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New Employment Opportunity at Viamo

New Employment Opportunity at Viamo

POSITION: Platform Manager

About Viamo

Mobile technology is transforming how businesses interact with their customers. More than 96% of the world’s population owns a mobile phone, making it feasible to contact practically everyone on the planet. Nonetheless, 3 billion individuals in emerging countries continue to lack access to relevant, accessible, and compelling information in their native languages, and their voices go unheard. Organizations serving them lack the technology and ability to reach them, and many are unaware of the power of mobile technology to achieve organizational goals.

Viamo uses digital technology to connect individuals and companies in order to make better decisions.

With over 35 million people reached in 2021 and over 4 million monthly active users, we are on track to accomplish our target of 100 million monthly active users by 2026.

We run the Viamo Platform, which includes the 321 Service, a nationwide toll-free public information service accessible by IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Anyone with a mobile phone in Ghana can receive information on issues such as health, agriculture, financial literacy, and more by dialing 321 from their Vodafone connection. Callers will use their phones to select from hundreds of recorded voice messages to assist them in making informed decisions and better their lives in a series of “listen, then choose” processes.

Concerning the Position

You will be responsible for ensuring a high-quality and impactful mobile service as the Viamo Platform Manager (VPM) for Ghana. Also, You must be able to empathize with the Viamo Platform’s end users in order to comprehend their needs for access to information as well as our customers’ products and services. You will collaborate closely with the global and country teams to offer socially meaningful experiences to our platform’s end users and clients. As the IVR Platform expert, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Management of Mobile Network Operator Relationships
  • User Experience Platform Strategy and Growth Content Management Platform
    Operations and maintenance
  • Reporting and Monitoring
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You will be in charge of every step of the content production process, ensuring that essential messages adhere to best practices and are accurately translated, recorded, and pre-tested. Also, You will be the IVR platform specialist, identifying end-user content needs, creating audio and text trees (using the Viamo Cloud Software), upgrading content, and troubleshooting. You will be responsible for monitoring the Service’s ongoing quality and success, piloting and evaluating new initiatives, and reporting to Mobile Network Operators and NGO partners.

Principal Responsibilities

Supervise Platform Operations

  • Utilize worldwide best practices to master the features of the Viamo Cloud Software for the building and management of IVR user experiences.
  • On a daily basis, monitor and test the platform, and troubleshoot any issues that develop.
  • Monitor and track all performance and user experience metrics, and be the first to see positive or negative patterns that might help you make better decisions.
  • Create and arrange content scripts to share with the team for translation and recording, followed by quality assurance to verify that all received content is of good quality, provided in the agreed-upon format, and on schedule.
  • Produce marketing materials, such as SMS and voice scripts, and schedule campaigns in accordance with the agreed-upon plan.

Develop and Implement a Platform Growth Strategy

  • Connect with end users to identify content areas that will aid in the development of partnerships to support platform growth.
  • Investigate the content and media ecosystem for content sources that will assist in meeting end-user needs.
  • Experiment with different marketing methods to bring new users to the platform and track the ROI of your efforts.
  • Combine local findings and collaborate with the global team to develop a long-term growth plan and roadmap.
  • Provide platform end-user insights to local in-country program personnel to assist them in selling products on the platform.

Content Administration

  • Determine end-user content requirements and conduct business development with possible partners to obtain material that will transform the platform into a mobile lifestyle companion for our users.
  • Ensure that the platform always has up-to-date and relevant information to give the greatest quality value proposition.
  • Work with local country program employees to manage partners’ material on the platform to ensure that their goals are realized and that end users experience the intended benefits.
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Impact and Test

Pilot and test new ideas in order to improve user experience, boost impact, and meet goals. Collaborate with the global platform team to develop and implement content, marketing, and user experience pilots, and assess the impact on platform engagement and revenue. Learn from global tests and duplicate after local customization.

Maintain Relationships with Partners

  • Engage with mobile network operator(s) to raise platform awareness through marketing to our target demographic.
  • Negotiate marketing growth levers on a scalable business model with mobile network operator(s).
  • Manage content partnerships to understand and guide the client’s demands in order to create joy and ensure that the service continues to provide value.
  • To improve the effect of their content, share data-driven insights and create actionable reports as agreed with the partner.

Provide Project Management Assistance

  • As appropriate, assist the Country Manager/Director with business development activities for the Viamo Platform.
  • Monitor the platform’s deployment of various products and projects and advise the implementation team on best practices.
  • Monitor and document performance indicators, end-user involvement, and effect to inform necessary adjustments to the project approach and overall implementation.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Platform Influence
  • MAUs (Monthly Active Users)
  • MUBs (Monthly User Benefits)
  • A caller to Listener Interaction Benefits per User Ratio
  • Monthly User Retention Revenue on Platform (not an actual KPI, but a hypothetical future possibility)
  • Rate of User Registration
  • Partnerships with Dynamic Content

Structure of the Team and Reporting

Reports to the Country Director in Ghana, with a dotted line to the Regional Viamo Platform Manager in Nigeria.

Profile Required

  • A university degree in computer science, information technology, engineering, and/or business
  • 3+ years of professional experience, preferably in IT product management or mobile value-added services.
  • Computer and mobile technology mastery, as well as skill in Microsoft Office (Word,
  • Excel, and PowerPoint)
  • Experience collecting and managing data, particularly product growth and engagement metrics
  • Excellent project and program management abilities, with a strong focus on customer service.
  • Experience creating content, particularly for social and behavioral change.
  • Fluency in at least two of the following regional languages: Twi, Ewe, Dagbani, Ga, and Hausa.
  • Capable of multitasking, prioritizing, and coordinating while paying close attention to detail.
  • Proven ability to work autonomously, flexibility, and adaptability to new responsibilities as needed.
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  • Previous experience working with a Mobile Network Operator or an IVR/USSD VAS service is required.
  • Experience with mobile content development.
  • Working experience with media and content development partners, such as radio stations.
  • Basic quantitative and qualitative analysis skills are required to assess platform health and performance.

How to Apply for this Employment Opportunity at Viamo

Click Here to Apply Online

Closing Date: 28th September 2023



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