Accounting, Finance and Economics

The accounting, finance, and economics courses at Oxford Brookes Business School combine academic study and real-world experience. Dynamic and engaging classes will help you develop essential skills for your career. You’ll be able to critically evaluate evidence and make well-informed decisions. These courses will provide the foundations for you to become a successful leader in your career.

Postgraduate taught

Course title
Accounting and Finance (MSc)
Finance (MSc)
Strategic Professional Accounting and Finance (MSc)

Architecture and the Built Environment

The School of Architecture and the School of the Built Environment offer degrees that prepare you to succeed in careers in architecture, real estate, property development, planning, urban design, and construction sectors.

We combine outstanding teaching and world-class research with theory, live projects, and field trip to equip you with strong employability skills. Build professional networks, gain hands-on experience and benefit from excellent career prospects through our global network and strong industry links.


Course title
Architecture (BA (Hons))
Built Environment Foundation (Foundation course)
Construction Project Management (BSc (Hons))
Interior Architecture (BA (Hons))
Property Development and Planning (BSc (Hons))
Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management (BSc (Hons))
Real Estate (BSc (Hons))
Urban Design, Planning and Development (BA (Hons))
Building Surveying (BSc (Hons))
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Postgraduate taught

Course title
Environmental Impact Assessment and Management (MSc)
Architecture (MArch)
Humanitarian Action and Peacebuilding (MA, PGCert)
Sustainable Architecture: Evaluation and Design (MSc)
Development and Emergency Practice (MA, PGDip, PGCert)
Applied Design in Architecture (ARB and RIBA part 2) (MArchD)
Shelter after Disaster (PGCert)
Infrastructure Planning and Sustainable Development (MSc, PGDip, PGCert)
Real Estate Investment Finance (MSc, PGDip)
Real Estate (MSc, PGDip)
Project Management in the Built Environment (MSc)
Construction Project Management (MSc)
Urban Design (MA, PGDip, PGCert)
Spatial Planning (MSc)
Planning (PGDip)
Historic Conservation (MSc, PGDip, PGCert)
Building Information Modelling and Management (MSc)
Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management (MSc)
Interior Architecture (MA)

Arts, Design and Media

Explore your passions and engage your creative skills with our range of degrees. Your creativity will thrive when you join our inspiring and dynamic community of:

  • filmmakers
  • musicians
  • fine artists
  • graphic designers
  • photographers
  • art directors
  • theorists
  • journalists
  • publishers.

Our accomplished team of tutors will inspire you as you combine academic rigor with creative practice. Throughout your time at Oxford Brookes, you’ll cultivate and expand your interests while preparing for a career in the creative industry.


Course title
Art and Design Foundation (Foundation Diploma)
Graphic Design (BA (Hons))
Digital Media Production (BA (Hons), BSc (Hons))
Fine Art (BA (Hons))
Photography (BA (Hons))
Film (BA (Hons))
Music (BA (Hons))

Postgraduate taught

Course title
Fine Art (MFA, PGDip, PGCert)
Digital Media Production (MSc)
Creative Industries (MA)


These degrees are a great foundation for a wide range of careers. Research led teaching is geared towards developing your professional skills alongside the theory. We do this through lab-based experiments, and practical experience in areas such as bioimaging, case studies, research projects, and fieldwork. Our links with industry and the NHS provide high-quality work placement opportunities.


Course title
Animal Biology and Conservation (BSc (Hons))
Biological Sciences (Genetics and Genomics) (BSc (Hons))
Biological Sciences (Human Biosciences) (BSc (Hons))
Biomedical Science (BSc (Hons))
Equine Science (BSc (Hons))
Medical Science (BSc (Hons))
Biological Sciences (BSc (Hons))
Biological Sciences (MBiol) (MBiol)
Biological Sciences (Zoology) (BSc (Hons))
Medical Sciences (Final Year Entry) (BSc (Hons))
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Postgraduate taught

Course title
Conservation Ecology (MSc, PGDip, PGCert)
Medical Genetics and Genomics (MSc, PGDip, PGCert)

Computing, Mathematical Sciences, and Digital Technologies

Turn your passion for computers and technology into a career with our computing courses. Learn to program and explore advanced approaches such as artificial intelligence. You will be taught by academics who are experts in their fields and passionate about future technology and the solutions it can provide. And you’ll finish your studies with the skills needed for a successful career in computing.


Course title
Computer Science (BSc (Hons))
Computer Science for Cyber Security (BSc (Hons))
Computing Foundation (Foundation course)
Information Technology for Business (BSc (Hons))
Artificial Intelligence (BSc (Hons), MSci)
Mathematics (BSc (Hons))
Foundation in Mathematics (Foundation course)
Information Technology for Business BSc (Hons) (Final Year Entry) (BSc (Hons))
Computing – BSc (Hons) (Final Year Entry) (BSc (Hons))