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Australia has NO LIMIT on Student Visa!! Apply Now for November Intake 2023

September 12th, 2023 at 05:11 am

Australia has NO LIMIT on Student Visa!! Apply Now for November Intake 2023

Countless opportunities for Australian student visas of subclass 500. This update covers useful information on the subclass 500 Australian student visa annual cap. So, be sure to finish reading to get important information.

Interestingly, the subclass 500 student visa has no cap. Statistics show that during the first half of the 2022–23 program year, 283,573 student visas were issued. Moreover, on December 31, 2022, there were 456,970 people in Australia with student visas, indicating an increase of 44.6% over the figures from December 31, 2021.

Remember that in 2020 the Australian government asked temporary visa holders to leave the country before closing the borders due to the COVID-19 outbreak, which led to criticism of the country’s student visa subclass 500 program.

According to recent reports, the number of applicants for study visas could significantly increase compared to pre-pandemic levels. So where do students from other countries come from? There is no doubt that international students in Australia are from a variety of countries. They are from nations such as China, Nepal, Colombia, India, and the Philippines, among others.

Before the pandemic, a sizable majority of international students in Australia were Chinese. However, the number of Indian students rapidly overtook them. According to the news, approximately 44,000 Indian students applied for student visas during the final six months of 2022, compared to 38,700 Chinese students who submitted applications during that time.

Australia’s New Measures to Reduce Student Visa Fraud

Beware of student visa fraud! Australia adopts new regulations. It is well known that visa fraud frequently targets the student visa system, which is why the Australian government is now taking steps to restrict it. Keep reading to discover more.

Australia is making significant efforts to address problems brought on by fraud in the student visa system. Closing the gap that allowed international students to move from their legitimate academic programs to placements that allowed them to work in the country was a crucial step they took. This mostly occurred because students could carry enrollment confirmations, commonly known as codes, around several industries.

Highlight of Some Solutions

Australia has introduced various solutions after realizing the issue.


Repairing the Flaw

The government no longer permits educational institutions to divert foreign students from legitimate academic programs and place them in work-facilitating arrangements. Those who have been in the nation for less than six months are particularly affected by this restriction. Concurrent code problems would be resolved by using this technique.

Necessary Financial Resources

Students must demonstrate they have $24,500 in savings—17 percent more than they did previously—before they can be granted a study visa. This measure is done to make certain that no students are compelled to work as a result of financial difficulties.

Increased scrutiny

The government will now conduct thorough checks on the group of high-risk students, particularly those who are known to submit false applications. To stop high-risk education providers from hiring international students, they will also be subject to suspension powers. The major objective is to maintain Australia’s international education sector’s reputation and make sure that only legitimate students receive the advantages of the nation’s educational resources.

Upcoming Changes for Australian Student Visa | GTE for Australian Student Visa

This section is specifically for those seeking student visas for Australia. You may have noticed that there have been some substantial changes to student visas. Let’s learn more about one of these modifications. Do you intend to attend school in Australia? Newsnowgh keeps you informed on the most recent immigration updates.

Australia is making numerous significant changes to student visas. To ensure that international students are adequately informed before submitting their applications, this is being done.

Genuine Temporary Entrance to Genuine Student Test

In the past, applicants to Australian institutions were required to write a 300-word statement outlining their plans to settle there. This declaration demonstrated that the applicant meets the requirements for a legitimate temporary entrant. But numerous reports in recent months have suggested a change from real temporary admittance criteria to a real student test.

Higher education has brought forth this modification. No longer will students face consequences for disclosing their desire to immigrate to Australia in their visa application. So proceed with caution and wisdom at every step. Although these modifications have improved outcomes, it is still imperative that students proceed cautiously at all times.

The succinct 300-word statement is quite effective in highlighting real justifications for choosing to study in Australia. When a visa application is denied, there is frequently a very general explanation provided. When candidates don’t demonstrate a strong financial motivation to return to their country of origin, this is one of the most frequent grounds for rejection.

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Even with these modifications, experts encourage you to use the required prudence while disclosing plans to remain in the country to finish your degree.

New Medical Requirements for Australian Student Visas

One of the several inspections that international students go through is a health inspection. We’ll examine Australia’s modifications to medical examinations for student visas in this piece. Do you intend to move to Australia while you are a student there? Find out everything new below.

You could have had to take a required pee test if you were requesting an Australian student visa. As strange as it may sound, this was done to determine whether you had renal or diabetes disorders, which could result in expensive medical bills. However, the deadline for this required urine test was just July 1, 2023.

After July 2023

Australia has declared blood tests the new norm for medical checkups starting in July 2023. Let’s find out who needs to take these tests now. You will need to have a blood test if you are over 15 and want to continue your education in Australia. Unless certain clinical signs suggest you need to, children aged 5 to 14 are often exempt.

Reason for this Change

Compared to urine testing, blood tests provide a comprehensive picture of your health. Australia aims to ensure that no visitor to the nation has any health conditions that could burden the healthcare system. Keep in mind that your health check will vary depending on where you are from, how risky your nation is, and how long you will be staying.

If you come from a low-risk nation, there are no necessary health checks needed. If you come from a country with a high level of risk, the standards are more stringent.

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New Visa Regulations for Students in Australia

Work limitations apply to those with student visas. The limitations on work for international students in Australia are covered in this article.

Beginning on July 1, 2023, international students are permitted to work 48 hours per fortnight under the revised visa restrictions. Aged care professionals are exempt from this restriction, as they are permitted to work an unrestricted number of hours through December 31, 2023.

To qualify for the benefits, applicants for the Mates Visa Program must be less than 31 years old and have finished their studies at a recognized institution.

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