Suleman Kweku Baako chides NPP candidates, supporters to be dutiful 

Suleman Kweku Baako chides NPP candidates, supporters to be dutiful

The wind is blowing and politicians are gearing up for internal party elections. This is a ritual the parties go through every four years. As the parliamentary primaries of the NPP in the Wa central draws closer, it gives voters (delegates) the opportunity to choose their preferred candidates who will hold or bear the flag of the party in the constituency ahead of the general election slated for next year. The choice of leaders to be elected for ought to depend on the political message they propagate which should be devoid of character assassination, recriminations, deceit and outright lies.

However and sadly, these good attributes that should be exhibited by the various camps of the aspiring candidates is at variance with what pertains here in the Wa central constituency regarding the NPP. For some weeks now, series of attacks, character assassination, recriminations, abuses, affronts, slights are being used by various supporters to demean the hard earn reputations and achievements of our revered aspirants who are potential flagbearers of our great party in the constituency in the upcoming 2020 general elections.

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I have been reading and listening to many a people and taking on board the controversies and sentiments that have been generated. As a concerned party member, it’s my responsibility to listen to, and then seek to do what is in the best interest of our party. Having heard so many people, my first call on all party members and supporters is to cease fire. The finger pointing, the name calling, the insults, the lies, the denigrating of aspirants, leadership and supporters of the party must stop. They are to be thoroughly condemned if we have interest of making significant gains in the 2020 general elections. There is absolutely nothing to be gained from internal recriminations within the NPP except to provide fertile soil for our opponents to harm us with in 2020.

None of us in the NPP specifically Wa central should forget for a moment that we have an election to fight and win in a year’s time, and that we are in the middle of selecting our parliamentary candidate for that purpose; none of us should forget the desperate state into which our constituency has been plunged into; and none of us should also forget that the people of Wa central look to us to rescue our constituency from the incompetent and non performing NDC candidate. Today, they also look up to our Party as their best hope for a growing, stable, peaceful and a modernizing constituency. We dare not jeopardize this sacred trust by fruitless internal strife.

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I am thus calling on all members of the NPP in the Wa central constituency and the region, the Parliamentary aspirants, the NPP Government officials, the National, Regional and Constituency executives, NPP youth groups, communicators, the indefatigable foot soldiers, activists, adherents and sympathizers to be decorous and refrain from using foul language in projecting and promoting our candidates and also desist from all actions that have the potency of putting the image of the party in disrepute. This when done, will enhance tranquillity and harmony before, during and after the primaries on 28th September. I urge all of us to in the interest of our great party be mindful of our utterances both in public and in private so as not to put our unity at risk.

Our unity after the primaries is Paramount and key, as it will furnish us to wage an effective campaign as a party to win massively the 2020 parliamentary and general elections to continue to fulfill the aspirations of our people for a better life, quality and affordable health service, quality education, employment creation, access to quality water supply and farm inputs. I call for total issues base campaigns from all the teams to enhance unity and oneness of purpose to deliver a resounding victory to the NPP and a crushing defeat of our opponents come 2020. The maturity of the message is a reflection of the stature of the candidate and only candidates without messages will toe the line of insults.

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Finally, I wish all aspiring candidates and their supporters the best of luck in the parliamentary primaries. I hope and anticipate these aspiring parliamentary candidates, together with their supporters, would adhere to my call.

In unity we can deliver the Wa central seat to the party.

God bless us and continue to guide our steps.

Thank you.


Suleman Kweku Baako Wa

Concerned Member of NPP

Wa Central Constituency


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