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    Taiwan Companies Accepting Job Applications From Foreigners 2024

    April 4th, 2024 at 02:59 pm

    Taiwan Companies Accepting Job Applications From Foreigners 2024

    Individuals from other nations go to Taiwan in pursuit of higher-paying employment, professional advancement, or career changes. The economy of this nation is constantly expanding, the jobless rate is low, and wages are rising.

    Taiwan holds a significant position in the worldwide electronic goods and information technology sector. It continues to support sectors of the economy that significantly rely on contemporary technology and offers a broad variety of computer-related products.

    Consequently, multinational corporations operating in the technology and information sectors have set up shop in the nation. The majority of visitors come to Taiwan to work as teachers or for manufacturers.

    Benefits of Working in Taiwan

    • Diverse Viewpoints: Because immigrants bring a wide range of experiences and points of view to the workplace, hiring them can help you come up with new ideas and solutions.
    • Knowledge of International Markets: Immigrant workers often possess a greater understanding of international markets than native-born individuals, which can aid firms in expanding their global customer base.
    • Language Proficiency: Many refugees speak many languages, which is advantageous for companies looking to communicate with partners and customers worldwide.
    • Diversity in the workforce: Hiring immigrants broadens the pool of potential employees by fostering a more welcoming and open environment that fosters innovation and collaboration.
    • Closing skill gaps: Immigrant workers may possess specialized training and credentials that local workers lack but which are required.
    • Cultural Exchange: Bringing in immigrants fosters mutual understanding and knowledge amongst individuals from diverse backgrounds, which enhances communication and collaboration inside the organization.
    • Expansion of the Talent Pool: Employers can access a greater range of expertise and talents when they accept applications from immigrants.


    • Legal Status: Individuals needing to work in Taiwan need to possess the appropriate documentation, such as a current work permit or residence permit.
    • Language Proficiency: Proficiency in Mandarin Chinese and/or English may be required for certain jobs to facilitate effective communication at work.
    • Education and Experience: Candidates must meet the requirements for the position in terms of degrees, certificates, and work experience.
    • Skills and Competencies: Organizations may seek candidates who possess certain job-related skills and competencies, such as problem-solving abilities, professional knowledge, and leadership qualities.
    • Cultural Adaptability: Prospective immigrants should demonstrate their ability to adjust to various cultures and their willingness to operate in a diversified environment while adhering to Taiwanese workplace norms and values.
    • Documentation for Work Permits: Applicants must present valid identification as evidence of their work permit status as well as any further paperwork required by Taiwanese labor regulations.
    • Background checks: To find out if job candidates satisfy the qualifications and have experience working for other organizations, employers may do background checks on them.
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    List of Job Openings For Immigrants in Taiwan

    1. Maritime Law Enforcement Instructor


    • Check to see if the students understand the course material, are adept at the skills they have acquired, and can give an example of how they have used what they have learned.
    • Help with course assessment, upkeep, and upgrades when requested.
    • Make sure the classroom is both safe and helpful.

    2. Rework Operator (2nd Shift)


    • Using Oracle and MS Access, sort and open customer goods before entering them into the Customer Repair system.
    • Utilize common testing tools and supplies to verify functionality, operation, and environmental influences.
    • To exchange consumer and maritime goods, send client information and correspond with the customer through a written service report.

    3. Reverse Logistics Processor

    Key Responsibilities

    • Rework damaged or returned goods by submitting Engineering Change Orders and making sure the units correspond with their Bill of Materials. Returns are credited to customer accounts, and the product is added to Microsoft Access and Oracle.
    • Aircraft units, customer service RMAs, and other receipts need to be transmitted to the right places.

    4. CNC Operator

    Important Duties

    • Recognize and follow all standard operating procedures as well as safety precautions.
    • Proficiency with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook
    • The organization may decide to add new positions and duties as needed. This is not an entire list of jobs and obligations.
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    5. Fiberglass Laminator


    • Installs fiberglass rollers on the spindles of the helicopter gun mechanism.
    • Machine rollers are used to thread fiberglass.
    • The laminating apparatus, including the helicopter gun, is operated and maintained.
    • Regulates the laminating apparatus’s pressure, temperature, and speed.

    How to Apply

    Anyone interested in applying or learning more about the position can click the link below.

    Apply Here


    In Taiwan, immigrants can work in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, transportation, technology, and more. These positions provide companies with more career possibilities and enable people to learn about different cultures, which boosts Taiwan’s economy and increases its global footprint.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If an immigrant doesn’t speak Mandarin or Taiwanese, can they still apply for work in Taiwan?

    Although speaking Mandarin or Taiwanese well is beneficial, it is typically not a prerequisite for all jobs in Taiwanese companies. While some organizations may give bilingual support or language training to new hires, others may only require candidates to have a basic understanding of the language.

    In 2024, how will immigrants apply for positions in Taiwanese companies?

    In 2024, foreign workers wishing to work for Taiwanese enterprises may check the official website of the company or online job boards for available positions. They can also get in touch with Taiwanese employment agencies that focus on placing foreign workers. Applications frequently call for the submission of cover letters, resumes, and other pertinent documents.

    Keep up with us on Newsnowgh.com for the most recent updates on work permits, visa application procedures, routes to permanent residence, and jobs sponsored by visas.


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