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Top Hiring Jobs in Canada – August 2023

Top Hiring Jobs in Canada – August 2023

Some occupations consistently rank among the top jobs in Canada. This makes it simpler for individuals to develop a career in certain disciplines, particularly with the aid of staffing firms. The number of people seeking the majority of employment has increased this year. There are available positions in various Canadian provinces and territories. And based on their career path and skills, everyone has a place, whether they work in blue-collar or white-collar jobs.

In-Demand Jobs in Canada

Web Developer

Small and medium-sized businesses, large organizations, and even the government use web developers. A coder or specialist in creating applications is known as a web developer. Web workers have a decent chance of obtaining a work permit in Canada because of the Global Talent Stream’s two-week processing schedule.

Human Resources (HR) Managers

Human resources managers are responsible for hiring the best candidates in Canada’s competitive labor market. Another of the most sought-after careers in Canada is the HR manager.

Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers play a crucial role in the contemporary marketplace. Additionally, electrical engineers are in charge of designing, developing, building, testing, and ensuring the safety of electrical components and systems.

Veterinarians (Vets)

Many Canadians own cats, dogs, and other creatures of domestication because they adore having pets. But because there aren’t enough veterans in the country, this has long been among the most sought-after occupations in the country.

In Canada, veterinarians are required to hold a degree from a veterinary school that is recognized. Since this is a provincially regulated profession in Canada, a veterinarian who aspires to pursue a career must obtain a license from the regulating agency in each province or territory.

Human Resources and Recruitment Officers

The relative need for employees who can take on these unfilled posts rises as organizations expand. To meet Canada’s never-ending demand for workers to fill unfilled positions, recruitment officers—also known as “Recruiters”—play a significant role. Recruiters can find plenty of work in fields like technology and engineering.

To work as a recruiter in Canada, you must have a bachelor’s degree in a field like human relations. By joining the Association of Professional Recruiters of Canada (APRC) and licensing as a professional recruiter, a recruiter can increase their chances of success.

Financial Advisor

Financial gurus assist individuals and families in learning how to manage their finances. Bank employees that act as financial advisors promote the products and services of the bank.


Pharmacists are involved in services and initiatives aimed at enhancing health and well-being. A pharmacist can establish their career by working in a hospital, a pharmacy, or by starting their own business.

Each province has responsibility for pharmacists. You require a pharmacy degree, to pass the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) exam, and to register in your province or region to become a certified pharmacist in Canada.

One of the highest-paying and most sought-after positions in Canada during the last few years has been this one. Pharmacists in Canada make, on average, $45 per hour. They might earn an average of $129,600 if they put in an average of 12 hours every day for a whole year.


One of the best things about becoming a welder is that you may make a good living without always having a college degree. One of the most sought-after occupations in Canada has always been welding. You must have some welding knowledge to use this skill. To become a welder in Canada, you must attend a trade school or complete an internship.


One of the top 15 positions with the highest demand this year is this one. The fact that fewer people are working in skilled trades makes this obvious. You can learn the skill of welding underwater if you want to improve your chances of landing a job as a welder. You must be a strong swimmer and not afraid of the water to be able to perform this.

General Labourer

Tools and materials are moved by general laborers. They perform physically demanding tasks like digging, dismantling, and packaging. Workers in the construction industry prepare and clean workspaces.

Aerospace Engineer

The design, development, testing, evaluation, and monitoring of space vehicles and systems are done by aerospace engineers. such as spacecraft, commercial and military aircraft, unmanned airliners (UAVs), and other relevant aerospace equipment. The options for earning a degree in aerospace engineering are numerous.

The likelihood of being employed as an aeronautical engineer in Canada is very high as older engineers retire and create room for younger engineers. The company is always growing, which is very obvious. This is a well-paying position that is currently in high demand.

Administrative Assistants

People in this position assist their coworkers with administrative and accounting responsibilities. Because bookkeeping and accounting are two of the most in-demand jobs in Canada right now, administrative assistants who specialize in these fields have a better chance of landing a position.


Typically, merchandisers work for retailers like Real Canadian Superstore, Canadian Tire, and Walmart. They choose what fresh items to bring in and how to stock the shelves with them.


Different types of drivers exist, including those that transport packages, operate vehicles, forklifts, or travel vast distances. If you have the skills to drive a commercial vehicle, you stand an excellent chance of finding employment in Canada.

There are many employment available, and since people need to move items, there is a demand for commercial drivers. A license for operating a forklift or a permit to operate a commercial vehicle is required. It should be simple for you to obtain employment in Canada if you hold the necessary licenses.


The initial representative of a firm or group. The impression that customers or potential clients have of a company and their desire to do business with it is greatly influenced by the receptionist.

The ability to effectively communicate with clients through oral and nonverbal cues is a talent that a receptionist should possess. For this work, you also need to be proficient with computers. The ability to multitask is advantageous since it makes the task appear shorter in duration, even when speaking with people in person.

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Project Manager

This type of training is required across a wide range of industries, including marketing, sales, technology, and more. They must be able to transition between many fields of expertise when it pertains to supervising people or budgets due to the breadth of their job.

For many years, one of the most sought-after careers in Canada has been project management. To increase your chances of being employed as a project manager, you would require a Project Management Professional (PMP) license.

Account Manager

Regardless of whether they currently have a clientele or not, people who want to generate a living in this field typically must understand how to develop relationships with customers. Account managers with experience in sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software are in high demand in Canada. Most account managers in Canada receive a base salary as well as a royalty on top of that.

In various industries, including marketing, finance, sales, information technology, and consulting, account managers are in high demand. You must be able to forge close relationships with your clients if you want to succeed as an account manager.

Business Development Manager

A business development manager’s primary responsibility is to assist the sales team in closing transactions and locating new clients and customers.


inevitably hear the word “accountant,” and keeping a record of money is sometimes the primary thing that springs to mind. Accountants are in control of budgets, income, and spending, and they have a wealth of financial knowledge.

Accounting can specialize in a wide range of fields, including audits, payroll, taxes, and others. To distinguish yourself as an accountant in Canada, you must hold a CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) license.

Registered Nurse (RN)

It’s crucial to receive quality medical attention since, as the adage goes, “health is wealth.” Knowing that nursing is among the most popular careers in the nation indicates that Canadians believe that all regions and provinces should have access to high-quality healthcare.

As a registered nurse, you must complete a bachelor’s degree program and register formally with the nursing regional and regulatory authority. The healthcare system has suffered as a result of a substantial decline in the number of nurses in recent years.

University Professor and Lecturer

While knowledge is valuable, it cannot spread or advance if no one is willing to share it. You must put in a lot of effort and time if you want to become a professor at a Canadian institution.

In Canada, the yearly salary of a professor is approximately $100,300. Even though the pay may not appear adequate for a professor, it comes with benefits like no tuition fees for the employee (and any dependents or partners) at several Canadian colleges.

Software Engineer

The demand for software engineering specialists has increased recently. Most people mistakenly believe that software engineers solely work for tech firms, although all businesses depend on the computer programs, mobile applications, and web apps that software engineers produce.

Coding and app design are skills that a software engineer in Canada must acquire and master. Coding is one of the most sought-after jobs in Canada for the past two years or so.


Industrial Electrician

In Canada’s provinces and territories, industrial electricians are compensated differently. More money is paid to industrial electricians in British Columbia, Ontario, and Manitoba than in any other province or territory in Canada.

The fact that you can perform this work without a degree is what interests me the most. Instead, you require a combination of specialized instruction and an apprenticeship. This is one of Canada’s most sought-after jobs since 2018.

Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanic

Heavy-duty equipment mechanics maintain, repair, and clean up large machinery and industrial machinery linked to or moved by a power unit. Industry and energy are two crucial facets of the Canadian economy.

Sales Associate

Whether they sell directly to customers or from one company to another, sales representatives and associates play a crucial role in the corporate world. Non-technical wholesale sales representatives promote their companies’ non-technical products and services.


In Canada, 70% of the population wears glasses, and as people invest more time in front of screens—such as those on phones, laptops, and TVs—every day, there are an increasing number of people who have eye problems. This increase must correspond to the number of optometrists practicing in Canada.

You must pass the National Optic Sciences Examinations and register with your province or territory’s regulatory organization to practice as an optician in Canada. This is one of the most sought-after jobs in Canada, and a significant factor in this is the dramatic decline in the number of people in Canada with the necessary abilities.

The majority of in-demand occupations in Canada are in the technology sector, and some of them call for extensive web knowledge.

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