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Top Fully Funded Scholarships In Italy, 2024–25

November 19th, 2023 at 09:31 am

Top Fully Funded Scholarships In Italy, 2024–25

Based on the same requirements of financial means and/or merit, all international students in Italy are eligible for the same financial support programs as Italian students. International students are eligible to apply for national and regional government scholarships. Additionally, a few Italian universities provide overseas students with Italian scholarship programs.

You will have the opportunity to broaden your understanding of a variety of cultures and discover new areas of the world if you pursue education in a country that is not your own. One of the primary reasons why people choose to pursue higher education in a foreign country is due to the great advantages associated with doing so.

These advantages include the following: exposure to a new environment, culture, and racial group; receipt of a high-quality education; acquisition of a new language; expansion of professional opportunities; formation of new relationships; crossing international borders; and the ability to act as one’s boss. When it comes to studying in Italy, this is not an exception.

Scholarships to assist international students financially are made available to study in Italy by a variety of Italian government agencies as well as private foundations and charitable groups. Some are available to anybody and everyone, while others are limited to specific groups of individuals based on certain eligibility requirements.

List Of Fully Funded Scholarships In Italy

Padua International Excellence Scholarships

Padua University in Italy provides outstanding students from all over the world with the opportunity to receive one of 53 outstanding scholarships under the name of the International Excellence Scholarship. These scholarships can be used to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree that is provided in the English language at Padua University.

The perks of Padua University’s international scholarships include the following:

  • No-cost tuition waiver
  • a €8,000 annual scholarship.

Take note:

  • The sole annual entry fee required of beneficiary students is the same as the regional tax plus Marca da bollo.
  • Every academic year, the scholarship will be awarded in two (2) installments of €4,000 (gross amount) each to those who meet the merit requirements specified in the call for applications.
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Università Cattolica International scholarship

Interested applicants should submit their applications for the Università Cattolica International Scholarship 2024. Information about scholarship worth and the application process, as well as eligibility criteria, are outlined below.

International students living outside of the European Union and its member states pay a set tuition and university fee. The annual cost of tuition and university fees is €8,500.

Financial Aid

While completing the online application, candidates have the option to request the “UCSC International Scholarship.” Università Cattolica offers an annual tuition price reduction called the UCSC International Scholarship to make degree programs more accessible to international students.

The tuition and university cost for students who are awarded the UCSC International Scholarship for the 2024–2025 academic year is €5,600.

This scholarship is automatically renewed for the full length of the degree program each year. Recipients must continue to be enrolled full-time to complete their degrees on schedule.

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Bocconi University Scholarships

The Bocconi University Scholarships 2023-2024 are intended to allow international students to receive an education on par with the best in the world. These awards cover the cost of tuition in its entirety and can be put toward either a bachelor’s or master’s degree program. Students are strongly encouraged to submit their applications as early as possible to increase their chances of receiving financial aid and benefit from the highest quality education that Bocconi University can provide.

Scholarships the university provides are available to any qualified international student wishing to study at the university, irrespective of their home country. The university strongly encourages students to apply because it feels that having a diverse student body is essential to academic achievement. The applicants are required to not only have outstanding leadership abilities and a commitment to excellence but also to have excellent academic records.

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Politecnico de Milano Scholarships

Students enrolled in an international program from any region of the world are welcome to submit applications for these scholarship opportunities. Students in Italy who are pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree are eligible to receive funding from the Italian government for these programs.

The Polytechnic University of Milan is happy to announce the availability of a scholarship program that will provide comprehensive financial assistance to worthy students, beginning with the class that will begin in September 2024. The program will provide this support to students beginning with the class that will begin in 2024.

Merit-based scholarships

Every year, Politecnico di Milano provides some merit-based scholarships to the most deserving foreign applicants accepted into a Master of Science program for the first or second semester. This is made possible through collaboration with both public and commercial partners. The only cost to students receiving a scholarship will be a non-refundable administrative charge of roughly €200.

There is no separate application required for scholarships; all accepted students who have a complete dossier (including a language certificate submitted by the deadline) will be immediately considered for any merit-based scholarships that may be offered. There are three scholarship programs offered by Politecnico di Milano:

Platinum Scholarships

Worth 10.000 euros gross annually, including a remission of tuition. Each scholarship will be paid out in two or three installments a year to the recipient’s bank account (after taxes). The sole cost to the student will be an administrative one.

Gold Scholarships

Worth 5,000 euros a year with a remission of the tuition. Each scholarship will be paid out in two or three installments a year to the recipient’s bank account (after taxes). However, the main cost to the student will be an administrative one.

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Siena University DSU Scholarships

The University of Siena DSU Scholarship is an entirely funded scholarship available to overseas students who wish to pursue higher education in Italy. The scholarship pays for all living expenses, meals, a monthly stipend, and participation in sports.

Academic ability, financial necessity, and English language ability are taken into account when deciding who gets the scholarship. The minimal GPA criterion for the program an applicant is seeking must be met, and they must also be accepted into a degree program at the University of Siena.

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With a long history of academic distinction, the University of Siena is a renowned institution. The university, which is in the heart of Italy, provides a rare chance to study in a stunning and ancient city.

International students who want to study in Italy but are concerned about the cost may appreciate the DSU Scholarship. You can discover more details about the scholarship and how to apply on the University of Siena website.

Scholarship advantages:

In Italy, the University of Siena scholarship covers the following expenses:

  • Tuition fees
  • Free accommodation or financial aid for housing costs
  • Having free access to meals in campus dining halls
  • Financial support for supplemental costs such as extracurricular activities, books, and other educational necessities
  • The scholarship is an exceptional chance to study in a leading European nation and get a taste of Italian culture.

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How To Apply?

Interested applicants should click on the desired scholarship link mentioned above to read more and apply.


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