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Slovakia Government Scholarships for International Students (2023)

Slovakia Government Scholarships for International Students (2023)

For the academic year 2023–2024, the Government of the Slovak Republic will award outstanding candidates in Slovakia through the National Scholarships Program.

The National Scholarship Programme was established in 2005 with approval from the Slovak Republic’s government to encourage student, Ph.D., university teaching, researcher, and artistic mobility. The Ministry of Education, Science, Research, and Sport of the Slovak Republic provides funding for the National Scholarship Program of the Slovak Republic (NSP).

A succinct description

  • University or Organization: Slovakian government
  • Department: NA
  • PhD-level coursework
  • Prizes: Various
  • Online Access Number of Awards: Unknown
  • International pupils as their nationality
  • The prize may be accepted in Slovakia.

In Slovakia, executive power is exercised by the Government of the Slovak Republic. The Prime Minister of Slovakia, who is typically chosen by the President of Slovakia to lead the majority coalition or party following an election to the National Council of the Slovak Republic, is in charge of it.

Why should you submit a program application?

Candidates for research are urged to submit an application. They can gain from doing research overseas because it will lower the cost barrier to achieving their academic and professional goals.

  • Candidates who reside outside of Slovakia are eligible.
  • Acceptable Subjects or Coursework: A Ph.D. in any field.
  • Acceptable Standards: The applicant must satisfy the following requirements in order to be

Eligible For This Fund:

The second level of higher education (master’s students) or students who, at the time of the application deadline, have already finished at least 2.5 years of university studies in the same study program are eligible to apply. Students who are enrolled in higher education outside of Slovakia who will be accepted by a public, private, or state university in Slovakia for an academic program can also apply.

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In order to complete a doctoral study program2 (such as at the Slovak Academy of Sciences for an academic mobility1) to study or conduct research in Slovakia, Ph.D. students must have completed their higher education or scientific training outside of Slovakia and been accepted by a public, private, or state university or research institution in Slovakia.

An organization with a current certificate of eligibility to conduct research and development that is not a business company3 and has its headquarters in Slovakia invites foreign university professors, researchers, and artists to a teaching/research/artistic stay.

Scholarship Advantages

The scholarship is designed to support the living expenses of international scholarship recipients while they are studying, conducting research, creating art, or teaching at universities and research institutions in Slovakia.

These expenses include food, lodging, and other living expenses. The recipient of the scholarship may request assistance with housing and other requirements for coming and remaining on Slovak Republic territory from either his or her host institution or may take care of all requirements independently.

Scholarship recipients who are citizens of nations outside the European Union, the European Economic Area, and Switzerland and whose scholarship stay in Slovakia last longer than 90 days are required to submit to the foreign police office a confirmation that they are free from any disease-endangering public health within 30 days of receiving the temporary residence.

After providing the original bill provided by the relevant medical institution to SAIA, n. o., in Bratislava, scholarship recipients will be paid for the costs associated with the medical examination and issuing of this confirmation, up to 250 € per scholarship recipient.

The relevant foreign police offices in Slovakia will give scholarship recipients a list of reliable medical facilities. Holders of scholarships must bring the bill to SAIA, n. o., in Bratislava by the deadline for submitting the final report, otherwise they will forfeit their claim to the cost refund.

Students and Ph.D. candidates [qualified applicants under categories A) and B)] may also be eligible to receive a travel grant if they submit an application for it along with their scholarship application.

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The travel allowance is given as a lump sum and is given to the scholarship recipient along with the final scholarship payment at the conclusion of their stay. The distance (measured in a straight line) between the applicant’s home and the location of his or her stay in Slovakia5 determines the travel allowance amount:

  • Distance up to 350 km costs nothing;
  • the distance over 350 km, up to 2,000 km, costs 250;
  • the distance over 2,000 km, up to 7,000 km, costs 500;
  • the distance over 7,000 km, costs 1000.

Scholarship Amount

university student of the second level of higher education 400 €
b) PhD student 734 €
c) university teacher/researcher/artist:
  • without PhD degree (or its equivalent) and at the same time less than four years of work experience as a university teacher/researcher/artist
734 €
  • with PhD degree (or its equivalent) and at the same time less than ten years of work experience as a university teacher/researcher/artist
980 €
  • with PhD degree (or its equivalent) and, at the same time, more than ten years of work experience as a university teacher/researcher/artist
1 050 €

Scholarship Application Method

  • Candidates for this scholarship must be enrolled as PhD students at an approved university in Slovakia in order to be eligible. On the website, applicants can submit an online application for the studentship. by the specified date.
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Supporting Records

  • A curriculum vitae, a letter of motivation, a detailed study plan, two letters of recommendation from university professors, confirmation that the applicant is a regular student at the applicant’s home university, a scan of the applicant’s bachelor’s diploma, diploma supplement, and state examination certificate, and an admission letter from the applicant’s host university in Slova are all required to be attached.

Admission Requirements:

It is advised that applicants hold certifications for their bachelor’s and master’s degrees, both with respectable academic standing.

Language requirements:

Applicants must demonstrate their proficiency in the English language.


Application cutoff date:

Only through April 30th will applications be accepted for this grant.




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