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Top 15 Beach Resorts in Batangas, Philippines & Travel Requirements

Top 15 Beach Resorts in Batangas, Philippines & Travel Requirements

The busiest beach town close to Manila is probably Batangas. Considering a day excursion or a staycation? The best beach resorts in Batangas that are currently open are listed below.

Acuatico Beach Resort

The popular beach town of San Juan in Batangas is most known for Laiya, a region made up of a few barangays. In general, San Juan is renowned for its ivory coast. Even though the sand is not as fine as that of Boracay, the town’s beaches nevertheless draw a lot of sunbathers.

Mountain lovers are also called to Laiya, the starting point for Mount Hugom and Mount Daguldol, by the peaks of San Juan. Acuatico Beach Resort is only one of the several resorts in Laiya that offer beachfront lodging, ranging in price from low to expensive.

Along Barangay Laiya’s coast is the multi-awarded luxury resort known as Acuatico. There are two primary sections of it: the upscale La Prima villas and the kid-friendly primary Wing accommodations. The latter region is ideal for honeymooners and retreats for two. The oceanfront infinity pool of the resort, which offers stunning views of the beach, is its main attraction.

Acuaverde Beach Resort

Although Acuaverde lacks the infinity pool that makes Acuatico famous, it is nevertheless a favorite destination, particularly for family vacations, team-building exercises, and business outings. But the fact that Acuaverde is pet-friendly sets it apart from other resorts! It takes pride in being one of Batangas’ most popular pet-friendly resorts.

It offers various care packages, a special pet menu, and even a section only for dogs. Additionally, it offers one of Laiya’s largest beaches, which hosts a variety of beach activities and lounge chairs for leisure. It also provides a variety of water sports, including kayaking, jet skiing, and flyboarding.

Palm Beach Resort

Consider Palm Beach Resort, which is located on a remote coast and offers exclusivity and privacy, if you wish to escape the crowds. It’s officially outside of Laiya because it’s in the nearby Barangay Hugom, but it doesn’t change the fact that the term “Laiya” is still generally used to describe the entire length.

It offers services for groups of friends, families, couples, and businesses. Many of the accommodations have beach views and are completely furnished. Infinity pools, kiddie pools, jacuzzis, beachside cabanas, outdoor and water sports, a multipurpose pavilion, an air-conditioned event room, a restaurant, a specialized dining area, a horseback riding area, and team-building spaces are all included.

Paseo Verde Beach Resort

A cost-effective beachside experience is provided by Paseo Verde Beach Resort. Over 6,200 square meters of space are devoted to the resort, which also includes a private rest house, a mini-park, several day-use native cabanas, casitas, overnight rooms, and a swimming pool with a kiddie pool. Choose a space on the sand strip for sunbathing or engaging in sports and activities suitable for the beach.

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Stilts Calatagan

Calatagan is well known. It is one of the Batangas coastal villages with good sand and shallow waters, making it ideal for families with young children. The coastline is studded with lodging alternatives, ranging from luxurious resorts to remote beach camp resorts. The fact that Calatagan is less congested than other vacation towns in Batangas is its best feature.

Favorite locations for events include The Stilts Calatagan, particularly for beach weddings. Do not be misled by Stilts Catagan’s modest and small entrance; it is large. There are three beaches there—Serenity, Harmony, and Destiny—each of which is surrounded by homes, pavilions, and tables. The main pool and the infinity pool, both of which contain kiddie pools, are two more swimming pool sections. Numerous restrooms, a restaurant, two sizable parking spaces, and gift stores are there. The resort also provides boat cruises, watersports, and outdoor activities.

In addition to the aforementioned lodgings, there are a few treehouses and huts. The collection of overwater bungalows connected by wooden boardwalks, however, is the most recognizable feature. Consider the Maldives’ water villas.

Aquaria Water Park

In Barangay Sta. Ana, Calatagan, there is a water park called Aquaria. Despite the resort’s “water park” moniker, don’t anticipate massive slides and exhilarating rides. Imagine it as a resort that is still family-friendly but with more noticeable fun features.

A 500-meter stretch of sand beach is also available at the resort, so you can also take advantage of the natural beachfront location while sunbathing, relaxing, or watching the magnificent sunset. A recreation and tourism development created by Landco Pacific Corporation, Calatagan South Beach includes Playa Calatagan Residences, where Aquaria Water Park is situated.

Cocoons – CaSoBe (Calatagan South Beach)

COCOONS is a better option for those who are more cost-conscious or financially astute! The 15-hectare Calatagan South Beach estate is home to Cocoons, which provides an unusual accommodation experience. The “cocoons,” an invention of Millennial Resorts, have enormous cylindrical concrete drainage pipes turned into distinctive, colorful private sanctuaries.

Altamare Dive and Leisure Resort

Anilao, one of Mabini’s barangays – frequently referred to as the origin of scuba diving in the Philippines. Mabini is one of the resort towns in Batangas that underwent tourism growth before others. The preferred starting point for excursions to Mount Gulugod Baboy and other local sights including Sombrero Island and Masasa Beach is Anilao. Although there are still traditional beach resorts, the Mabini coasts are often pebbly and rocky and lined with dive resorts.

Blue Ribbon Dive Resort

A resort that caters to divers and potential divers – Blue Ribbon Dive Resort. Despite its size, this PADI five-star diving resort contains everything a diver and aspiring diver could ever require. Regular recreational divers, newcomers, and even underwater photographers are catered to. It provides both beginning and intermediate diving instruction. The resort boasts that it has qualified divemasters working full-time in addition to full-time instructors.

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Bentrina Diving Resort

A straightforward resort, Bentrina Diving Resort primarily serves divers, both seasoned and novice. The prices vary depending on the package elements typically tailored to meet your preferences or the requirements of the course.

Vivere Azure Resort

A family-run inn formerly tucked away in a verdant setting between the sea and a mountain names Vivere Azure Resort. Located between Balayan Bay and Batangas Bay, the hotel faces the Maricaban Islands, offering visitors expansive views of the ocean, the islands, and the sunset (for those staying overnight).

The most noticeable building on the site is The House, which houses all of the suites, although the infinity pool with views of the ocean is a major attraction. The on-site restaurant, island hopping services, adventure trips, diving activities, and watersports are further resort facilities.

Camp Netanya Resort & Spa

With the slogan “Santorini of Batangas,” Camp Netanya Resort & Spa’s architectural style is unmistakably influenced by the structural aesthetics of Santorini, a Greek island in the Aegean Sea. The buildings, especially the domes, took on a bleached appearance with a blue tint as they faced Balayan Bay.

The resort’s centerpiece is a 25-meter infinity lap pool with depths ranging from three to twelve feet to accommodate guests of all ages, including adults, children, and novice divers.

Anilao Awari Bay Resort

Couples, families, groups of friends, businesses, and divers (or those looking to learn) are just a few of the numerous types of visitors that Anilao Awari Bay Resort attracts with its beach and large grounds. It has amenities and venues for business outings, team-building exercises, celebrations of significant occasions, and other occasions. It provides water sports like swimming, diving, island hopping, boat services, and more.

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Matabungkay Beach Hotel

Nasugbu to the north and Calatagan to the south are two other well-known vacation towns that are wedged by Lian, another seaside town. nonetheless, is more well-liked by local vacationers. Fine ash-colored sand typically covers the beaches in Lian. Of the famous ones is Matabungkay, whose waters scatter with floating homes made of bamboo rafts.

Beach camping is already gradually gaining acceptance in Lian, especially among beachgoers seeking out different beach experiences. But there are luxurious resorts nearby for those who don’t want to rough it.

CML Beach Resort & Waterpark

Because the sand in Lemery isn’t fair or fine, it might not come to mind when you think of beach destinations in Batangas. Black volcanic sand scatters throughout the shore of Lemery, which some people may not find pleasant, especially if used to white sand. Many resorts make up for this by emphasizing the amenities more in their marketing, which has significantly increased over time. Most are popular with locals and offer affordable resorts.

CML Beach Resort & Waterpark – one of the most well-known beachfront facilities in Lemery. It serves as a location for business outings, events, and special occasions like weddings, birthday parties, and other gatherings. There are 21 guestrooms and suites, as well as private cabanas, barbecue grills, water park features, family and infinity pools, a beach, and an on-site restaurant. The five-meter-high water slide in the water park is the attraction.

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