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Newmont Mining Corporation New Job Announcement

Newmont Mining Corporation New Job Announcement

POSITION: Land Management Officer

Newmont Mining Corporation is one of the biggest gold producers in the world, and its most important properties are in Nevada, Peru, Australia, Ghana, and Suriname.

The Ahafo Mine is in the Brong-Ahafo region, and the Akyem Mine is in the Eastern region. Both are owned by Newmont’s Africa Operations. Ghana is also putting a lot of effort into near-mine exploration and development in order to replace its gold stocks every year. Newmont Africa also has projects in Ethiopia and Morocco that are just getting started.

Our business in Africa has about 5,900 workers and contractors, most of whom work at the Ahafo Mine. With all the perks you’d expect from a global company, we offer a unique mix of opportunities and job satisfaction. This, along with the chance to grow, makes Newmont a great place to work.

Our Akyem and Ahafo mines have put a lot of money into making the areas where they are located more sustainable. These include setting up Development Funds in the areas where we do business in Akyem and Ahafo. Each mine will put US$1 per ounce of gold sold and 1% of its yearly net profit before taxes into its own Development Fund.

Newmont was the first gold company to be chosen for the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index in 2007. It is the only gold company in the S&P 500 index. Newmont’s high standards for environmental management, worker health and safety, and providing value and opportunities for employees, host communities, and Newmont’s shareholders show that the company is a leader in its field.

About This Role: 

Help the Land Access and Control Specialist create and implement Land Access and Resettlement programs and policies. This includes giving professional valuation advice on the purchase of land for mine operations, projects, or exploration, as well as the control of lands that have been purchased.

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In this position, you’ll:

Planning for and carrying out land access

  • Help make and use a land use access strategy and management plan for the Ahafo mine’s land access, compensation, and resettlement projects.
  • Help with reviewing and implementing Newmont’s programs, policies, and procedures for all land access, compensation, and resettlement actions at all stages of a project.
  • Inside the Newmont mine lease, keep an eye on and control speculative activities, mining area boundaries, and other lands of interest.
  • Help plan the mine area and put together an application for a mining area permit.
  • Help land access experts handle their invoices.
  • Coordinate asset surveys and assessments (such as Socio-Economic surveys) on the ground and make sure they are done on time and according to the rules.
  • Help get all the information needed to figure out how much land access, resettlement, and pay is needed, as well as a starting point for negotiations.
  • Support talks about crops, buildings, Deprivation of Land Use (DLU), and resettlement packages.
  • Check and make sure that techs’ crop counts are correct for permanent land take and exploration.
  • Rate the level of structure data to find out how valuable structures are for compensation processing.
  • Help the Land Access Specialist come up with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for accessing land.

Access to Land and Help with Resettlement

  • Help Newmont handle and coordinate the land they have bought in a responsible way.
  • Help keep track of how resettlement benefits are processed, how compensation rates are negotiated, how they are approved, and how relocation buildings are built.
  • Watch over the building of resettlement and the physical movement of resettlement households, including the demolition of structures.
  • Support the review of all affected households’ files to see if they are eligible for transfer and to get their benefits.
  • Help affected households stay informed about resettlement processes and changes on a daily basis.
  • Help get issues about access to land resolved.
  • Help with keeping track of action plans for resettling people.
  • Help protect the resettlement home plots and their borders.
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Compliance with Land Access Adherence

  • Align all land management activities and show proof that they are in line with Newmont’s policies, standard operating procedures, appropriate local Ghanaian laws and government regulations, and international best practice.
  • Help make sure that the terms of the Mining Area Permit are met for lands that have been bought.
  • Help control the edges of mined areas.

Additional Responsibilities 

Coordinating and Leadership.

  • Help with planning and coordinating field surveys and making sure that farmers’ issues are taken care of.
  • Set up regular talks with consultants who are working on the field and keep track of all problems and work progress.
  • Watch over the Land Management Officers as they do land surveys and field studies.
  • Build relationships with community members on land access field engagement to listen to and write down specific concerns and problems that may need to be addressed or looked into.
  • Work with outside organizations, government institutions, and other outside stakeholders to find solutions to new land access problems and speculation that are good for everyone.

Budget and Giving Reports

Help the Land Access Specialist make the Basis of Estimate, the Authorization for Expenditures (AFE), and budget planning and reporting forecasts.


  • Report all events and accidents that happen in your work group so that management can see where to improve work practices.
  • Show leadership in safety and follow Newmont Africa HSLP policies and processes, such as safety inspections, safety training, annual refreshers, safety talks, incident reporting, investigations, etc.
  • At meetings about safety and social duty, give correct information.
  • Your Checklist of Training, Skills, and Experience:

Formal Qualifications (including Professional Registrations):

  • First degree in Land Economy, Property and Land Management, Planning, or a similar field.
  • It will be helpful to be a member of the Ghana Institution of Surveyors.
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Additional Knowledge:

  • Valuation skills. 


  • At least 5 years of experience working in a field related to land management, land law, resource planning, or resource management.

Technical Skills:

  • Advanced relationship skills (working with people from different jobs and cultures).
  • Strong oral and written speaking skills.
  • Strong planning, setting priorities, and putting things together skills.
  • Good skills for analyzing and fixing problems.
  • Conceptual skills that are good.
  • Strong reporting skills.
  • Good skills for talking to people.
  • Good skills as a coach or guide.
  • Good skills for dealing with people.
  • MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook) computer skills.

Behavioural Attributes:

  • Commitment.
  • Deadline driven.
  • Diplomacy.
  • Empathy.
  • Sincerity and honor.
  • focused on a goal.
  • Self-motivated.
  • Reliable and independent.
  • Someone who works well with others

How to Apply for this Newmont Mining Corporation New Job

Click Here To Apply Online

Closing Date: 9th July 2023

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