LIVE: Kyebi Chiefs demonstrate, angry at ‘NDC insults’ against Okyenhene

LIVE: Kyebi Chiefs demonstrate, angry at ‘NDC insults’ against Okyenhene

Kyebi Chiefs, at the Akyem Abuakwa traditional council goes all red in a mega demonstration. The look on their faces is an indication of their anger at the National Democratic Congress insults against the paramount chief of the Abuakwa Traditional council, Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin.

Kwame Zu, the Ashanti regional National Democratic Congress secretary, is said to have made insulting comments against Okyenhene. This was captured in an interview he granted.

According to Kwame Zu, the Okyenhene shared a common source of drinking water with animals until former President John Dramani Mahama gave the people potable water.

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Earlier, the Chiefs hyped preparedness to demonstrate against the national democratic congress haven heard such unpalatable words from their regional executive. Few days ago, Kwame Zu has been jumping from television stations to radio stations to render an unqualified apology and further retraction.

A more visible inscription on a placard being displayed

The all red inscripted placards shows their anger.  “Okyenman will not tolerate this nonsense”, “NDC and Zu Okyeman has rejected you”, “NDC stop this foolish reckless talk”,  “Okyenhene is our king leave him alone” and a lot more are taking waves.



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