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Online Jobs in Denmark for Foreigners | TELUS International AI Inc.

February 25th, 2024 at 02:36 pm

Online Jobs in Denmark for Foreigners | TELUS International AI Inc.

We are seeking independent online data analysts who speak Danish and English for a project that will improve the quality and content of digital maps that are used by millions of people worldwide. Someone with a strong grasp of both local and national geography, a keen eye for detail, and a passion for research would be a good fit for the role.

Job Details

  • Title: Online Jobs
  • Organization: TELUS International AI Inc.
  • Location: Amaliegade 3, 1256 København, Denmark


  • Flexibility: Since working hours for internet jobs are frequently flexible, it is simpler for foreigners to juggle work and other obligations, such as those of their families or schools.
  • Accessibility: Individuals do not need to physically be in Denmark to perform online work; they can do so from any location with an internet connection. Foreigners who may not have a work visa or a residency permit can benefit most from this ease of access.
  • Diverse Opportunities: Due to Denmark’s robust digital economy, there are plenty of online jobs available in a variety of disciplines, including graphic design, marketing, IT, customer service, and independent writing. Due to this flexibility, foreigners can explore many career routes and identify roles that align with their interests and skill sets.
  • Language Flexibility: While having strong Danish language skills is beneficial, many Danish internet jobs do not need it. Even if they don’t speak Danish fluently, foreigners will have an easier time finding employment because so many people speak and utilize English.
  • Work-Life Balance: Many online jobs support people in maintaining a healthy work-life balance since they allow workers to work from home and control their schedules more effectively. This capacity for adaptation can enhance overall pleasure and well-being, particularly for foreign nationals acclimating to a new environment.

Additional Benefits

  • Possibilities for Networking: If you work from home in Denmark, you will have the opportunity to interact with Danish customers and colleagues as well as experts from around the globe. Developing a business network can help you advance professionally and get better employment.
  • Cultural Exposure: International employees working remotely in Denmark gain knowledge about Danish customs, work practices, and business etiquette. People from other cultures can better comprehend and exchange ideas thanks to this. Their stay in Denmark may become more engaging and productive as a result of this exposure.
  • Financial stability: For foreigners residing in Denmark, internet employment can provide a steady stream of income that enables them to cover their living costs. It takes this kind of financial stability to fit in and remain in the nation for an extended period.
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Requirements for Online Jobs in Denmark for Foreigners

  • Complete Proficiency in Danish and Professional English
  • You must have lived in Denmark for the last two years.
  • The capacity to use search engines, online maps, and website information while following instructions and conducting online research
  • You need to be informed on Danish business, media, sports, news, social media, and cultural affairs both now and in the past.
  • The ability to work on a range of job types, such as news, maps, audio tasks, and relevance, is a requirement. Candidates must be at least 18 years old.
  • Completing an open book evaluation is one of the usual recruitment requirements for working on this project. This is a long-term project, and periodically, quality assurance assessments will be conducted on your work.

Why Join the TELUS International AI Community?

  • Earn extra income
  • Access to our community wellbeing initiative
  • Remote work & Location Independence
  • Be your own boss

Additional Job Description

TELUS International AI-Data Solutions works with a vibrant and diverse community to help our clients enhance their machine learning and artificial intelligence models. The efforts of our AI community contribute to the advancement of technology and many people’s digital experiences globally.

Our exclusive AI training platform, which supports over 500 distinct languages and dialects, is used by our AI community to handle all data kinds, including text, images, audio, video, and geolocation.

EEO Statement

TELUS International cultivates innovative client experiences utilizing fervent collaboration, adaptable thinking, and a customer-centric culture. One of Canada’s top providers of telecommunications services, TELUS Corporation, has a global business called TELUS International. We provide contact center and business process outsourcing (BPO) services to some of the top companies in the world in the consumer electronics, banking, telecommunications, and utilities sectors.

With the support of TELUS, our multibillion-dollar telecommunications corporation, our multistore, multilingual programs offer safe, secure infrastructure, value-based pricing, skills-based resources, and excellent customer service.

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Equal Opportunity Employer

At TELUS International, we’re happy to be an equal-opportunity employer and dedicated to creating a diverse and welcoming workplace. Decisions on hiring and promotion are made solely based on an applicant’s credentials, merits, competence, and performance; diversity-related characteristics are not taken into consideration.

Final Thoughts

Consider applying for freelance Online Data Analyst positions with TELUS International AI Inc. in Denmark to contribute to the improvement of digital maps. You may work from home with this profession and earn extra money while advancing machine learning and artificial intelligence. Join a diverse group of individuals at TELUS International AI Inc. who are dedicated to innovative thinking and first-rate customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can an outsider obtain employment in Denmark?

In Denmark, job seekers are required to apply for both a residency permit and a work visa. You must find employment and receive a legitimate employment letter from a Danish employer to be eligible for a Danish work visa. The application process for a visa is quick and easy.

Can I work in Denmark from home?

It is against the law to work in Denmark—even remotely—without a work permit. This holds whether you use the Denmark Schengen Visa or enter the nation without a visa. On the other hand, residents of the EU/EEA and Switzerland are permitted to reside in Denmark and work remotely.

Is it possible for me to freelance in Denmark?

In Denmark, you can establish a business as a sole owner under the Danish Commercial Code. If you wish to operate as a freelancer in Denmark, you should choose this type of company structure since the business and the worker are considered to be the same in this type of business entity.

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