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Registered Midwife Jobs in Switzerland with Visa Sponsorship For Foreigners ($60,000 – $65,000 a year)

March 24th, 2024 at 04:49 am

Registered Midwife Jobs in Switzerland with Visa Sponsorship For Foreigners ($60,000 – $65,000 a year)

Werribee Mercy Hospital is a publicly funded medical facility that serves the rapidly growing and ethnically diverse Western population. Every year, our maternity programs support about 4,000 women who are at low to moderate risk throughout their reproductive years. Our business provides birth suites, a maternity evaluation unit, and prenatal and postnatal services, including in-home midwifery care.

We are looking for driven and passionate midwives to join our pleasant and encouraging interdisciplinary team. You will be able to deliver comprehensive, patient-entered care to women along the maternity care continuum while working in a modern, well-equipped facility.

Details about Registered Midwife Jobs in Switzerland For foreigners.

  • Pay range: $31.27 to $44.17 per hour.
  • Company: Mercy Health
  • Job Type: Permanent, Part-Time, or Full-Time
  • Shift and schedule: work

Advantages of Registered Midwife Jobs in Switzerland

  • International Experience: Working as a midwife gives you invaluable international experience in the field of midwifery. You will be able to learn about various healthcare systems, methods, and cultural approaches to birthing and maternal care.
  • Cultural Enrichment: Living and working in another country exposes you to different cultures, languages, and customs. This cultural enrichment can be personally enjoyable and help you better understand a diverse population.
  • Professional Development: Midwifery jobs abroad can provide opportunity for professional development. You can obtain training, certifications, and best practices to improve your midwifery skills and knowledge.
  • Career progression: Experience as a midwife can be a valuable asset when seeking progression in your native country or abroad. It demonstrates versatility and a desire to tackle new difficulties.
  • High pay: Some midwifery positions provide good compensation and benefits, which can be especially appealing in areas with a high demand for healthcare experts.
  • Midwives generally work with a diverse patient group, which allows them to develop a broader range of clinical skills and competences.
  • Networking opportunities: Connecting with healthcare professionals from around the world can help advance your career. You can connect with colleagues and organizations that may provide future opportunities or help.
  • Personal Development: Living and working in a different nation can be a very fulfilling experience. It can help you develop greater independence, adaptability, and cultural awareness.
  • Adventure & Travel: If you enjoy travelling and discovering new locations, midwifery positions abroad allow you to immerse yourself in a new environment and culture while furthering your career.
  • Language abilities: Depending on the area, you may be able to learn or develop your language abilities, which can be beneficial both professionally and personally.
  • Working overseas exposes you to various healthcare systems, including their strengths and pitfalls. This knowledge can be used in your future job and advocacy endeavours.
  • Crisis and emergency experience: Midwives may obtain experience dealing with healthcare crises, natural disasters, or public health catastrophes, which can help them improve their skills and prepare.
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We offer:

  • We provide permanent full-time, part-time, and fixed-term roles with roster flexibility.
  • Rotations through our Birthing Suite, Maternity Assessment Unit, Pregnancy Day Stay, and Postnatal Units, as well as the potential to include the Antenatal Clinic and Midwifery in the Home, count as professional development opportunities.
  • Possibility of independent practice in a supportive multidisciplinary environment Detailed educational assistance can help you build and consolidate your midwifery skills.
  • If necessary, suitable applicants might be sponsored for a visa.
  • The hourly pay will range from $31.2737 to $44.1711, depending on your years of experience as defined under the Enterprise Agreement.


  • AHPRA Enrollment in the Register of Midwives
  • Documentation of current RANZCOG FSEP certification
  • Requirements: strong time management and organizational skills, expertise with prenatal, intrapartum, and postnatal care, and
  • the ability to work flexible hours, including nights.

About Us:

  • Werribee Mercy Hospital is a publicly financed general hospital located in Melbourne’s western suburbs, which is rapidly expanding.
  • We provide a variety of services, including surgical, medical, maternity, neonatal, pediatric, renal dialysis, emergency, mental health, rehabilitation, elderly, and palliative care.
  • The hospital has undergone significant service growth, resulting in the installation of two new wards, two hospitals in the Home/Hospital Care at Home programs, an intensive care unit, and more operating rooms, for a total of 298 beds. Be a valuable member of our team as we expand our commitment to serving the community.
  • Werribee Mercy Hospital is in an outstanding location, with easy access to and from the M1 Princes Motorway, just thirty minutes from Melbourne’s central business sector and forty-five minutes from Geelong, the gateway to the ocean coast.
  • In addition to being close to the Hoppers Crossing rail station, a café, and retailers, our facility is adjacent to a privately managed preschool that caters to preschool-aged children.
  • Mercy Health is thrilled to be named the WGEA’s Employer of Choice for Gender Equality.
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Mercy Health understands that people are looking for meaning in their careers, and that the alignment of their workplace with their values is an important aspect in their employer decision process. Mercy Health, as a non-profit healthcare provider, is guided in everything we do by a clear mission and principles.

Offering a variety of benefits, such as paid time off, stipends, opportunities for professional growth and development, access to health and wellness initiatives, and discounts on a wide range of financial, healthcare, travel, and other services.


  • Candidates must meet the post and qualification requirements.
  • Please provide a current police record check and a working with children check. Mercy Health has the right, under applicable laws, to conduct additional background investigations.
  • Documentation proving vaccination status in accordance with public health instructions and Mercy Health regulations.

Contact Details:

Please be notified that the process of shortlisting applications will begin without delay. If a qualified candidate is chosen before the indicated deadline, the advertisement may be terminated sooner.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I become a midwife in Switzerland?

If a student is new to healthcare practice, they must already have a professional, commercial, or high school degree, and their bachelor’s degree in midwifery will take three years to complete. A bachelor’s degree in midwifery teaches theoretical as well as practical skills.

How much do midwives earn in Switzerland?

A midwife in Basel, Switzerland, earns an average of CHF 127,495 per year and CHF 61 per hour. The typical wage range for a midwife is CHF 87,717 to CHF 155,672. A midwife’s greatest level of education is typically a bachelor’s degree.

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How can a foreigner find a job in Switzerland?

To apply for a job in Switzerland, you’ll need a resume, a cover letter, and educational credentials. Unless specifically requested to submit your application in English, you should write your application in the language of the job post or company, which could be German, French or Italian.



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