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LSE offers a unique opportunity to study the social sciences at a university with a worldwide academic reputation. The information you find in this section is designed to help you at every stage of our Undergraduate admission process.

1 . BA in Anthropology and Law

The BA in Anthropology and Law brings together two quite different, but complementary fields in a joint honors program, with equal emphasis in each subject area. It combines all the benefits of a qualifying law degree with the intellectual and philosophical challenge of anthropology: the study of what it means to be human. Students in the program have a wide variety of interests, backgrounds, and motivations.

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Studying anthropology will provide a framework to help you see what is universal to all human societies and what is variable. You will learn to analyze social and political relations and to engage productively in major contemporary debates concerning social justice, multiculturalism, and the direction of political and economic change in today’s world.

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2 . BA History

BA History at LSE is a modern international history degree, with courses that span from the fifteenth century to the twenty-first century. You will gain an understanding of the forces that have shaped the past and those that are shaping the world we live in today.

This degree is distinctive for its international perspective on the past. It gives as much attention to political, economic, social, and cultural developments within states as to the relations between them, in the belief that unless domestic and international history are studied together neither can be properly understood.

The Department of International History is world-renowned and prides itself on delivering its ground-breaking research throughout the teaching program.

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3 . BSc Accounting and Finance

The undergraduate BSc Accounting & Finance programme is topically focused on accounting and finance but is fundamentally grounded in other core social science disciplines as well as practically connected to the social sciences through optional courses and LSE100.

Specifically, in addition to developing core knowledge and skills in accounting and finance, you will learn to analyze how accounting and finance are concerned with a range of institutional and organizational processes of calculation, reporting, and evaluation.

You will also learn to appreciate the interdependencies between accounting and accountability, financial management and risk, performance management and sustainability, governance and regulation, and policy-making and change, among other key fundamental concepts related to, implicated in, or affected by accounting and finance.

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You will learn to critically evaluate the use and suitability of accounting and finance techniques in different contexts. You will gain a deep understanding of the nature of organizations in the economy and society, and the crucial role that accounting and finance play in societies, economies, institutions, markets, organizations, and even individual behaviors.

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Whether you want to further your knowledge in a subject you’re passionate about, boost your CV, or get your dream job, a postgraduate taught degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science can help you stand out from the crowd and achieve your goals.

LSE offers a unique opportunity to study the social sciences at a university with a worldwide academic reputation. The information you find in this section is designed to help you at every stage of our Graduate admission process.