NDC introduced gayism, lesbianism and mustabation education in 2015- Baako

NDC introduced gayism, lesbianism and mustabation education in 2015- Baako

Editor-in-chief of the New Crusading Guide newspaper, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako, has staged a strong exposuré on the opposition National Democratic Congress. This is in connection with gayism, lesbianism and mustabation education at the basic education.

On Metro Television’s Good Morning Ghana, ‘Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Ghana’ was discussed into much detail. Currently, the ministry of education has given trained teachers an induction on the new curriculum. Sharp divisions have greeted the guidelines on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) for schools, with the educational authorities parrying the criticisms, saying the new policy holds the key to effective sexuality education for the youth.


The opposition NDC has taken that as their message for the week, saying it is NPPs agenda to introduce intense sexuality among under age. However, Kwaku Baako has proven that the NDC firstly introduced sexuality into our education since 2015. “see this book. ‘Republic of Ghana, Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Development’. Source Book for teachers. This is 2015.”

“The preface if I would read portions… Like millions of young people around the world. Ghana’s adolescents and young people need accurate and comprehensive education about sexuality. The operative word is sexuality and Reproductive Health to practice health and sexual behaviors. As young people approach adulthood, they face many conflicting and confusing things about their sexuality…” Baako fired.

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To make his case more stronger, he dived in to explain the contents of the book in question. “If you come to the grossary, you have there gay, lesbian, mustabation and oral sex. This is sexuality education. The CSE have what we call Age Appropriate Topics. So at different levels you teach different subjects.” Baako hinted.


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