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New Zealand Sponsorship Jobs Paying $60,000 Per Year

October 24th, 2023 at 07:16 am

New Zealand Sponsorship Jobs Paying $60,000 Per Year – Apply Now

Did you know that your home nation can provide a legitimate New Zealand sponsor as well as a sponsored work visa for nothing? Because they are sponsored jobs supplied by reputable employers in New Zealand, you won’t have to pay for your visas, travel, or lodging, allowing you to save the most of your paycheck.

In New Zealand, you would be paid a minimum of $22.70 per hour or a median wage of at least $30. However, if you put in 40 hours per week, you can typically make roughly $61,000 a year. additionally, you and every member of your dependent family may change this visa into a residency card or a permanent residence.

Everything you need to know about work sponsored by New Zealand is covered in this post, including prerequisites, eligibility requirements, benefits, and how to look for approved employers.

What are the Benefits

If you hold a New Zealand work visa, you are permitted to stay and work there indefinitely. Unlike many other well-liked expat locations, your employer has the option of repeatedly extending your work visa. The following are some benefits of working in New Zealand:

  • Foremost, one of the safest countries in the world is New Zealand, which is ranked second on the Global Peace Index. Due to its low crime rate and high level of religious tolerance, it shares the top spot on the list of least corrupt nations in the world with Denmark.
  • Also, In contrast to many other countries, New Zealand places a high priority on well-being. Permanent residents have the same rights as citizens, including the freedom to move anywhere, the right to a free public education, and—most importantly—the right to unlimited health care.
  • Government-funded health care significantly raises the level of living for those who live in New Zealand with no out-of-pocket expenses for medical visits. Additionally, the quality of care is quite high, which may be difficult to get in some other countries with free health care.
  • In addition, along with your spouse or partner, dependent children under the age of 24 may be named on your application for a residence permit.
    Above all, in New Zealand, you can apply for a work permit visa up to the age of 55 if you’re having problems traveling because of your age.

What are the Requirements

  • You need a job offer from a recognized New Zealand firm to sponsor your work visa for New Zealand.
  • Also, the candidate must be under 55 years of age as a regular requirement for all New Zealand work visas.
  • Additionally, your skill set and prior work experience must be compatible with the skills listed in the job descriptions for the various roles being offered by reputable companies. You won’t get a job offer if they don’t line up. However, they must at least largely coincide.
  • Besides that, as of February 2023, your New Zealand-based employer is required to pay you the $29.66 hourly median wage for the nation.
  • Above all, you must have a certificate of good character and be in perfect health.
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New Zealand Accredited Employers

Nearly 200 New Zealand companies are authorized to extend job offers to individuals from abroad and to finance their relocation to New Zealand.

Making a list of all the search terms you’ll use to hunt for jobs on New Zealand job boards is the first step. These are the terms that apply to recognized companies that are permitted to sponsor visas. Enter the term “accredited employers” into the search bar on well-known New Zealand job boards like This will display job openings posted by reputable employers with a New Zealand presence.

When a company specifies a relocation allowance in their job posting, it signifies that all necessary expenses—including travel, lodging, and other expenses—have been covered.

Unskilled Jobs in New Zealand with Visa Sponsorship

In New Zealand, unskilled workers provide labor-intensive services to a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, construction, agriculture, and hospitality. These roles call for a combination of physical stamina, a readiness to learn, and the capacity to follow instructions.

  • Organization: Tourism Holdings Limited (THL)
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Salary: $27.64 per hour
  • Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

About Tourism Holdings Limited (THL)

The Discover Waitomo Group, which includes the Waitomo Glowworm Caves, Ruakuri Cave, Aranui Cave, the Legendary Black Water Rafting Co., and the Waitomo Homestead, is run by NZ’s top tourism company, Tourism Holdings Limited, which also produces the award-winning Kiwi Experience tour programs.

They are also the biggest seller and hirer of vacation vehicles in the entire world. In Australia and New Zealand, we conduct business under the Maui, Britz, and Mighty rental brands in addition to the RV sales names RV Sales Centre, RV Super Centre, and KEA Motorhomes. We go by the names El Monte RV Rentals and Sales and Road Bear RV Rentals and Sales in the US.

THL has a joint venture in the UK with Just Go Motorhome Rentals & Sales. We design and create customized vehicles, such as motorhomes, through Action Manufacturing.


  • Depending on specific limitations, $27.64 / hr.
  • Also, including Saturday and Sunday labor, a 40-hour workweek
  • Next, work on our large fleet of motorhomes and are in charge of maintaining and preparing them to the highest standards.
  • Besides that, being a part of a team that has fun and works hard
  • Lastly, working in conjunction with our Back of House operations team

Benefits of Unskilled Jobs in New Zealand for Foreigners:

Job Opportunities

In New Zealand, industries like manufacturing, construction, hospitality, and agriculture commonly require unskilled labor. This indicates that foreigners frequently have employment opportunities.


Even though low-skilled jobs may not pay well, New Zealand has a competitive minimum wage and a strong labor market. This could generate enough income to cover daily expenses.


In New Zealand, working in an unskilled role might give you valuable work experience that you can use for future job opportunities, including skilled positions.

Language Abilities

Working in New Zealand can help you improve your English language abilities if you don’t already speak it well. This can help you develop in your profession.

Cultural Experience

You can become fully immersed in Kiwi culture, learn about the way of life there, and interact with people from all walks of life by choosing to live and work in New Zealand.


It is safe to live and work in New Zealand due to its reputation for safety and low crime rates.


High-quality healthcare is available in New Zealand, and some employers may incorporate health insurance benefits as part of their compensation packages.


Building a professional network while working in New Zealand can be beneficial for future job opportunities or business connections.

Immigration Opportunities

Depending on your circumstances and New Zealand’s immigration laws, employment in an unskilled job may result in opportunities for a longer-term stay or citizenship.

Level of Living

New Zealand consistently ranks highly in terms of quality of life, placing a significant focus on access to outdoor recreation, work-life balance, and beautiful natural surroundings.


If you have kids, New Zealand boasts a top-notch educational system with a variety of schools and learning opportunities.

Government Assistance

To safeguard employees’ rights and guarantee fair treatment at work, the New Zealand government has put regulations in place.

Natural Beauty

The stunning landscapes of New Zealand, which include mountains, beaches, and forests, have good recognition. As a resident, you can explore and enjoy these natural wonders.

Even though it’s a physically demanding job, it’s rewarding since you get to collaborate with an amazing team of dedicated but laid-back individuals.

Our staff members represent a diverse spectrum of ethnicities, countries, and cultures. Our Tourism Holdings Limited (THL) family is unique in this way. We are looking for employees who will go above and beyond the call of duty, support their coworkers, and recognize group accomplishments. All of it is a part of our audacious mentality.

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How to Apply


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the legal retirement age in New Zealand?

You can start working at any age. While there is no minimum age to start working, there are some restrictions on when, what, and how you can work if you are a certain age. These seek to protect your security and your ability to engage fully in school. Thus, for individuals of school age.

Without a degree, am I able to obtain a work visa in New Zealand?

You can be eligible for a Study Work Visa if you have a non-degree certification at level 7 or lower. However, you must have earned a qualification from the list of acceptable qualifications for post-study work visas. The job you ultimately land should be related to your course of study.

Is obtaining PR simple in New Zealand?

APR eligibility generally ranges from 2 to 5 years. Thus, depending on variables including job experience, educational background, and meeting the conditions of the New Zealand immigration authorities.

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