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Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Kuwait for Foreigners 2023/24

October 13th, 2023 at 05:26 am

Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Kuwait for Foreigners 2023/24

Kuwait attracts thousands of people from various countries who are interested in working there due to the vast variety of occupations that give excellent prospects for expats. Oil products also dominate the industrial sector, which is mostly focused on exports, in addition to the enormous oil industry. This is so because the cost of producing oil products is cheaper.

Some foreign workers with residence and employment in Kuwait will be qualified to take part in the pension plans that their respective employers offer to foreign employees. During their stay in Kuwait, expatriates have access to the public healthcare system. You can find out how to hunt for work in Kuwait, the many work visa options available there, the jobs in Kuwait that sponsor visas for international employees, and a lot more useful information on this page.

Jobs in Kuwait that sponsor visas for foreign nationals

The Kuwaiti jobs that are actively sponsoring visas for foreign workers are listed below.

  • Head of Operations
  • Administration Services
  • Passenger Services Manager
  • Medical Delegate Personnel Assistant
  • Receptionist
  • HR & Administration Officer
  • Call Center Manager
  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Administrator
  • Mechanical Fitter
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Marketing Executive Operations Supervisor
  • Personnel Assistant Team Leader
  • Food and Beverage General Manager
  • Marketing Executive Operations Supervisor
  • Personnel Assistant Team Leader

Work visa categories in Kuwait

The types of visas available to visitors to Kuwait vary depending on the conditions for admission, the reason for the journey, and the length of time spent there. There are several choices available, including the following:

Travel in and out of Kuwait is allowed for those with tourist visas during their whole stay. The only requirements for applicants are to respond to a few questions and supply some fundamental details about themselves, like their name, address, and passport number.

There are many different sorts of visiting visas, and each is based on the purpose of the applicant’s intended trip. The applicant must have a relative or company in Kuwait who will serve as their sponsor to be eligible for this visa. If a foreign national wishes to live in Kuwait but is not a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), they must apply for a residency visa.

Along with having a resident visa, this is also necessary. You can apply for this visa under one of three different categories: dependant, domestic, or for employment.

Entry visa: Employees with entry visas, whether in the public or private sector, are eligible to receive employment visas, which have a reduced application fee than other types of visas.

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Requirements for Kuwaiti work visas

The bulk of your staff members must first have a resident visa to start working for your company. You will require a signed employment contract from a commercial enterprise or a government agency for this specific category of visa. The following step is for you, the employer, to apply for the employee’s work authorization or visa.

To obtain a work visa, the following types of paperwork are necessary:

  • A passport that is still valid for use for at least another six months after its expiration date.
  • The Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs fully completed the visa application.
  • Also, passport photos
  • Additionally, an official health certificate from a local doctor attests to the applicant’s excellent health and the absence of any infectious diseases.
  • Above all, a police clearance.

Your employee will receive a “No Objection Certificate,” or NOC, after submitting these papers, allowing them to enter Kuwait. They will receive a residency visa to utilize while they are in Kuwait after they arrive. After receiving the residence visa for a period of thirty days, the employee will then have the chance to apply for a Kuwait Civil ID.

The process of application

  • An official copy of the resident’s work permit will be sent by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Kuwaiti embassy in the resident’s home nation.
  • Send a copy of the worker’s work visa as well, so that they can visit the embassy in person to get it stamped if that becomes required.
  • You must give the work permit and the NOC to the Ministry of the Interior if your employees reside in a nation without a Kuwaiti embassy.

Where exactly in Kuwait can one hunt for employment?

The fastest and simplest way to find a job in Kuwait is to carefully browse the job listings that are posted online. If you want to stay up to date on job opportunities in Kuwait, create an account on websites that are based there. Several job boards offer their services without charging a charge.

Check out and if you’re looking for open positions. Both provide Kuwaitis with a wide range of employment options.

Additionally, a small number of respected recruitment agencies focus primarily on hiring for senior management positions. You may start your hunt for a job by getting in touch with one of the many reputable employment agencies out there, like Aman Overseas or Career Hunters.


However, taking initiative is crucial when things are challenging. Find companies—both international corporations and local businesses—that might require the skill set you have to offer, and get in touch with them.

In Kuwait, interpersonal communication is crucial to many facets of daily life, including the workplace. Because of this, having connections in the area may be quite helpful in terms of getting work.

Professional qualifications required for the occupation

There will probably still be a need for foreign experts even as the government works to encourage labor self-sufficiency. For expatriates with skills in fields essential to the growth of the nation’s economy, there is still a decent chance of finding employment in Kuwait.

This is especially true for expatriates with degrees and a lot of work experience in marketing, sales, and business development, as well as the financial sector. You generally stand the best chance of obtaining work in Kuwait if you have experience in the oil industry. Engineers with this experience ought to think about applying.

Kuwaiti Business Etiquette & Language

It would be advantageous to have some Arabic language skills. In Kuwait, businesses generally do not demand or even anticipate that their foreign employees would be able to converse in Arabic. Kuwait has a large English-speaking corporate community. Many businesses in Kuwait speak English well and have a great deal of experience doing business abroad.

However, English is used somewhat less frequently in daily life. Even if the majority of Kuwaitis are literate in English or have greater levels of literacy, it is still in foreigners’ best interests to learn at least the most basic Arabic. Additionally, it will be much easier to buy groceries if you can read Arabic digits. Your neighbors, friends, and shopkeepers would probably appreciate your efforts if you could respond appropriately to common greetings and expressions in Kuwaiti.

Application Process

Citizens must serve as sponsors with the relevant government for employment visas to be issued. As a result, you as a job seeker bear little to no responsibility for your visa. If you simply provide your employer with the information they have requested from you, they will handle the rest of the procedure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can an outsider find employment in Kuwait?

All expats must get a work permit before they can work in Kuwait, except citizens of member countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Work visas are only issued to expats who have received a genuine work offer.

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How much does the visa to Kuwait cost?

  • 30 DAYS SINGLE ENTRY (Male) – 31,000
  • 30 DAYS, SINGLE ENTRY (Female) – 34,000

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