REVEALED! Ghanaian wife of Mugabe gave birth in exile, husband was in prison 

Late Robert Mugabe and wife, Lady Sarry

REVEALED! Ghanaian wife of Mugabe gave birth in exile, husband was in prison

Robert Mugabe has been a popular president in the Africa history. Many know the famous President by his outspoken mentality. News just bloke in that His Excellency has pass on. This has brought minds of some of his activities and life style not forgotten his first wife Lady Sally.

The first wife of the late Robert Mugabe, was LADY SALLY HAYFRON. Lady sally is Ghanaian. The couple met at Takoradi Teacher Training College.

They were married in 1961 and had their first child in 1963. His name was Michael. He lived for only 3 years and died in 1966 from Malaria.

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At the time of their child’s death in Ghana, Robert was in Prison and Sally was in Exile in London.

Late Robert Mugabe and wife, Lady Sally

Sally was a freedom fighter who stood by her husband and defended his beliefs and strongly advocated for his release from prison and that of other political prisoners.

During the time of their marriage, she suffered from a lot of health issues. Then finally after 22 years together, a daughter was born to Robert, then a son in 1990.

Sally, however, was not the mother of the children. Their mother was Grace Marufu, a lady who worked in Robert’s office as his secretary.

Sally was said to be very hurt when she found out but she never addressed the issue publicly. According to her niece, she said and I quote ‘Talk to your pillow if you have problems in your marriage. Never, ever, humiliate your husband”.

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Sally Mugabe died in 1992 of Kidney failure. Robert married his secretary after her death and had a third child. Lady Sally Mugabe was the first lady of Zimbabwe from 1987 until her death in 1992. In her lifetime, she was said to be her husband’s ONLY Confidante and Only real friend!!.

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