Start your journey of self-discovery at Newcastle. Be inspired to think differently, empowered to challenge the things around you, and gain the confidence to push boundaries.


At Newcastle, you’ll get a world-class education, and leave as a highly desirable graduate prepared for your career. Most of our undergraduate degrees are three, four, or five years in length, depending on the subject you choose and whether you opt to undertake a study abroad or work placement as part of your studies.


With a range of academic disciplines to choose from, studying Engineering at Newcastle will put you alongside some of the greatest minds to have shaped the world.

Mathematics and Statistics

A degree in Mathematics and Statistics from Newcastle will teach you problem-solving. This develops your resilience enabling you to think analytically, creatively, and strategically.

Undergraduate subject areas for entry in 2023


Live in the city, learn on the farm. Our Agriculture courses investigate the processes involved from farm to fork. Our highly-ranked Agriculture degrees cover everything from animal and plant biology, to best-practice modern farming and agricultural management.


We discover the human past by piecing together clues from a variety of textual and material evidence. Our degrees include plenty of opportunities for hands-on and practical work.


If you’re interested in your surroundings, how we conserve buildings, or you want to design buildings, our degrees could be for you. We use design projects, historical examples, and theoretical ideas to support your understanding of how architecture and cities can be developed.

Biology and Biomedical Sciences

Our courses will get you to explore the field and experiment in the lab. You can choose from courses in traditional biology, plant science, zoology, biomedical science, pharmacology, marine science, and psychology.

Business Management

Graduate ready for the changing world of business. Gain a global outlook and a ‘no borders’ approach to leadership.

Business-related degrees

Challenge today and change tomorrow with an undergraduate business degree from a triple-accredited Business School or supported by one.


Our Chemistry degrees give you access to diverse fields of study, including the discovery of new anti-cancer drugs, the development of battery technology, and nanoscience and nanoscale electronics.

Classics and Ancient History

Immerse yourself in studying the world of Ancient Greece and Rome, with the option to study Greek or Latin from beginners to advanced level.


Study in an exploratory and innovative environment. Our courses meet the evolving requirements of industry, as well as address some of our key research areas such as cyber security and data science.


Explore the driving forces shaping individual and collective choice. Gain advanced economic awareness and in-depth appreciation of how the world works.



Considering postgraduate study but not sure where to start your search? We’ve got some great resources to help you discover the right option for you.

Postgraduate research

A research degree provides an opportunity to challenge yourself to prepare for a fulfilling career. We’re here to help you take the next step. Join a learning community that’s providing solutions impacting lives across the globe.

Applications and offers

Check out our guide to making a postgraduate application and what to expect from our offer.

Fees and funding

Our high graduate employability and low cost of living mean a degree from Newcastle is a sound financial investment. Find all you need to know about our postgraduate fees and funding options here.

With more than 300 postgraduate degrees to choose from, it’s easy to find and pursue your passion. Choose Newcastle University.