like this if you get the job, you’ll get an offer letter in just 35 days. To file a work visa application, all you need is this letter of employment offer. It is free to apply for any of these positions because you won’t have to pay anything unless you are hired.

You are not expected to pay for them before accepting a job offer.

What Next After Receiving a Job Offer

Simply register for the IEC pool on the IRCC website, and then wait for your ITA or application invitation. You must create a GC key, log onto your IRCC account, and select the pools that apply to you to apply, just like with Express Entry.

Since you only have 10 days to accept your ITA, gather all of your paperwork while you wait for your application invitation or ITA. Additionally, you only have 20 days from the time you accept your ITA to finish all of your documentation and pay your cost.

Other Required Documents

Proof of Funds

The first piece of evidence is your proof of funding. Because you already have a job offer, your IEC work visa just needs $2,500 in proof of money as opposed to immigration programs that require more than CAD 13,000. You must thus show that you have the financial means to cover the charges for just the first three months after coming to Canada.

Medical Certificate

The next required document is the results of your medical examination. A medical exam is necessary for every nation where you have recently lived or traveled for at least six months. The physical must be performed by a doctor who has been authorized by IRCC. Wait until you receive an application invitation before scheduling a medical exam to be sure your results are still valid after a year.

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Health Insurance

Your list of necessities should then include health insurance. Your health insurance must be valid throughout your entire stay in Canada. However, you will receive a work permit that expires on the same day as your insurance if your health insurance doesn’t cover the entirety of your stay in Canada. Your insurance is required to pay for your medical treatment, hospitalization repatriation, as well as the cost of getting you to a hospital or returning you to your home country.

Police Clearance

Your PCC, or police clearance certificate, is the next most important document. The country or territory where you currently reside as well as any other country or territory where you resided for six months or more consecutively demand a PCC from you.

Acceptance Letter

The accompanying paper is your acceptance letter from a reputable institution or entity. If you employ the RO’s services, they will give you a confirmation letter that you can use to support your work visa application. You must also present this in addition to other required documents like your passport, digital photo, and resume.

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