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Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) Reopens with Enhanced Requirements

January 14th, 2024 at 05:43 am

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) Reopens with Enhanced Requirements

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) resumed accepting applications on January 1, 2024, with new restrictions. The goal of this reopening, under the direction of Immigration Minister Christine Frechette, is to enhance the socioeconomic integration of chosen investors.

The revised laws now require Level 7 French language competency, the acquisition of a work permit, the holding of at least a secondary school diploma, and a six-month resident requirement in Quebec following the issue of the permit. Investors are required to invest $1 million and donate an extra $200,000 to IQ Immigrants Investisseurs within 120 days of application acceptance.

Overview of Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP)

One of the only immigration programs in Canada that is based on passive investment is the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, also known as QIIP.

Within the province, individuals are not required to initiate or operate a business of their own.

Instead, the program calls for a $1 million investment with IQ Immigrant Investisseurs Inc., a business that belongs to the Quebec Crown.

Moreover, they are required to pay a cash commitment of $200,000 that is non-refundable. The applicants must have the intention of settling in the province of Quebec, which is French.

A selection certificate from Quebec for Canadian immigration is given to candidates who are successful in their application. This document enables the applicants to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

After conducting checks on the applicant’s health and criminal history, the federal immigration authorities will decide whether or not to grant permanent residence in Canada.

Language Competence

One of the most significant modifications to the QIIP is the requirement for applicants to demonstrate a proficiency level of 7 in French. This initiative is a strategic step toward improving communication and inclusion within Quebecois society. By stressing language skills, the program tries to make it easier for investors to integrate into the local community.

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Work Permit and Academic Qualifications

To strengthen the eligibility conditions even further, the amended rules require candidates to have a work visa and a secondary school diploma. These measures demonstrate the Quebec government’s commitment to attracting people with a specific level of education and professional experience, resulting in a more competent and qualified immigration pool.

Residency Requirement

The implementation of a six-month residency requirement in Quebec after getting the work permit is a prominent feature of the QIIP’s reinstatement. This requirement is intended to ensure that investors actively contribute to the local economy and culture, fostering a stronger link with the Quebecois way of life. It acts as a method to improve immigrants’ social integration within the province.

Financial Commitment

Financial requirements have traditionally been a pillar of immigration schemes, and the QIIP is no exception. Under the revised program, investors must now contribute a minimum of $1 million. Furthermore, a significant donation of $200,000 to IQ Immigrant Investors is required within 120 days of application approval. These financial commitments are intended to spur economic growth and support programs that benefit both the immigrant population and Quebec society as a whole.

The Effect on Socioeconomic Integration

The QIIP’s strengthened requirements aim to encourage stronger socioeconomic integration for selected investors. The initiative aims to establish a more cohesive and integrated immigrant community in Quebec by stressing language fluency, educational qualifications, and residency. This, in turn, is projected to benefit the province’s economic and cultural landscapes.

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The reopening of the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program with improved requirements represents a strategic step toward better socioeconomic integration. The Quebec government’s emphasis on language fluency, educational qualifications, and residency requirements underscores the province’s commitment to attracting competent and culturally engaged individuals.

The QIIP strives to build a more open and vibrant society that benefits both immigrants and the province of Quebec as a whole as applicants traverse the new framework.

Stricter requirements may make QIIP unpopular.

QIIP did not have French-language restrictions in its prior form, and applicants could live anywhere in Canada. The revised version includes stricter measures.

“There are three new components in QIIP,” Tétrault explains:

  • French is now required, and the required level is intermediate-advanced.
  • A CAD200,000 ($145,000) gift is now required in addition to the existing five-year loan [CAD350,000], making the scheme much more expensive.
  • Following selection by Quebec Immigration, a minimum [one-year] residence in Quebec is now required before applying for Permanent Residence.

The one-year physical residency requirement, on the other hand, can be split by the main applicant and spouse, which Tétrault sees as a plus for entrepreneurs because it can provide some much-needed travel freedom.

QIIP will now require applicants to have completed at least high school.

Minor bright spots for the revived QIIP

The abolition of program quotas, which had previously resulted in major backlogs, is one of the measures that have been announced. In addition, the complex point-based system that was utilized in the previous edition of the application will not be utilized in the evaluation of applicants today.

As of right now, Tétrault believes that the QIIP would only make sense for a French-speaking investor who is looking for a quick migration to Quebec, even if it is only temporary or transitory.

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“QIIP [received] about 50 applications per year from French-speaking applicants in the past,” according to him later in the interview.

According to Tétrault, the previous version of the QIIP had an annual quota of 1,750 applicants who did not speak French. This indicates that 99.8 percent of the total applications would no longer be eligible for the new QIIP that is being implemented.



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