WATCH | Notorious Slay Queen mistakenly shows her toto at a night club


WATCH | Notorious Slay Queen mistakenly shows her toto at a night club

The recent era of ladyship has fast become nothing so different from prostitution. At a night club yesterday, the toto of a notorious slay queen became the central free ride for people to catch a climpse of.

For ladies to dance with guys is a normal thing to happen. But this Slay Queen, name withheld, intentionally chose to go to the extreme. Her act was a depiction of readiness.

The slay was in a short straight dress. A very seducing outfit of that kind without a ‘dross’ will only give you a gist of her intention with a blink of the eyes.

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Dancing to a music, she was drunk and robbing her tundra over the banana of a well built man. You will need no soothsayer to tell you what happened afterwards.

Our correspondent at the show did justice to the cameras. As he videos, he later realized to have captured from the underneath the “two-packed toto” of the slay queen.

People do wonder if really there’s a difference between prostitution and the infamous Slay Queen phrase. Exposing the shameful acts of Slay Queens through publications by is on the rise for good.

Another notorious slayer was in newsnowgh’s banner headline being seen in a video twerking on a dead body. That certainly was hilarious.

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Many of our cherished news readers lambasted this needless attitude of Slay Queens. A lot have suggested that we continually expose their devilish acts.

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When the camera man is so eager to show your toto😂

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