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Regional Purchasing Associate at FHI 360

Regional Purchasing Associate at FHI 360

The Regional Purchasing Associate II will help the West Africa Middle East Regional Office of FHI 360 do its job (WAMERO). The WAMERO office oversees bilateral projects and helps country offices in the region, which also includes Latin America, the Caribbean, and Eastern Europe. The Regional Purchasing Associate helps come up with and put into place procedures for issuing and managing purchases.

Work will include checking the quality of procurement packages, training, and helping WAMERO and project staff with policies and procedures related to procurement processes, templates, and standards. Under the direction of the Associate Director, of Quality Assurance, he or she will work to improve and support subaward work and processes. The focus will be on making sure that procurement processes and standards are followed.


  • Provide leadership and help with the procurement process for WAMERO and Project/Country Offices in this region. This includes creating or contributing to WAMERO-specific procedures or tools as needed.
  • Serve as a resource for project teams on standards, processes, and topics related to procurement;
  • Review the procurement packages that the country office and project teams have put together to make sure they have all the necessary paperwork and that they follow FHI 360 and donor policies and procedures. Send to the director of the regional office for approval and/or signature;
  • May help with the start of a project and, if needed, give training on procurement processes and standards;
  • Keeping track of purchases;
  • Staff in the Regional Office and the Country/Project Office are given advice and skills to help them with the procurement process and management.
  • Find areas where compliance is at risk and, if necessary, alert the right levels of leadership;
  • Work with project staff to solve problems related to procurement and compliance, coordinating as needed with project and regional office leaders;
  • Help work with Enterprise Services to change and improve processes that are already in place;
  • Work with colleagues at WAMERO to find and create ways to improve processes and put best practices into place related to procurement processes;
  • Train regional and project staff on internal procedures, standards, best practices, and compliance issues related to procurements;
  • Communicate with the Global Procurement Services staff at HQ as needed to clarify FHI 360 standard procedures, make sure they are followed consistently, find out about changes or updates to internal templates or processes, and get advice on situation-specific issues;
  • Keep up-to-date on internal policies, procedures, and templates, as well as donor rules and regulations, and let the team know about any changes;
  • Does other tasks as they are given.
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Applied Knowledge & Skills:

  • The person has a working knowledge of standards and functions and uses the basic ideas, practices, and procedures of purchasing.
  • Ability to learn FHI 360’s procurement policies, procedures, and templates and become an expert on them.
  • Know the rules and regulations for both USG and non-USG donors when it comes to procurement.
  • Communicates with coworkers about processes or problems by talking to them or writing to them.
  • Excellent ability to say and write things in a clear way.
  • Communicate structured information in a way that fits the needs and characteristics of the audience and is clear, concise, and well-organized.
  • Must pay attention to the little things.
  • Strong organizational skills and the ability to handle and complete many tasks at once.
  • Ability to build good working relationships that help an organization do well.
  • Must know how to read, write, and talk English well.
  • It’s best if you can speak French well.
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Impact and Problem-Solving:

  • Checks to see if laws and rules are being followed, draws conclusions, and makes suggestions for approval.
  • Then, Data is researched, looked into, and analyzed.
  • Uses judgment to choose methods and techniques for finding solutions, as long as they are in line with established practices and policies.
  • Most of the time, contributions are limited to tasks.
  • Most of the time, mistakes don’t have a big effect on the business.
  • Moreover, Mistakes can be found and fixed.
  • Supervision Given/Received:
  • Also, Performs work with a high degree of independence to figure out practical methods and procedures for effective performance.
  • Follows detailed and specific instructions.
  • Afterward, Raises to the supervisor any problems that are out of the ordinary.
  • Lastly, Keeps the supervisor up-to-date on the status of projects, problems, and anything else that might affect how quickly reports or projects can be finished.


  • High School Diploma, GED, or international equivalent
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  • 3–5 years of experience with buying things and helping with administrative tasks.
  • Rules and regulations for donors (both USG and non-USG), including but not limited to USAID, are best known.
  • Experience with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) is preferred.

Typical demands on the body:

  • A typical office setting.
  • Having the ability to sit or stand for long periods of time.


Computer, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Teams, PowerPoint, etc.), e-mail, video conferencing, phone, printer, calculator, copier, and cell phones.

How to Apply for Regional Purchasing Associate at FHI 360

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Deadline: 12th, February 2023

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