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Australia 190 & 491 Visa General Stream – Major Changes

September 20th, 2023 at 06:00 pm

Australia 190 & 491 Visa General Stream – Major Changes

For specific skilled migration visas to live and work in Western Australia, you must be invited or nominated by an Australian state or territory under the state-nominated migration scheme. This article will inform you of the most recent modifications to Western Australia’s subclass 190 and 491 nomination standards for the general stream.

The processes for applying for a visa and being nominated by a state are separate. The Western Australian government will assess your state nomination application, and the Department of Home Affairs will assess your visa application.

The following criteria must be fulfilled to be eligible for home affairs

  • Foremost, obtain a score of 65 or higher on the points test, including State nomination points.
  • Next, obtain a positive skills assessment for your desired employment
  • Also, you must be under 45 years old.
  • Lastly, you must satisfy the minimal English language requirement, unless your assessing authority requires a higher level.

EOI Prioritized Process

If you submit an expression of interest to Western Australia, it will be prioritized in the order listed below.

  • Since applicants residing in Western Australia are given priority and candidates residing in the rest of Australia or outside of Australia are given second priority, the location of the applicant is the first factor that Western Australia will take into consideration.
  • Western Australia will also take into account the applicant’s occupation, and it will give precedence to those who operate in the industries or sectors that are prioritized. Some of these sectors are the hospitality and tourism industries, education and training, health care and social services, and building and construction.
  • Therefore, those with jobs in other economic areas will be given less weight.
  • Limits on occupations and state nomination requirements then will come general stream minimal requirements. After meeting with the Department of Home Affairs, the deadline for submitting expressions of interest will be announced.

Points Test Passing Score

Minimum requirements for Schedule 1

For consideration in the state nomination General stream, candidates must fulfill the conditions listed below. As a result, under the schedule 1 stream for the health and medical professions

  • They must be employed in and competent to practice a profession listed on the Western Australian skilled migration occupation list schedule 1 that is eligible for the intended visa subclass.
  • Also, be able to show you have relevant work experience, which you can accomplish by having at least a year of previous experience working in the nominated or closely related employment in Australia or at least a year of recent experience functioning in the nominated or closely related occupation abroad.
  • Besides that, have a full-time position in the nominated or a closely related field lined up in Western Australia for at least six months if you’re applying for a skilled nominated Visa subclass 190. If you are submitting an application for a skilled nominated Visa subclass 491, an employment contract is not required.
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Minimum requirements for Schedule 2

All other professions are covered by the Schedule 2 stream, and candidates must fulfill the following criteria in order to be qualified to apply for the state nomination General stream.

  • Work in an occupation that is listed on the Western Australian skilled migration occupation list schedule as being available and qualified for the targeted visa subclass.
  • Second, have a contract of work in Western Australia for at least 6 months in the nominated or a closely related occupation if you’re applying for a skilled nominated Visa subclass 190. You should be aware that if you are requesting a skilled nominated Visa subclass 491, a work contract is not required.
  • Also, applicants do not need to have an employment contract pertaining to the prioritized occupations if they work in the building and construction industries. You can view examples of priority employment that fall within the categories of learning and training, tourism and hospitality, health care and social support, and building and construction, as well as which ones will be given precedence next to your occupation.

Recent Updates on Australian immigration – September 2023

For many people, Australia is a fantasy vacation spot. Are you also one of them? If so, it is essential that you are aware of all the most recent modifications. Australian visa pathways, particularly the state sponsorship program, have recently received significant modifications. This section will put everything out for you.

Queensland State Sponsorship Program

This program officially began on September 5; intense competition anticipated as a result of the Department of Home Affairs’ decreased funding in 2023. The invitations distribute each month in order to have a promising consistency rate for the entire year.

Eligibility and EOI Updates

You must understand that filing a fresh Expression of Interest (EOI) only requires if you have an interest in applying. But don’t panic, you still have time to submit one if you haven’t already. However, no revised EOI anticipates highlighting the significance of maintaining order and thus, staying informed.

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Are you a sole proprietor starting a company in Queensland? Given how fierce the competition remains, you might panic. You’re not the only one, after all. Due to the intense competition, many businesspeople who have started initiatives to follow the small business owner pathway now panic.

But there is good news, so don’t worry. Migration Queensland claims that every business owner will have the opportunity. However, no Visa subclass shall receive preference over others.

Updates on 482 Visa Holders

Following a posting on Queensland’s official website, the 482 Visa holders have attracted a lot of recent attention. There is good news for all Temporary Skill Shortage Visa holders, the post claims.

They will have access to the employee nomination system Visa’s temporary residence transition stream by the end of 2023. Despite how fantastic this news is, it would be best to hold off until the Department of Home Affairs formally verifies it.

The existing system is particularly difficult because immigrants must rely on their companies for sponsorship and many experience an unjust power imbalance. Isn’t it unjust that a migrant puts in years of arduous labor for nothing in return if the employer won’t help? All of them are posing concerns, such as why not implement a system like the regional employer-sponsored 494 Visa pathway?

Victoria Skilled Migration Program

The wait is over now. The skilled migration program for Victoria has arrived. Victoria just opened Pathways for 190 and 491, respectively. So, if you’re applying, read carefully to understand the process and the prerequisites.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Residence: The candidate must call Victoria home. If you reside outside of the state, you will not be eligible. Expression of Interest: You must submit an Expression of Interest.
  • Age: Only applicants under 45 years old receive consideration.
    There is no specific occupation list that Victoria adheres to, but for 190 Visas, they do adhere to the Department of Home Affairs list.
  • Proficiency in English: in order to qualify, have your English at a competent level, though preference awards individuals with a superior level.
  • Above all, you must possess an accurate skills evaluation for the eligible occupation.

Selection Process

  • Age: individuals between the ages of 25 and 32 have excellent news. You will gain extra points if within this age range.
  • Language proficiency level: With a strong command of the English language, your application receives preference.
  • Education and Occupation: If you have a bachelor’s degree in any of the professional vocations at skill level 1, your application receives priority.
  • Partner Skills: If relevant, your partner’s skill also taken into account.
  • Salary: If your profession qualifies as high-paying and on the priority list, your application receives top consideration. For instance, you stand a great chance to receive an invitation quickly as a software engineer making around $100,000.
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Priority Occupations

Health, Social Service, ICT, early childhood and secondary education teachers, Advanced Manufacturing, infrastructure, and renewable energy experts are the jobs from Top sectors that are most prioritized.

It is crucial that the statements you make in your EOI and register of interest are true. Any mistake could result in rejection. It’s crucial that you always keep up with the latest developments if you want to be eligible.

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