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Top Canadian Universities for Communication and Media Studies

Top Canadian Universities for Communication and Media Studies

As a student from outside of Canada, getting a degree in communication and media studies in Canada can open doors to exciting job opportunities. Canadian universities are known for their high academic standards, and many communication and media studies programs offer co-op or internship opportunities to help you gain valuable work experience while you study.

This resource tells you about some of the best post-secondary schools in Canada for communication and media studies if you are looking for schools to attend. This article also gives an overview of the graduate and undergraduate programs in this field, as well as the tuition costs for international students and the general requirements for getting into these programs.

Eligibility Criteria for Communication and Media Studies Programs Admission

Communication and media undergraduate programs

Canadian undergraduate communication and media studies programs typically last four years. Many programs include co-ops so students can gain industry knowledge and experience. You’ll graduate with a BA, BFA, or BSc, depending on your program.

After graduating from high school, international students may apply to undergraduate media and communication programs in Canada. Your application requires a high school diploma (or Canadian equivalent) and transcripts.

These programs require good high school grades. Most communication and media studies programs require a 70%–85% average. English and math from high school may be required.

Most jobs also require English. If English isn’t your first language, take the IELTS or TOEFL and score above the minimum. French-language universities like the Université de Montréal may require proof of language proficiency.

Some media studies and communication programs require international students to submit an audition, a portfolio, or letters of recommendation.

 Communication and Media Studies Graduate programs

To get into a master’s program in communication and media studies, you must have a four-year bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in a related field. You need a master’s degree in a related field to get into a doctoral program.

Universities in Canada usually only take students with good academic records. This means that you need a grade of at least 65 to 85 percent to get into a good school.

Admission to Canadian graduate programs in communication and media studies is based on more than just your grades. Most programs require you to submit a research proposal or statement of intent that explains your academic interests and how they fit with the program. For creative programs like film studies, creative writing, journalism, and media studies, you also need to submit a portfolio, samples of your work, or auditions.


Most schools also want to see your curriculum vitae, a list of academic or professional references, and proof that you have worked before. The language of the course (English or French) must also be understood well.

Top Canadian Universities for programs in communication and media studies

Canada is home to some of the best universities in the world for studying communication and media. Here are some of the Canadian universities that are in the top 200 for communication and media studies on the QS World Rankings 2022 list:

1. University of Toronto

Undergraduate programs include four-year Bachelor of Arts (BA) Honors programs in Book and Media Studies, Professional Writing and Communication, Cinema Studies, and Media, Journalism, and Digital Cultures. Together with Centennial College, UofT also has four-year BA Honours programs in New Media Studies and Journalism. BA Honours in Communication, Culture, Information, and Technology (CCIT) and BA Honours in Visual Culture and Communication are two other first-year programs.

International Students Fees:

The international tuition fee for most four-year undergraduate programs in media and communications in 2022-23 is $60,510 CAD per year. After the first year of the CCIT program, the annual tuition fee goes up a little bit.

2. University of British Columbia, Vancouver

  • Graduate programs include a 20-month Master of Journalism (MJ) program, a two-year Master of Arts (MA) in Cinema and Media Studies, a 16-month Master of Digital Media (MDM) program, a two-year Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Film Production and Creative Writing, and a two-year MA or MFA in Theatre. UBC also has a PhD in Cinema and Media Studies that takes four years to finish.
  • Undergraduate programs include four-year BA Honors programs in Creative Writing, Film Production, Film Studies, Media Studies, and Theatre Studies.

International Students Fees:

  • International students pay $29,414.37 CAD per year to get an MA in Journalism. The cost of a year in the Master of Digital Media program is $60,824.34 CAD. The cost of tuition for the PhD program and the other MA and MFA programs at UBC is $9313.92 CAD per year.
  • For first-year programs, the annual tuition fee for international students is about $42,802.50 CAD.

3. McGill University, Montreal

Graduate Programs: The Master of Arts (MA) takes two years, and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Communication Studies takes five to six years. The MA program is based on theory and a thesis, and it does not teach professional media production skills.

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International Students Fees:

International students pay $9,577.35 CAD per year for the MA program that lasts two years. The cost of the PhD program is $8,596.35 CAD per year.

4. Concordia University, Montreal

  • Graduate programs include MAs in Media Studies and Digital Innovation in Journalism Studies that last two years, PhDs in Communication that take four years and are based on a thesis, and MAs and PhDs in Film and Moving Image Studies that last two years.
  • Undergraduate programs: Depending on your academic background, most communication and media studies programs at Concordia University last three to four years and give you the chance to do an internship. Also, The school has BA programs in Journalism, Communication Studies, and Communication and Cultural Studies. You can also get a BFA in Film Studies, Film Animation, Film Production, Print Media, or Intermedia, which includes video, performance, and electronic arts.

International Students Fees:

  • MA programs in media and communication cost $37,323.60 CAD for tuition for the whole program. The full cost of a PhD program for a student from outside Canada is about $50,251 CAD.
  • International students pay $38,475 CAD per year for BA and BFA programs at the undergraduate level, if they take 15 credits per term.

5. Simon Fraser University, Burnaby

  • Graduate programs include an MA in Communication which takes two years a PhD in Communication which takes six years, a one-year Master of Digital Media (MDM), and an MA, MSc, and PhD in Interactive Arts and Technology.
  • Undergraduate programs include a four-year BA in Communication or Arts, Performance and Cinema Studies, a four-year BFA in Theatre or Film, and a four-year BA or BSc in Interactive Arts and Technology or Communication and Interactive Arts and Technology.

International Students Fees:

  • The cost of tuition for the MDM program for an international student is $60,224.34 CAD for the whole program. The average cost of other graduate programs, like PhD programs, is $6,076.80 CAD per year.
  • For international students, the cost of a first-year program is about $32,724 CAD per year.

6. Université de Montréal, Montreal 

  • Master of Science (MSc) programs in Communication Sciences, Media Communication, and Organizational Communication take two years to finish. There are also PhD programs in Communications Sciences and Cinema Studies at the Université de Montréal.
  • Both the BSc in Communication and the BA in Cinema are four-year programs.

International Students Fees:

  • International students pay $28,731.60 CAD per year for master’s programs and $25,788.60 CAD per year for PhD programs.
  • The total tuition fee for the BSc in Communication is $56,368.80 CAD, while the total tuition fee for the BA in Cinema is about $64,972.80 CAD.

York University, Toronto

  • Graduate programs include a two-year MA in Cinema and Media Studies, Communication, and Culture, or a two-year MFA in Visual Arts, theater, and film: production and screenwriting. Students can also choose MA, MSc, and PhD programs in Digital Media or MA and PhD programs in Theatre and Performance Studies.
  • Undergraduate programs: York University has four-year BA programs in Cinema & Media Studies, Communication & Media Studies, Communications, Creative Writing, Digital Media, and Theatre. You can also choose four-year BFA programs in Film Production, Integrative Arts, Media Arts, Screenwriting, and Theatre.

International Students Fees:

  • Most MA and MSc programs at York University cost $19,663.38 CAD per year to attend, while PhD programs cost $18,838.38 CAD per year.
  • Most undergraduate programs charge international students around $33,806 CAD per year in tuition fees.

Communication and media studies programs in Canada are known around the world as some of the best places to study. Whether you’re looking at undergraduate or graduate programs, a degree in communication, digital media, creative writing, film, theater, or journalism will help you build the foundation for your future career and put you on the path to success.



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