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American University 2024-2025 admissions: Tuition Fees Waived

November 1st, 2023 at 12:00 am

American University 2024-2025 admissions: Tuition Fees Waived

Students at American University come from 110 different countries and all 50 states. In addition to being U.S. citizens (“U.S. Global Nomads”) attending secondary schools abroad, a large number of our students are foreign nationals who offer a distinct viewpoint to our community of changemakers.

Look no further if you’re searching for a school that will push your academic limits and give you access to one of the world’s most diverse cities.

Concerning American University

Located in Washington, DC, American University is a student-centered research institution with highly ranked schools and colleges, famous instructors from around the world, and a track record of bringing about significant change in the world. Our students stand out for their leadership, service, and capacity to reconsider domestic and international possibilities and challenges.

At AU, students actively participate in their surroundings, leaders of today develop tomorrow’s leaders, and passion turns into action.

Why Choose the University of America?

American University (AU) is a worldwide university with a long history of extending a warm welcome to students from all over the world and the United States. More than 1,830 foreign students from 123 different countries attend AU, bringing a wide range of cultures and perspectives with them. Additionally, our faculty, academic programs, and exchanges all reflect this variety. Another significant population of “Global Nomads,” who are citizens of the United States but were raised elsewhere, calls AU home.

Nearly 70 majors, minors, and preprofessional advising programs in medical and law are available at AU. You can create your own multidisciplinary major or double major. Because of AU’s flexibility, you can major in one AU school and minor in another. Furthermore, there is the opportunity to pursue a combined 5-year bachelor’s or master’s degree in more than 40 majors.

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“Access” and “engagement” are more than just catchphrases at AU; the campus atmosphere embodies these concepts. Ninety-five percent of our students participate in study abroad, research, internships, and other experiential learning opportunities.

Programs that American University Offers

For all types of student admissions to our online programs, including military and international attendees, American University offers programs in a practical and flexible online format so students from all over the nation and the world can benefit from our top-notch faculty, excellent academics, and unique international perspective:

  • Have access to your schoolwork at all times.
  • Learn from the same professors who teach on campus.
  • Make connections with instructors and other students to enhance your educational experience.

A few online programs that are available are:

  • Master of Arts in Economics with a focus on applied economics
  • Strategic Communication Master’s degree
  • Master of Policy and Public Administration
  • MS in Homeland Security and Counterterrorism
  • Masters in Management of Health Promotion
  • MS in Management and Analytics of Human Resources
  • MS in Assessment and Measuring
  • Master of Sports Management and Analytics
  • Graduate Certificate in Analytics and Management of Human Resources
  • Graduate Nutrition Education Certificate
  • Graduate Certificate in Evaluation and Monitoring of Projects
  • Graduate Certificate in Management and Analytics for Sports

Aid and Tuition

Funding Assistance and Scholarships

American University offers a wide range of opportunities. Listings of opportunities, loans, stipends, fellowships, and scholarships can be found below. Funding is available for you to start or continue your study.

Federal Work-Study and Loan Programs

Federal loans and/or federal work-study opportunities may be available to graduate students who are enrolled in a program at least half-time. Also, Federal work-study is not available to graduate students who are registered in online courses.

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Students must fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in order to apply. There isn’t a deadline, and the FAFSA will be accepted and reviewed as it comes in. Every school year, it is advised that the FAFSA be finished by May 1. The deadline for submitting FAFSAs is 30 days before the end of the academic term in which you are enrolled.

Additionally, you have to register for a Personal Identification Number (PIN) at with the U.S. Department of Education.

Visit our Graduate Students homepage for further details on how to apply for federal loans.

*When applying, make sure to select the appropriate academic year. For instance, the 2020–2021 academic year includes the months of January 2021–June 2021. A portion of the 2021–2022 year is July 2021. To keep receiving federal student aid, you have to file a new FASFA every year.

Scholarships on merit are given out by academic departments.

The grants are not managed by the Financial Aid Office. For further information, please visit the merit scholarship homepage at your institution or get in touch with the admissions office.

Fill out the FAFSA online.

Make sure that the college release section includes the American University (AU) FAFSA code, 001434.

Awarded Timetable

Following the receipt and review of spring grades, continuing students will receive their notification letters via the student portal in late June. Your award letter may take longer to arrive if you have missing grades.

Extra Templates

In order to finish your aid application, you might be required to download and fill out a verification worksheet or other necessary paperwork. Until requested to do so by the Office of Financial Aid, do not fill out these forms.

Qualifications for admission:

The online programs offered by American University provide varying admissions based on your student status and the program you choose. More information on the admissions procedure for both military and international students can be found on their respective pages. Make an online information request to talk with an admissions adviser.

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Information about Admissions for International Students

International students are welcome at American University. We have more than 1,300 foreign students living on campus, representing a wide range of cultures and perspectives from more than 130 nations. Additionally, our faculty, academic programs, and exchanges all reflect this variety.

International students can now more easily than ever obtain a degree from a famous American university with the help of our online degree programs. We cordially encourage all students who have a strong desire to learn, a dedication to taking on leadership roles, and a strong desire to effect real change to peruse our online resources.




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