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Montclair State University admissions without tuition fee for 2024–25

November 6th, 2023 at 04:32 am

Montclair State University admissions without tuition fee for 2024–25

International students can get help from the Office of Global Engagement professionals at Montclair State University at any point during their journey, from the time they apply until they graduate.

You may apply for admission as an international graduate student if you have finished your bachelor’s degree or are currently in your last semester of studies at a university.

Concerning Montclair State University

Montclair encourages students to envision the world they wish to live in and gives them the tools to acquire the information and abilities necessary to make it a reality. We pose this question as a solution engine: How can we use the combined might of 1,800 instructors and 21,000 students to change the world for the better?

Due to its unique approach, Montclair has grown to be one of the most varied and largest universities in New Jersey, ranking second in size. Two years in a row, under President Jonathan Koppell, the university enrolled the largest incoming class in its history.

With a student-to-faculty ratio of 17 to 1, Montclair, which was founded in 1908, has grown to be large enough to offer more than 300 programs across 13 colleges and schools at all degree levels, but it is still small enough for students to receive individualized attention from staff members and professors who genuinely care. There are many chances for students to work as research assistants with esteemed academics who are leaders in their disciplines.

Over half of the students at Montclair University identify as underrepresented minorities. With more Latinx students than any other university in the state, it is the largest Hispanic-serving institution in New Jersey.

The friendly, encouraging atmosphere at Montclair University fosters success for its extremely varied student body. Their graduation rates are above both state and national averages and forecasts; in 2022, U.S. News & World Report ranked Montclair sixth nationally among institutions in graduation rates. It is ranked No. 21 in the nation for social mobility and is frequently acknowledged as one of the most affordable, inclusive, and well-rounded institutions.

Since a large portion of Montclair’s student body is employed and raising a family, the school provides flexible programs that allow them to learn in asynchronous or synchronous settings, on campus or online.

Reasons to Select Montclair State University

Renowned for being one of New Jersey’s top cities, Montclair offers a plethora of outdoor, cultural, and recreational pursuits. In addition to 175 acres of parks and waterways, our students may enjoy a vibrant, diverse downtown with a thriving arts scene and tons of delicious food!

1. Montclair Center and Church Street

Church Street in Montclair Center, which was given the Great American Main Street Award by the National Main Street Center, offers live music, dining options, shopping, events, and a positive atmosphere to people of all ages.

2. Film Festival in Montclair

With an exciting 10-day roster of screenings, the Montclair Film Festival brings the best in narrative and documentary films to New Jersey. In addition to showcasing international filmmakers, the festival serves as a cultural hub for moviegoers.

3. Theater at Wellmont

Since it first opened in 1922, this arena has undergone extensive renovations. Nowadays, live music and comedy shows are popular events at this lovely theater. It has included a wide range of musicians, including Snoop Dogg, Culture Club, The Goo Goo Dolls, and Third Eye Blind, among many others. So gather your friends and have fun!

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4. Museum of Montclair Art

This widely recognized museum was a pioneer, hosting films, concerts, and one-of-a-kind permanent and changing exhibits. It was among the first in the nation to focus on the study and development of a sizable Native American collection, as well as one of the first museums particularly involved in acquiring American art, including the creations of current, nonacademic artists.

5. Gardens by Avis Campbell

Established in 1952, this 7,000-square-foot flower garden offers seclusion and beauty. It’s a true gift to the community, free, and open all year round. I hope all of you Instagram fans remember to pack your cameras!

Programs offered:







Requirements for Scholarship Qualifications

Deadlines for International Students in the Rolling Admissions Program:

If you are abroad:

  • Semester in fall/august: June 1
  • November 1st, spring/January semester

When in the United States:

Autumn/September semester:

  • August 15 (students who do not yet have a credit evaluation but are expected to submit one)
  • September 1st (for students who already have a NACES evaluation OR don’t need one)
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January/spring semester:

  • November 15 (students who do not presently have a credit evaluation but are expected to submit one)
  • Early January (for students who already have a NACES evaluation OR who do not need a credential evaluation)

Deadlines for Graduate Assistantships:

September/October semester: March 1

Spring assistantships are confined to the spring/January semester. Case-by-case consideration will be given to students seeking assistantships. We urge early application submission.

How can you apply?

Step 1: Fill out the online form

Click the button below to submit your application:

Step 2: Paying the Application Fee

The application portal’s status page will provide instructions on how to pay the $60 non-refundable application fee after you submit the form.

If they are not able to pay online or with a check or money order, international students can choose to pay the application fee by wire transfer. Please email studentaccou@montclair.edu to reach the Students Accounts office for more information.

Please be aware that you have the option to request a one-time adjustment to the academic program you have applied to after your application has been submitted but before an admissions decision has been made. You’ll need to submit a fresh application and pay the application fee once more if we’ve already decided to admit you.

Step 3: Transcripts and Transcript Evaluation

Regardless of the duration of attendance, you must provide the names of all the institutions you have attended in the past or are presently enrolled in on your application.

You can upload an unauthorized copy of your most recent transcript if you are an undergraduate in your final term of study. A final transcript attesting to your graduation from undergraduate studies will be needed before the commencement of classes if you are accepted into a graduate program.

Transcripts from other countries are not reviewed by the Office of Graduate Admissions. Those having a degree from outside the United States are required to provide an assessment of their academic record, course by course, in place of a transcript. Any NACES member organization is welcome to submit an evaluation. Uploading your unofficial transcripts to your portal for additional consideration* is advised if you do not currently have or intend to acquire a transcript evaluation.

It is necessary to get OFFICIAL transcript evaluations delivered directly from the NACES-approved business.

*Note: A restricted quantity of complimentary transcript assessments will be provided by the Office of Graduate Admissions to qualified applicants for F-1 and J-1 visas. Students who complete the application will receive an email outlining the next procedures to seek this service, except for the transcript evaluation. All requests will be examined to ascertain eligibility, and applicants will be notified as appropriate. Please be aware that we cannot ensure that every kid who requests this service will receive it due to a variety of reasons.

Step 4: Results of the English Language Proficiency Test (If Needed)

International students are required to provide documentation of their English language proficiency unless they qualify for exceptions, which are listed below. Unofficial reports of scores are not permitted. Students must send Montclair State University their official test results from the testing provider.

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STEP 5: Scores on the GRE and GMAT

Many graduate programs at Montclair State University do not require the GRE or GMAT. Check our programs of study page to determine if your major requires the test.

Programs that do require candidates to submit a GRE or GMAT exam often waive that requirement for those who meet certain requirements. To examine the requirements for test exemption, go to the GRE/GMAT exam waiver page.

Transcripts of Endorsements

Most graduate programs demand two (2) recommendation letters. Certain applications might not need any, while others might need up to three. Please go to our programs of study page for information related to your program, as requirements differ depending on your major.

You will have the opportunity to include your recommenders’ contact details in the recommendations tab of your application throughout the online application process. Following your submission through your application portal, you will also have the option to include their contact details. Graduate Admissions will next provide them with details on how to online submit their recommendations.

Recommendations ought to come from instructors in your undergraduate and graduate programs who have seen your academic work, if at all possible.

Recommendation letters from employers, supervisors, or other professionals who can remark on your background, work experience, and drive for success can be provided if a considerable length of time has passed since your graduation.

References for a recommendation letter should not come from friends, family, or fellow students.

STEP 7: Extra Requirements for Supplementary Applications

Additional application materials, such as a résumé, portfolio, essay, statement of purpose (SOP), audition, or essay, could be required by certain schools. Please go to our programs of study page for information related to your program, as requirements differ depending on your major.






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