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2024 Requirements for Study Permit in Canada for International Students

January 7th, 2024 at 04:05 am

2024 Requirements for Study Permits in Canada for International Students

International students must get a study visa in Canada to continue their education. Every year, this country welcomes a huge number of foreign students through study permits and visas. Furthermore, IRCC sets specific conditions for each student, which are reflected in their study permits.

General Canadian Study Permit Requirements for International Students

A study permit frequently involves a slew of conditions, such as job permission and travel possibilities. The permission also specifies the study permit’s start and end dates. The general conditions are as follows:

  • Enrollment at a Designated Learning Institution in Canada. However, certain exceptions apply here.
  • Playing an active role in education. There will be exceptions in this case.
  • If a student wishes to change their post-secondary school, they must notify the Canadian government.
  • If they fail to meet the essential requirements as students, their studies in Canada will be terminated.
  • When the work visa expires, I will leave Canada.
  • The level of study of a pupil
  • If a student is allowed to work on or off campus
  • If a student is required to seek medical treatment
  • Whether or not a student is permitted to travel across Canada
  • The student’s studies in Canada will come to an end on this date.

Working as a student in Canada

The majority of international students pursuing a Canadian degree want to work to offset their expenses. Depending on the terms of their study permit, students may be permitted to work on or off campus without obtaining a separate work permit.

However, in both circumstances, students will be able to begin working only after they begin their studies and not before.

Furthermore, this year, until December 31, students have the option and permission to work more than twenty hours each week. This, however, is merely a stopgap remedy.

Working on Campus

To study in Canada, international students must have a valid study permit as well as a Social Insurance Number. In addition, they must be full-time students. However, students must halt their On Campus work in the following situations:

  • If students cease studying full-time, but do not include their last semester, as long as they meet all required requirements.
  • If their study permit expires
  • They may be on legal leave from their Canadian studies in specific cases.
  • If a kid is changing schools and is not currently enrolled,
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Working Off-Campus 

International students wishing to work off campus must be full-time students at a Canadian DLI. They must also show proof of attendance in a post-secondary academic, professional, or vocational training program. Also, they must be enrolled in a secondary-level vocational training program in Quebec. They must also present valid study permission and a SIN. Furthermore, international students must establish acceptance into a program leading to a certificate, degree, or diploma. The study program must last for at least six months.

They must, however, stop working off campus under the following circumstances:

  • If their study permit indicates that they are not permitted to work while studying.
  • They have been accepted into a second-language English or French program.
  • Also, if they merely take general interest classes.
  • The student is just enrolling in courses to look like a full-time student in a program.
  • If a student’s position changes and they are no longer able to meet the off-campus criteria,

Traveling in Canada while studying

Many overseas students in Canada want to go outside of the country while they are studying. In general, they want to go on a vacation or return to their home country to visit family or friends. While they are on their study permit, international students are permitted to travel freely outside of Canada. However, students must remember the following points when traveling outside of Canada and then returning:

  • Return to Canada with a valid study permit: International students intending to re-enter the country after traveling must meet various conditions in addition to having a valid study permit or study permit approval or extension. They must show a genuine and legitimate passport or travel document, such as a visitor visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization. They must also attend a Canadian DLI and meet all key prerequisites for re-entry into Canada.
  • No study permit is a legitimate travel document: International students need visitor visas or eTAs to enter and leave Canada. Some pupils travel with passports. However, this depends on countries that require eTAs or visitor visas. Note that a tourist visa or eTA does not guarantee re-entry into Canada. They must convince border officials they meet all other requirements to return to Canada. Despite faulty paperwork, visitor visa holders can return to Canada. Students having US, Miquelon, or St-Pierre study permission are eligible.
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Students should ensure that their guest visa is still valid when they return to Canada. Furthermore, it is their responsibility to extend the visa before leaving the country if it is slated to expire within the travel period.

Overall, students with an expired study permit will be unable to re-enter Canada unless they get their extension approved.

Consequences for overseas students who do not meet the conditions for a Canadian study permit

International students who fail to meet the essential requirements of a Canadian study permit may risk the following consequences:

  • You have lost your study permission or student status.
  • Obtain instructions for leaving Canada.
  • They may have to wait six months before applying for a new study permit in Canada. The same goes for applying for a work permit or a visiting visa.

Essentially, if the pupils do not follow the above standards, they may experience difficulty in future outcomes or decisions regarding immigration. The same is true for students who work or study illegally.

Who is exempt from the study permit conditions?

Specific study visa holders may not be required to demonstrate their admittance to a DLI in Canada or their active participation in their study program. Individuals who do not have to prove the foregoing conditions include:

  • Individuals in Canada who have refugee status.
  • Those pursuing a Canadian education as a result of a bilateral agreement between Canada and another country
  • Individuals who marry or have a dependent child with a Canadian study or work permit holder.
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International students who do not have to prove any conditions, on the other hand, must complete all other relevant and necessary study permit conditions in order to keep their status in this country.



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