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Top Recruitment Agencies In Poland that Offer Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

October 22nd, 2023 at 12:19 am

Top Recruitment Agencies In Poland that Offer Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

Job seekers from all around the world want to live and work in Europe. Particularly in Schengen countries. Working in Europe as a non-EU national is only possible with a work visa or a work permit. The same is true in Poland; if you want to work there, you must have a work visa. Certain requirements must be met in order to receive a Poland Work Visa.

  • A genuine and legitimate job offer
  • Qualifications such as diplomas and certificates (if required for your job position)
  • Documents of Experience
  • Health insurance for the duration of your stay in Poland
  • Additional supporting documentation

How Do I Get a Job in Poland?

Searching for jobs in Poland online is a frequent strategy to try your luck. In Poland, there are various job portals where Polish firms publish open job positions. But you don’t know if any business or company is willing to hire from outside the country.

If you are bored of searching for jobs online and not receiving a good response from employers in Poland, you can seek assistance from Recruitment Agencies in Poland. In Poland, there are hundreds of RECRUITMENT AGENCIES, however not all of them serve international candidates (non-EU nationals).

In this article, we will examine the TOP 7 recruiting AGENCIES IN POLAND that provide recruiting services for foreign workers as well as help international candidates with the necessary papers and acquire a Poland Work Visa effortlessly.

Top 7 Polish Recruitment Agencies

EWL International Recruitment Agency in Poland

EWL is a leader in international recruitment in Poland. They are specialists with international hiring experience. Hiring any overseas applicant for a Polish employer necessitates a large amount of documents as well as an understanding of immigration and work visa rules and processes. As an international job seeker, EWL has everything you need.

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EWL (Poland’s International Recruitment Agency) specializes in hiring international workers for these types of positions.

  • Agricultural Workers
  • Production Workers
  • Food Industry Workers
  • Logistics and Warehouse Workers
  • Automotive Industry Workers
  • Technical Workers
  • HoReCa Workers

IWA International

Another notable alternative for overseas job searchers is IWA Overseas. If you wish to work in Poland, this recruitment firm can help you with a variety of duties. They can find you a good work opportunity, set up an interview with the business, and obtain you an employment contract. Furthermore, IAW International assists foreign workers in acquiring a Work Permit and a Work Visa in Poland.

This Polish Recruitment Agency provides career chances for both skilled and unskilled people in four job sectors, which are as follows:

  • Civil Industry
  • Welding Industry
  • Electrical Industry
  • Mechanical Industry

WIP Jobs

WIP Jobs is yet another International Recruitment company in Poland. They have considerable experience in managing legal issues and aiding foreign workers in successfully obtaining a Poland Work Visa.

This international recruitment firm in Poland has work opportunities for international job seekers in a variety of industries, including

  • HR
  • IT
  • Sales
  • Customer Support
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Technical Assistance
  • Telecommunications
  • FMCG
  • as well as numerous others

AtoZ Serwis Plus

This organization is widely considered in Poland as being among the most successful employment groups there is. It seems that AtoZ Serwis Plus might be the perfect solution for all of your problems. Their services begin with the creation of your resume and end with the placement of you in an appropriate position based on your talents and past work experience. They offer these services to you beginning with the production of your resume and ending with the placement of you in an appropriate position.

In the interim, they will assist you in finding work that is a good match for your skills and experience. In addition to this, AtoZ will be there for you and watch out for your well-being right up to the day you arrive in Poland and start your new career there. They will handle all of the legal issues that come up in the process of obtaining your work permit and visa for you.

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AIMS International

AIMS International was created in 2009, and its previous moniker was “FIT Recruitment.” It is a Polish International Recruitment Agency having offices in several countries, including India. They hire international talent for Polish firms. You can get in touch with AIMS International for a job in Poland.


This recruitment agency has been active in the Polish job market for 9 years. They are seasoned specialists who can help you get a job in Poland in a few simple steps. In Poland, they hire both temporary and permanent personnel for a variety of job fields.

Ceres Employment

Ceres Recruitment Agency has been working with Polish clients for many years, helping them find the international talent they seek. Their offices are located in Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, and Italy.

Ceres Recruitment hires workers in the FOOD and AGRI industries.

If your exact job occupation is not currently available, you can send an open job application to this recruitment agency in Poland.

Final Thoughts

Poland grants work visas to a considerable number of foreign nationals every year. These foreign nationals are citizens of other countries. If you are interested in working in Poland and want to find a fantastic job opportunity there, you can rely on the support of the international recruiting agencies that are established there to help you accomplish your objective of finding work in Poland. If you are interested in working in Poland, you can discover a wonderful employment opportunity there. Employment agencies in Poland can provide assistance to international workers in the areas of job hunting, employment, and the acquisition of a Work Visa for Poland. This support is available to international workers.

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