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Big News: First Express Entry Draw for Canada PR | Canada Immigration

Big News: First Express Entry Draw for Canada PR | Canada Immigration

With a cut-off of 388, the First Trades Express Entry draw for PR is now available. Updates on the first Trades Express entrance draw for Canadian permanent residency (PR) are covered in this article. Finally available are the draw results. Let’s talk about the passing mark and what it signifies for prospective immigrants. This update is crucial for you if you’re thinking about using the express entry system to apply for permanent residency.

Express Entry latest draws in news 2023 – Express Entry Rounds of Invitations Latest Figures 2023

Targeting profiles with expertise in one of the 10 recognized trade occupations, the latest updated on August 3, 2023. In this round of invites, profiles with a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 388 or above obtained an invitation to apply (ITA).

Summary of Express Entry Draw – List of 10 Trade Occupations Eligible for Express Entry Draws

Sectors Targeted by New Express Entry Draws in 2023

Summary of Express Entry Draw

  • Date and time of round: August 3, 2023
  • Draw category targeted: 10 trade occupations
  • Number of invitations issued: 1,500.
  • Rank required to be invited to apply: 1,500 or above
  • CRS score of lowest-ranked candidate invited: 388
  • Tie-breaking rule: June 7, 2023, at 07:03:08 seconds UTC

Tie-Breaking Rule

The cutoff is established by the time and date that the Express entry profiles of the candidates with the lowest combined score were submitted. These profiles must have a minimum of six months of work expertise in one of the trade occupations over the previous three years to be eligible. To meet the general requirements for any program under the express entry system, a cumulative one-year experience is still needed.

Other Draws Announced

  August 2 August 1
Express Entry draw category French-speaking only All programs (FSWP, CEC, FSTP)
Number of invitations 800 2,000
CRS cutoff 435 (up 60 points) 517 (up 12 points)
Tie-breaking rule July 31, 2023, at 09:57:30 UTC June 30, 2023, at 11:45:05 UTC
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List of 10 Trade Occupations Eligible for Express Entry Draws

Occupation 2021 NOC code 2021 TEER category
Residential and commercial installers and servicers 73200 3
Elevator constructors and mechanics 72406 2
Machine fitters 72405 2
Heating, refrigeration, and air conditioning mechanics 72402 2
Construction millwrights and industrial mechanics 72400 2
Carpenters 72310 2
Plumbers 72300 2
Electricians (except industrial and power systems) 72200 2
Welders and related machine operators 72106 2
Contractors and supervisors, other construction trades, installers, repairers, and services 72014 2


Sectors Targeted by New Express Entry Draws in 2023

For applicants with at least 6 months of professional experience in one of the subsequent industries during the previous three years, IRCC is holding new occupation-based Express entry drawings.

  • Healthcare
  • Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) professions
  • Trades such as carpenters, plumbers, and contractors
  • Transport
  • Agriculture and agri-food

For each industry, you can get a complete list of jobs and the accompanying knock codes.

Cutoff Score in First Trades Express Entry Draw of 2023

On August 3, the CRS cutoff score of 388 was announced for the first-ever Trades Express admission draw. A total of 1,500 invitations to apply for Canadian PR were sent.

Canada Express Entry Draw: High CRS Score & Low ITAs

All Express Entry invitation rounds are held in Canada. Find out everything in this article.

In the most recent Express Entry lottery for 2023, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) extended invitations to more applicants. 2,000 individuals received invites to apply from the department in an all-program Express entry draw. A comprehensive ranking system (CRS) score of 517 was the bare minimum required.

Overview of the Most Recent Express Entry Results (July 11–12)

3,800 people were invited by the IRCC to submit applications for permanent residency using a category-based selection process. Candidates who spoke French had to have a minimum CRS score of 375. This year, the Express entry draw with the lowest CRS score was by a substantial margin.

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With a minimum CRS score of 505, 800 candidates were invited to an all-program draw on July 11. Express entrance took place in July’s first complete week. This is the first time in Express entry history that it has been issued on four straight days.

In an unexpected all-program draw on July 4, 700 candidates were invited. They demanded a CRS minimum of 511, the highest CRS score of any all-program draw in 2023 so far.

For applicants with experience in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), the IRCC performed a previously announced category-based selection draw on July 5. Since the categories for the category-based selection draw were revealed on May 31, this was the first draw for STEM candidates. 500 applicants with a minimum CRS score of 486 were invited by IRCC.

Likewise, the draw on July 6 was anticipated. For healthcare professionals, IRCC held a category-based selection draw and invited 1,500 applicants with a minimum CRS of 463. For this category, it was the second round of invitations. On July 7, 2,300 invites were sent to express entry applicants with a minimum CRS of 439 and high French language skills. The sole category-based selection criterion that is not occupation-specific is proficiency in French.

June Express Entry Draws

In the final week of June, the IRCC held two drawings on June 27 and 28. First, on June 27, 4,300 applicants with a minimum CRS score of 486 were invited to an all-program draw. The first category-based selection round of invites occurred the next day. 500 applicants with experience in specific healthcare occupations received invitation from IRCC. They required a CRS score of at least 476.


What is Express Entry?

The Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and the Canadian Experience Class – the 3 economic immigration programs for Canada managed by the Express Entry application management system. These programs use the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) to assess applicants.

Based on human capital variables such as language proficiency, education, work experience, occupation, and age, the system grades applicants. The likelihood of receiving an invitation to apply for permanent residency is higher for those with the highest scores. By the end of 2023, Canada will accept nearly 82,000 new permanent residents under a government high-skilled immigration program called Express Entry, following the Immigration Levels Plan 2023–2025.

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