Why is Kofi Adoma and wife Miracle trending?

Kofi Adoma and wife Miracle
Kofi Adoma and wife Miracle

Why is Kofi Adoma and wife Miracle trending?

Ghanaian journalist Kofi Adoma has been in trending news since his birthday, July 20, 2022.

He is in the news not because of his birthday celebration, but rather what he put his wife through. His birthday, he used as a day of confession not to redeem himself but to praise his wife Miracle Adoma. He confessed to the world his sins regarding his sexual experiences and how unfair he has been to his wife.

According to the radio presenter, he put his wife through despicable things, but she never gave up on him. On his birthday Miracle celebrated her husband on social me saying the world would not have been a better place without him. And she was grateful for his love, care, and support for her and their kids.

She wrote: Happy birthday my king. The world wouldn’t have been a better place without you. Your love, care, affection, and support for me and the kids are immeasurable. Thank you for everything you do for us. I pray for more blessings and favor of God upon you. You will always be the head and not the tail. The odds of life will always be in your favor and you will live long to enjoy the fruits of your labor. I love you so much. Kofi Adomah.”

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After her birthday wishes on social media, she went to his workplace to surprise him. It was there that Kofi said he was very much thankful to her and shared their story.

Kofi opened up about their love journey, which began about 19 years ago. He revealed that he met his wife’s father on the street when he was young and hustling on the streets of Kumasi.

Continuation Of Why is Kofi Adoma and wife Miracle trending?

Miracle’s father now his in-law sponsored him and took him under his care there he met his daughter, Miracle (Kofi’s wife). He made mentioned that his in-law wasn’t in support of their marriage so he tried living his life. This he did but with financial aid from Miracle.

He said; “I was working at HotFM when a woman approached me. Got her pregnant. I then told Miracle (his wife) because she was my financial aid. And in response, she said it wasn’t your fault. My father wouldn’t let us get married. She then gave me money to go and do the initiation ceremony for the woman in Ho”.

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He also spoke about how Miracle paid his rent yet he lived there with another woman. Miracle later paid half of an apartment to a real estate company that contacted him that they were selling some houses. He told them he couldn’t afford it. They then said the woman who brought them had already paid half so you just to add up. He concluded with his journey to England. Where he got another woman pregnant and had another child. Through it, all Miracle stayed with me”.

Miracle in an interview was asked about her reasons for staying despite everything Kofi did. In response, she said “when you love someone you take them as your child, correct them when you can and be sure to overlook some of the things they do. With this, she was able to stay and love him regardless. In the end, her love won”.

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