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Regional Subaward Finance at FHI 360

Regional Subaward Finance at FHI 360

The Regional Subaward Finance and Compliance Officer helps make and put into place processes for giving out and managing subawards. Work will include a quality review of subaward packages, documents, and issues related to subaward financial monitoring, as well as training and support for WAMERO and project staff on policies and procedures related to subaward budgeting and financial monitoring.

Under the direction of the Associate Director, Quality Assurance, he or she will work to improve and support subaward work and processes. The focus will be on following the processes and standards for the financial parts of executing and managing subawards.


  • Review subaward (sub-grant or sub-contract) packages made by the country office and project teams to make sure they have all the necessary paperwork and follow FHI 360 and donor policies and procedures. Pay special attention to the budget, the budget narrative, and the financial risk assessment.
  • Review close-out packages for subawards (sub-grants or sub-contracts) and give project teams advice on issues related to closing subawards, such as reconciling financial reports and payments;
  • Help project teams come up with budgets and solve problems related to money;
  • Build the skills of project teams when it comes to making budgets, judging the financial health of subrecipients, keeping an eye on subawards’ finances, and other financial tasks;
  • Help project teams understand what paperwork and filing needs to be done so that projects have complete subaward files;
  • Find areas where compliance is at risk and, if necessary, alert the right levels of leadership;
  • Work with project staff to find solutions to problems related to subaward compliance, budgeting, and financial monitoring, coordinating as needed with project and regional office leadership;
  • Help work with Enterprise Services to change and improve processes that are already in place;
  • Work with colleagues at WAMERO to find and create ways to improve processes and put best practices in place for subaward management;
  • Train project staff on internal processes, standards, best practices, and compliance issues related to making and managing subawards;
  • Keep up with the rules and regulations set by the donor and let the team know about any changes.
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Applied Knowledge & Skills:

  • Rules and regulations of donors (both USG and non-USG) must be known for acquisition (contracts) and assistance (cooperative agreements and grants).
  • Ability to read and understand budgets, budget narratives, financial reports, and reconcile financial information related to subawards.
  • Know the basic rules for managing subawards and the budgets that go with them.
  • Uses the most up-to-date information technology to help the program achieve its goals and follow its procedures.

Problem-solving skills.

  • Communicate structured information in a way that fits the needs and characteristics of the audience and is clear, concise, and well-organized.
  • Communicates with coworkers using both oral and written skills to talk about processes or problems.
  • Documents complicated issues and writes conclusions that make sense.
  • Checks and fixes other people’s work.
  • Strong organizational skills and the ability to handle and complete many tasks at once.
  • Must know how to read, write, and talk English well.
  • It’s best if you can speak French well.
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Impact and problem-Solving:

  • Information and data are gathered, put in order, and analyzed.
  • Secondly, Checks to see if laws and rules are being followed draws conclusions and makes suggestions for approval.
  • Serves as a resource for people who are trying to solve moderately complex problems; identifies important issues that have been researched and analyzed thoroughly and correctly.
  • May look over and think about suggestions from peers.
  • Then, Helps the organization finish its projects and reach its goals.
  • Most of the time, mistakes don’t have a big effect on the business.
  • Mistakes can be found and fixed.
  • May help with requests for internal and external audits.
  • Lastly, Explains variances in a concise manner.

Giving/Getting Supervision:

  • Performs work with a high degree of independence to figure out practical methods and procedures for effective performance.
  • Inform the supervisor of any problems that are out of the ordinary.
  • Keeps the supervisor up-to-date on the status of projects, problems, and anything else that might affect how quickly reports or projects can be finished.


  • Bachelor’s degree or something that is the same internationally. Finance? Master’s degree is best?


  • 5 years of experience working on projects that gave out subawards and doing tasks to make sure that the requirements of the donor and the company were met.
  • Know the rules and regulations of donors, both USG and non-USG, including USAID.
  • Experience with subaward budgets and keeping an eye on how grants are spending their money.
  • Experience with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) is preferred.
  • You must know how to use spreadsheet software well.
  • Must be able to think critically and organize things well.
  • Experience with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) is preferred.
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Typical demands on the body:

  • A typical office setting.
  • Having the ability to sit or stand for long periods of time.


Computer, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Teams, PowerPoint, etc.), e-mail, video conferencing, phone, printer, calculator, copier, and cell phones.

How to Apply for Regional Subaward Finance at FHI 360

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Deadline: 12th, February 2023

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