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Nursing Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in Germany 2023

August 18th, 2023 at 01:16 am

Nursing Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in Germany 2023

No matter if you want to work as a regular carpenter or as a highly educated, creative official at a high-tech company, the fourth-largest economy in the world has employment chances for everyone. Germany is now a global leader in the sectors of engineering, information technology (IT), and vehicle production. Every skilled and unskilled job is requiring an increasing number of people due to the talent shortage, which is getting worse with each passing year.

Germany has a significant demand for smaller occupations like education, babysitting, and nursing. Even when prominent-status white-collar jobs are not included in the conversation, this is still true. As a result, a sizable number of Registered Nurses (RNs) from South Asia—particularly Indian nurses—are going there lawfully on work visas.

It is also crucial to note that the high demand for nurses is not the sole factor in their decision to pursue a career in Germany. In Germany, nurses are entitled to a wide range of privileges and rights that support their unparalleled career advancement and job stability.

We have published the entire details of Nursing Jobs in Germany (2023) with Visa Sponsorship and have included links and contact details for the hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations in Germany that are hiring nurses.

Nursing Jobs in Germany 2023

Thousands of medical professionals, including nurses, healthcare assistants, highly qualified and experienced specialty doctors, and other medical professionals, choose Germany as their country of employment every year. Germany’s government has entirely opened its borders to nursing experts from other nations due to a scarcity of nurses in the country.

On the other hand, you must possess a certificate of German proficiency at the B1 level to be eligible for nursing employment that offers visa sponsorship. In a similar vein, your spouse must obtain a certificate proving they have finished level A1 of the course if you want to carry your family with you. In addition, many international positions accept applications from people who speak English and don’t necessitate applicants to have any prior knowledge of German. Use the URL provided above to find them.


The following papers and credentials are required to apply for a job as a nurse in Germany:

  • First and foremost, documents showing your schooling, your passport, your visa, your language ability, and your employment history, if any
  • Next, a registration permit (from your native country).
  • Also, an application for nursing and a record of medical insurance
  • Lastly, a certificate of police clearance
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These papers are necessary to obtain a nursing work permit in Germany. The same records are needed for each other category of German Work Visa Sponsor.

Registered Nurse Salaries in Germany

Germany has a well-paid nursing industry, in contrast to Pakistan. The starting pay for a nurse is 28,880 euros per year, according to the data on the website

The Benefits of a Nursing Career in Germany

  • Most importantly, good wage protections for workers
  • Next, the advantages of Social Security
  • Also, you are welcome to carry your family along.
  • Besides that, there are jobs available across Germany as a result of the rise in demand.
  • Above all, permanent opportunities for career and professional progress.

German Nursing Jobs that sponsor visas

Germany nursing jobs that sponsor visas – Receptix

  • You must first sign up for a user account on Receptix to get started.
  • The list of nursing opportunities on Receptix currently available in Germany can then be viewed by clicking the link supplied below.
  • Click the “apply now” button after making your choice and thoroughly reading the job description.

Apply Here

Sponsored visa nursing employment in Germany: LinkedIn

  • You must create a LinkedIn profile to get started.
  • The list of nursing positions that are open in Germany can be found by clicking the link provided below.
  • Click the “apply now” button after making your choice and thoroughly reading the job description.

Apply Here

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a visa to work as a nurse in Germany?

To become a registered nurse and move to Germany, follow these steps:

  • Finish your nursing training in your home nation.
  • Also, obtain your language proficiency certificate.
  • Next, get the German authorities to recognize your certificate…
  • Moreover, submit a job application to a German employer.
  • Lastly, apply for a work visa.

How do I apply for funding in Germany?


“Visa sponsorship” is not a common practice in Germany. A potential employee may apply for a work permit if a company is willing to give them a job contract.

What credentials are required to work in Germany?

You need both a work visa and a work/residence permit to work in Germany. Everybody is subject to residence/work permit requirements, however, not everyone is eligible for visa requirements. To work in Germany, citizens of the following nations do not need a visa: EU/EEA.

Is it possible to obtain a job in Germany in 18 months?

You can apply for a residence visa (good for up to 18 months) if you’re from another country and want to look for a job there. You are free to pursue any type of employment during these 18 months.

High-paying jobs with salaries in Germany

If you can find work that pays for your visa, you will be able to live and work in Germany. In the next three years, more than 200,000 people must move to Germany.

You can find a job in Germany right now that will pay for your visa. If you want to take advantage of this chance, you should apply as soon as possible.

Germany said it would make it easy for skilled workers from other countries to move there, so it could get more of them.

List of High-Paying Jobs in Germany

1 . Workday Financials Analyst – Germany / Remote


  • Detail-oriented knowledge of Workday Financials from installation or live production
  • Workday Financials hands-on system setup for a variety of modules
  • Ability to help and advise Finance and IT Leaders on the best ways to run business and perform services.

2 . Analyst


  • Quickly learn new business models and work on a new project every 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Take charge of testing your business ideas by collecting and analyzing both primary and secondary research.
  • Do a careful quantitative analysis of data sets on the business and the company.

3 . Director, FCC Germany

Role Responsibilities

  • Manage alerts, cases, or SARs and/or fix them.
  • Help with the planning and giving of training.
  • Help fill out the area FCC Risk Assessment (GRA), Product Risk Assessment, and Obligations register.
  • Give help to the right people about how to follow Group standards and local rules about AML, Sanctions, and ABC.
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4 . Central Cashier (OA)

Job Summary

  • Instructions, rules, and internal working instructions from the Air Force (AF) are applied to cash management and accountability.
  • Uses AF forms to count cash and other items at the start and end of each business day.
  • Sends reports and counts of cash to the NAF accounting office using logs and forms set by the AF.

5 . Business Application Sepcialist – CargoWise


  • Gives managers and clients regular project information and helps with the implementation of global projects.
  • Functional testing (UAT) is done, training materials are made and key users and users are trained.
  • Helps business and development groups work together on a project level.
  • Gives the development group feedback and helps with changes to the answer.

How to Apply

All interested persons should click the link below to read more about the job description and apply.


Visit for the most up-to-date information on visa-sponsored jobs, prospective paths benefits, application processes, and others.





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