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Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Azerbaijan 2023

Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Azerbaijan 2023

In 2023 and 2024, foreigners can find employment in Azerbaijan that covers the cost of their visas. Both a nation and a former Soviet republic, Azerbaijan. The Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains, which are found in both Asia and Europe, encircle it. The ancient Inner City of Baku, the nation’s capital, is famous for being walled in and has historical significance.

Both the stone Maiden Tower, which has been there for hundreds of years and is the tallest building in the city, and the Palace of the Shirvanshahs, a royal retreat from the 15th century, are located in the Inner City.

Are you a foreigner seeking employment in Azerbaijan to help you pay for your visa? Do you wish to learn more about the various Azerbaijani work visa categories? Do you wish to know if it is possible to work in Azerbaijan as a foreigner who does not speak Modern Standard Arabic?

Learn more about the most sought-after jobs in Azerbaijan, the recruitment firms in Azerbaijan, and skilled and unskilled visa support jobs in Azerbaijan on this page. Azerbaijan can be a fantastic destination for you to live if you have extensive knowledge of the oil and gas industry.

Most in-Demand Positions in Azerbaijan

On the job market in Azerbaijan, banking, which includes positions like credit specialists, finance, insurance, and accounting managers, is the second-fastest growing industry. Ten years ago, young people were more likely to choose careers in teaching, lobbying, or diplomacy. The financial sector is increasingly well-known today.

Young people nowadays are more interested in public duty than they were ten to fifteen years ago. Many young people wish to engage in public service as their future career, even though the average income for these jobs is 300 manats ($370).

Jobs in Azerbaijan with Visa Sponsorship

The following is a list of positions in Azerbaijan that currently permit foreigners to work there:

  • Call Center Representative
  • GL Accountant
  • HR Operations Specialist
  • Process Development Specialist
  • Reservations Agent
  • Financial Analyst
  • Sales Coordinator
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Business Analyst
  • Receptionist
  • Sales Developer
  • Front Desk Receptionist
  • Senior Tax Accountant
  • IT Helpdesk and Developer

Looking for a Job in Azerbaijan

Online job searching is the best and most common method for foreigners to obtain employment in Azerbaijan. There are websites with a very high success rate that assist people in finding employment. These websites mix English and Azerbaijani and are simple to use. Jobsearch. az is one illustration.

Many visitors like perusing job listings in newspapers, particularly in Baku, the nation’s capital. There are several job listings in the publications Avrasiya, Bakinsky Bulvar, and Baku Sun. Job seekers should keep an eye out for job postings from a variety of industries and companies both online and in print.

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Recruitment Agencies in Azerbaijan

The most effective method for locating a job in Baku or Azerbaijan is to use an employment agency. The industries that employ expats most frequently include those in the oil and gas, telecommunications, financial, and retail sectors. On this page, we discuss the top employment agencies.

We advise you to hunt for a job on a reliable website. Give no cash to a construction site. Instead, they will be paid by the company that hired them.

In Azerbaijan, the following locations can assist people in finding employment:

  • Smart Resources Group (SRG)
  • HRC Baku
  • Vakansiya. az

Work visa categories in Azerbaijan

Like every other nation, Azerbaijan has its procedures for issuing visas to those who wish to visit. The Azerbaijani government typically issues the following types of visas:

  • Visitor’s visa
  • Enterprise visa
  • Political visa
  • Authorized visa
  • Transit Permit

These visas allow visitors from other nations to stay in Azerbaijan for a variety of lengths of time. But to work in Azerbaijan, foreigners also need a work pass in addition to a temporary residency visa that will allow them to remain there lawfully.


Is it possible to operate in Azerbaijan without knowing Modern Standard Arabic?

Depending on the type of employment you desire. Some claim that unless you have a qualification to teach English or another language that is commonly taught there, you won’t be able to find employment in Yemen. Some claim that after spending years living and working in Yemen, their knowledge of Arabic was limited to placing restaurant orders and making taxi calls.

It’s unlikely that an employer will care if you know Arabic if you wish to work abroad. So, consider finding employment first, and then consider learning Arabic.

Azerbaijani work visa requirements

Both a temporary residency permit and a work pass are necessary for foreigners who wish to live and work in Azerbaijan. The documentation for both of these passes is submitted at the same time, and both are valid for the same period. They contain the following information:

  • Foremost, an accurately completed form
  • Second, an approach for the person to prove who they are is to provide notarized copies of all documents that demonstrate the potential employee’s credentials.
  • Also, the last five years’ worth of employment for the individual.
  • Next, a certificate of good health stating that the employee is free of HIV, Hepatitis B, or C.
  • Additionally, a duplicate of the employee’s passport. The passport must be good for at least six months following the worker’s anticipated departure.
  • Besides that, a copy of the worker’s visa or other document proving residency authorization in Azerbaijan.
  • Lastly, a source that claims a qualified individual is required.
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Best opportunities in Azerbaijan

The following is a list of some of Azerbaijan’s top employment opportunities:

  • Since there aren’t enough skilled crane operators in Azerbaijan due to the country’s expanding construction industry, many qualified foreigners are hired.
  • Working as a helper in Azerbaijan attracts a lot of people from other nations despite being one of the lowest-paying jobs in the country because it doesn’t call for any specialized training.
  • Repair workers in Azerbaijan: All oil and gas firms in Azerbaijan value the work of repair workers.
  • Employee in production in Azerbaijan. The majority of Azerbaijan’s production workers are employed by businesses that produce goods for the food or energy industries.
  • Truck drivers: Truck drivers from other nations are preferred by businesses that transport oil internationally.

What does the average worker in Azerbaijan make?

332 observations made between January 1995 and August 2022 revealed that Azerbaijan’s average monthly wage was 262.650 AZN.

Azerbaijan’s procedure for requesting a work visa

  • Employers in Azerbaijan must provide work visas to foreign employees. Employees are required to provide their employers with whatever information is required to support their application.
  • The employer is required to provide documentation to the State Migration Service proving that the foreign employee is at least 18 years old and that there are no competent Azerbaijani job candidates available to fill the position. The employer should then present the documents stated in the earlier section after defending these claims.
  • The State Migration Service will determine whether or not to issue a work and temporary residence visa after gathering all the required data.
  • The majority of work permits for Azerbaijan are issued within 30 working days. The applicant will be informed in writing within five business days if their request for a work pass is denied.
  • The individual can travel to Azerbaijan and begin working there after receiving permission.

Important considerations while requesting an Azerbaijan work visa

  • In Azerbaijan, initial work licenses are issued for a year. Up to four one-year renewals are allowed for each pass.
  • To live in a country permanently, employees need to understand how to apply for a visa.
  • They can apply for a permanent residence visa after spending two years in Azerbaijan with a temporary resident status.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for a foreigner to work in Azerbaijan?

If they wish to live and work in Azerbaijan, foreign nationals must get both a temporary dwelling permit and a work permit. Both of these passes are valid for the same period, and both paperwork packages are submitted simultaneously. Among these papers is an application that has been correctly completed.

Where might I locate a sponsor?

Utilize social media. Without a doubt, social media has emerged as one of the best platforms for connecting with customers and conducting business. If you don’t use social media to acquire a sponsor for your event, you’re losing out on a significant opportunity. LinkedIn is an excellent place to start when trying to discover donations.

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