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Australia Visa Application Process in 2024 | Australia Immigration Guide

January 18th, 2024 at 12:48 am

Australia Visa Application Process in 2024 | Australia Immigration Guide

Thinking about moving to Australia but afraid of applying? How do I apply for an Australian visa? What are the essential documents for an Australian visa application? Are these questions bothering you? Hold on! You’re covered in this blog post.

The Australian visa application procedure is tough, and many people get stranded. Additionally, different visas require separate visa application processing, making it harder for applicants. Wondering why? Poor knowledge of the Australian visa application process leads to confusion and rejection. Thus, you must know the basics before applying for an Australian visa.

Do you know that around 50% of Australian student visas were denied in 2023? Thus, only half of the applicants have received student visas. Although the rejection rate may seem worrisome, understanding the visa application procedure can help you avoid the same mistakes. Thus, prepare to discover the Australian visa application process.

Australia Visa Application Process

Australia stopped distributing passport visa markings in 2015. All visa data is available through Visa Entitlement Verification Online. You can apply online or by paper; however, the online approach is more efficient and convenient. Australian online visa applications are easily evaluated. You can apply for an Australian visa in two ways:

  • The online Australian visa application process
  • Australian paper visa application process

If a nation or visa category cannot be applied for online, a paper application must be submitted to an embassy. Each kind of visa has specific requirements.

Steps for Applying for an Australian Visa Online

To get an Australian visa, take these steps:

  • Online account creation.
  • Fill out the Australian visa form.
  • Attach the required documentation.
  • Pay the Australian visa application fee.
  • Apply for a visa.

Let’s discuss each step independently for clarity and easier processing.

1. Open an Online Account

Create an account on an official website to apply for an Australian visa. You can create an individual or organization account depending on your needs. The organization account applies to registered migration agents and authorized account sponsors. Individual candidates can apply for personal accounts.

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For a personal Account,

  • Enter your contact information and personal information.
  • Create an authentic password.
  • Email your account verification.
  • Once you register, you can apply for recognized organization services instantly.

2. Fill out the Australian Visa Application Form

Student, employment, and tourist visas are available in Australia. Choose based on your country’s goals. Each kind of visa requires an application. After selecting a visa, complete the form.

Remember, each applicant must submit a visa application form if applying with friends or family.

3. Include Australia Visa Application Documents

Due to the many visa alternatives, Australian visa laws might be complicated. Each visa class has its own requirements, some necessary and some voluntary. Knowing the required documents makes applying easier. Let’s examine the Australian visa application documents:

  1. A valid passport: Australian visa applicants must have a passport that is at least six months valid.
  2. Visa Application Form: All candidates for an Australian visa must submit the Visa Application Form. The form you need depends on your visa type. Online visa applicants can find the necessary forms in their accounts.
  3. Biometric Data Collection: The photo requirements for Australian visa applications are rigorous. Your face must be visible on a white background. Sometimes your visa photo must be supplied with biometric data. The number of pictures required depends on the visa category.
  4. National ID: Provide a scanned national ID card. Verify with the nearest Australian authorities, since this may not be necessary depending on your visa or country of residency. Show your current national card if you have several national cards due to citizenship or residency.
  5. Character Certificate: Visa applications require moral proof. This means you must be truthful about any illegal activity you’ve committed and provide a police certificate before or after applying.
  6. Health Requirements: A medical exam is required before applying for an Australian visa. The Department of Home Affairs takes strict measures to protect Australians. You must complete a medical exam, chest x-ray, TB screening test, or other department-requested tests.
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Now you know the Australian visa application documents. Include these documents in the online application.

How to attach documents to online applications:

  • Click “Attach a document.”
  • Choose a recipient for the file.
  • Explain why you’re attaching this file.
  • Select the document type.
  • Name the file.

4. Pay Visa Application Fee

The final step in the account application procedure is payment. There are numerous techniques you may employ for your visa application, based on different conditions. The department will not approve your application until your money has been received. The easiest way to pay with Australian dollars is online. Online payments appear in Australian dollars on your account statement. PayPal, credit cards, UnionPay, and BPAY can be used to pay the application fee online.

Avoid paying for online applications with ‘Manage Payments’. Only invoices and paper applications can be paid with it.

5. Application Submission

After these steps, submit your application. If something changes, utilize Account to contact the Australian government again. Notify the Department of Foreign Affairs of your address change via your online account.

After you Submit the Application

After applying, utilize the account to

  • Improve your knowledge.
  • Check your application status.
  • Check crucial department messages.
  • Your information should be verified.

Process of Australian Visa Paper Application

Paper applications are available if online applications are unavailable. For paper applications for Australian visas, follow these steps:

  • Find the nearest Australian Embassy.
  • Check the required papers.
  • Finish the application.
  • Apply for the visa.

1. Find the Nearest Australian Embassy

Find the nearest Australian Embassy before applying. They’ll advise you on the appropriate visa and what documentation to bring while applying.

2. Check the required documents.

After finishing the paperwork, verify it. You must gather passports, family certificates, insurance, and visa application forms to attach to your paper application.

Important: The document verifier must acknowledge these copies of your original papers on a one-page document. The declaration should be on the first page of documents, with the author’s initials on each page.

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3. Finish Application

Check that you have signed the correct Australian visa application form. Put the application and accompanying documents together and submit them at once.

4. Apply for the visa

When payment is confirmed, apply at the local Embassy. Paper visa applications take longer than online ones, but processing times vary.

Visa Processing Time for Australia

Visa processing times vary by kind. Some applications take longer to process. The median processing times for key visa categories are below. This is the most accurate way to show how long most visa applications take.

Visa Program Visa Category November 2023
Permanent Skilled (Permanent) 11 Months
Permanent Partner (First Stage)** 7 Months
Temporary Skilled (Temporary) 16 Days
Student 16 Days
Visitor Less than 1 Day
Working Holiday Maker Less than 1 Day



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