Princess Shyngle has shared a throwback photo from 2012

Princess Shyngle
Princess Shyngle

Throwback photo of Princess Shyngle without her ‘tapoli’ waist sparks bleaching Comments

Princess Shyngle once again has been under public scrutiny after throwback photo popped up online.

One of the popular female celebrities on social media is Shungle. She is very famous when it comes to Instagram.

In fact, this is not the first time the popular celebrity has been under scrutiny.

Her popularity has come mainly because of her distinctive physique nature. This distinctive feature sees her having one of the tiniest mid-sections of any female around.

Transformation of Princess Shyngle
Transformation of Princess Shyngle

Her backside as many on social media called it as “tundra” is on of her distinct feature.

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While her curves have earned her admirers, the tiny mid-section has made so many headlines that it has earned the actress a not so pleasant nickname, ‘tapoli’ (wooden masher).

There has been a new throwback photo on social media of the famous celebrity. The throwback photo shows how Shyngle has changed in her physical appearance.

Though Shyngle denied the photoshop, another throwback has popped up showing the Gambian princess looking slimmer with very little curves.

Interestingly, Shyngle shared the new throwback photo herself but deleted it after social media users started trolling her for ‘bleaching’ and doing ‘surgery on to look like a tapoli’.

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While sharing the photo, Shyngle had claimed that she was looking fairer in the old photo because of the filters she used but fans did not take any of that.

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