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Canada Welcomes Over 12,000 Candidates through International Experience Canada Program 2024

February 11th, 2024 at 12:51 am

Canada Welcomes Over 12,000 Candidates through International Experience Canada Program 2024

Exciting news for eager young adventurers and jobseekers! Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) recently held draws from the International Experience Canada (IEC) pool, inviting 12,501 people to apply for open work permits. This demonstrates Canada’s unwavering determination to attract varied global talent and expand its cultural fabric.

Individuals from all around the world received the exciting news between January 22nd and February 4th, 2024, indicating a significant possibility of embarking on life-changing travels in Canada. This fresh draw adds to the already impressive pool of 31,828 hopefuls anxious for the opportunity to live the Canadian dream.

This fascinating program welcomes young individuals aged 18 to 35 from more than 35 nations and territories to come to Canada to work, travel, and experience everything this lovely country has to offer.

“Canada gains when young people from all over the world join International Experience Canada. This program will assist Canadian firms in their search for exceptional individuals, while also stimulating the tourism industry around the country. We also hope that young Canadians will take advantage of the program’s reciprocal feature to receive job and travel experience from all around the world, which will benefit them throughout their lives.
The Honourable Marc Miller, Minister for Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship

Overview of International Experience Canada (IEC)

The International Experience Canada (IEC) programs provide a pathway for youth from participating nations to come to Canada for a short period of time to live and work. If an international candidate is accepted into an IEC program, they will be able to apply for a work permit to Canada without first completing an LMIA. A one-year work permit can be approved with the help of the IEC, allowing for a temporary stay in Canada.

  • Working Holiday
  • Young Professionals
  • International Co-op Internship

There is a random drawing process for approving IEC work permits. The program does not guarantee acceptance for every foreign national who applies. Each program and country has its own quota, which determines the chances of success. The IEC runs three distinct programs. While the IEC has established some general standards, prospective students should check each program individually to make sure it complies. Different types of work authorization may be the outcome of any program, and each has its own set of criteria:

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International Co-op Internship for Working Holiday Participants: Young Professionals
Although all three initiatives are part of the IEC, Canada’s relationship with each of the participant countries is distinct. As a result, although some member nations may provide all three IEC programs, others may only provide two.

Mutually beneficial bilateral agreements between Canada and other countries form the basis of International Experience in Canada. As a result, Canadians can take advantage of the same chances to travel and work in other IEC member nations!

Who can participate in the IEC program?

Foreign nationals who wish to take part in International Experience in Canada must meet the age requirements set out by their home country’s program (no older than 35) and come from a country that has an agreement with Canada that permits them to apply for a work visa.

Facts about International Experience Canada (IEC) 2024.

The International Experience Canada (IEC) program provides three fascinating categories for youth to participate in:

  • Working Holiday: With an open work permit, you can work anywhere in Canada and explore at your own speed.
  • International Co-op (Internship): Gain professional experience in your subject of study with an employer-approved work permit. This curriculum is specifically designed to help students develop targeted skills and knowledge.
  • Young Professionals: Use an employer-specific work visa to get professional experience in your field of study or career path.

New Countries and Opportunities:

  • Canada and Finland inked a new youth mobility agreement in March 2023, which will allow Finnish youth to join the IEC program once it is formally ratified. Stay tuned for updates in 2024!
  • The Canada-Ukraine Youth Mobility Agreement is now on hold due to safety concerns. Participation will be allowed once travel to Ukraine is safe again.
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Here’s everything you should know about IEC 2024:

  • Applications open on December 11, 2023.
  • There are about 90,000 spaces available for young people from IEC partner nations.
    IEC has made new arrangements and agreements with Finland, Iceland, Ukraine, South Korea, and the United Kingdom.
  • Automated processing for routine applications
  • The IEC program has a positive influence on employers and the tourism industry. Why participate?
  • Gain significant foreign job experience.
  • Increase your skills and knowledge.
  • Discover Canada’s unique landscapes and culture.
  • Make lifetime friendships.
  • Learn more: 2023 Working Holiday IEC Visa

Ready to apply for IEC 2024?

  • Visit the International Experience Canada website for additional information and to build your profile.
  • Submit your application as soon as possible to improve your chances of selection.
  • Don’t pass up this fantastic opportunity to live, work, and travel in Canada!
  • Additional IEC 2024 information:
  • The IEC program is reciprocal, which means that Canadian youth can work and travel in
  • IEC partner nations.
  • The program is open to young individuals aged 18 to 35.
  • Participants can remain in Canada for up to 24 months.
  • The program provides numerous career and travel options.

IEC Application Procedure

Foreign nationals interested in applying to an IEC program must follow this five-step process:

Step 1: Create an IEC profile. Once a foreign individual has determined that their country participates in IEC and selected their desired program, they can register an account on the IEC website. As long as they match the qualifying standards, their account is automatically added to the IEC pool of candidates.

Step 2: Receive an Invitation to Apply. The IEC draws IEC candidates at random on a regular basis. If a candidate is chosen in a draw, they will be issued an Invitation to Apply, allowing them to proceed to stage three. Quotas vary per program and nation, therefore, candidates should check their country’s quotas to better understand their chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply.

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Step 3: Accept the invitation to apply. If a candidate receives an invitation to apply, they have 10 days to accept it. After accepting, individuals have 20 days to file an online application for a work permit. If an applicant declines an invitation, they will be returned to the candidate pool and evaluated in future drawings.

Step 4: Submit the Work Permit Application. After accepting an Invitation to Apply, a foreign citizen has 20 days to apply for a work permit online through the IRCC web portal. Applicants should study the paperwork requirements ahead of time to ensure that they have enough time to complete the application.

Step 5: Receive the Work Permit If an application is approved. The applicant will receive confirmation of their work permit and information on the duration of their licence to work in Canada.



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