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Medical Examinations for an Australian Visa | What You Must Know

January 14th, 2024 at 05:53 am

Medical Examinations for an Australian Visa | What You Must Know

Do you Know the most important medical exams for an Australian visa? You don’t? Do not worry. This blog post covers Australian visa medical exams in detail. Prepare to learn everything about Australian visa medical exams.

Australia is great for studying, working, or living. From clean air to modern living, it has it all. The community is inviting, the schools are world-class, and the hospitals are top-notch. Thus, it is the top destination. However, you must know the Australian visa requirements before moving there. Do you know the top priority? You must meet Australian government health regulations.

Read this blog post to learn about Australian visa medical exams and the necessary paperwork. Learn about Australian visa health criteria and medical testing.

What are Australian Visa Medical Exams?

The Australian government requires medical exams for visa applicants. The Department of Home Affairs is responsible for overseeing medical examinations for Australian visas. Physical exams are required for all applicants. Outside tests are unacceptable; the approved center must conduct these investigations.

If it is necessary to process the medical report, the doctor may order additional tests. Australian visa applicants must undergo a physical, laboratory, radiographic, Tuberculosis screening, and medical history Immigration Medical Examinations (IME). However, the typical radiographic and laboratory tests include:

Australian Permanent and Provisional Visa Medical Exams

Australia grants permanent residency to permanent and provisional visa holders. Skilled migration and partner/parent visas are included.

  • Applicants under the age of two must have a general medical exam.
  • For applicants aged 2–11, a general medical checkup and TST or IGRA are necessary.
  • A general medical exam and chest x-ray are required for 11–15-year-olds.
  • For candidates over 15, a general medical exam, chest x-ray, HIV screening test, and serum creatinine are necessary.

Additional Medical Exams

If any of the following apply to you, your consultation may require additional testing.

  • Pregnant women need Hepatitis B tests.
  • Applicants for refugee visas over the age of 15 must take a syphilis test.
  • Doctors, dentists, nurses, and paramedics over 15 must have Hepatitis B and C screenings.
  • Onshore protection visa applicants over 15 must undergo syphilis and hepatitis B and C screenings.
  • Suppose you are 15 years older and from a higher-risk country and wish to work as a healthcare professional, study to become one or work in aged care, disability care, or healthcare. A latent TB infection screening test is required.
  • If a health risk is found during your first health screening or visa application, you may be asked for more testing.
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Australian Temporary Visa Medical Exams

Australian temporary visas let you stay for a set time. These visas allow temporary work, study, and residence. Student, tourist, and skills shortage visas are temporary visas. Australian visa medical exams depend on numerous aspects, including:

Please provide the visa type and duration of your stay in Australia.

Country Risk Level Stay Less Than 6 Months Stay 6 Months or More
Low-Risk Country Unless there are exceptional situations, no medical examinations are required. Unless there are exceptional situations, no medical examinations are required.
High-Risk Country Medical examinations are not required unless there are exceptional conditions. Medical examination, such as a chest X-ray (if the candidate is 11 or older),
For applicants over the age of 15, serum creatinine/eGFR

Additional Australian Temporary Visa Tests

Some situations require further testing.

  • Suppose you want to work in an Australian hospital or medical facility in a country with high tuberculosis rates. If you’re 15 or older, you need a medical evaluation, a chest x-ray, and serum creatinine.
  • In Australia, pregnant women must take the Hepatitis B test.
  • Suppose you’re over 15 and want to be a doctor, dentist, or nurse. You’ll need a medical exam, chest x-ray, serum creatinine, HIV, hepatitis B, and C screenings.
  • If you’re 15 or older and wish to work in healthcare or disability care, a medical examination, chest x-ray, latent TB infection, and serum creatinine test are required.
  • Australian childcare center applicants must have chest x-rays and serum creatinine tests.
  • A 75-year-old visitor visa subclass 600 holder in Australia must undergo a medical examination and serum creatinine testing.
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Visitors to the panel clinic are asked if they want to seek permanent residency within six to twelve months. If so, they’ll ask if you want a permanent residency assessment. If so, extra exams are required. Additional testing is your responsibility.

Planning medical exams? Wait! Before visiting the hospital, read these instructions. It saves time and effort.

Medical Exam Preparation Instructions

You need an Australian visa for medical exams. For Australian visa medical exams, follow these instructions:

  • Take the Home Affairs letter and the examination referral letter with your TRN ID to the clinic for a medical exam.
  • Applicants can eat before their medical exam because none of the first blood and urine tests require a fast.
  • Fertile women should avoid timed tests during menstruation. If so, they must return one week after their period ends.

1. For the Tuberculin Skin Test

A Tuberculin Skin Test will be done on children aged 2–11. This exam takes 48–72 hours to read. To read test results at certain times, the child must return. Please validate your child’s test readings. Without reading the test aloud at the medical conference, the report is incomplete. IGRA blood tests can diagnose latent TB instead of TST. TST takes two visits; IGRA only takes one. If you have children who need to take the TST, avoid Thursday appointments since the exam cannot be read in the permitted time.

2. For pregnant women

Candidates under three months pregnant must wait until the last trimester for a chest x-ray. No medical treatment will begin until the chest x-ray is complete. An x-ray is conducted after three months of pregnancy with a double-lead cover to protect the fetus. A pregnant candidate who refuses an x-ray will have their visa application delayed until the medical facility finishes the x-ray and their medical records are incomplete.

Required Medical Exam Documents for Australian Visa

For a smooth medical exam for an Australian visa, bring the following documents to the clinic:

  • Two copies of your valid passport. However, some authorities require the original passport.
  • You must attend the clinic on the appointment day.
  • Bring any past medical tests or notes.
  • Please bring your original polio immunization certificate and authorized certificate copies.
  • Also, bring an appointment confirmation letter or email.
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Do you know?

Worldwide, the WHO reported 10 million new tuberculosis infections in 2020. Despite the prevalence of tuberculosis, illness was lower in Australia. The severe screening process of the Department of Home Affairs Australia is to blame. The department checks immigrants for TB.

TB Screening Test

The WHO has formally declared tuberculosis an epidemic and emergency because it is the leading cause of death in developing nations. Australia has had the third-lowest score in the world for a while, indicating that the disease is no longer widespread there. Because 10% of “old” Tuberculosis cases might reactivate, especially during immigration, Commonwealth Medical Officers are more cautious with tiny, old indications.



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