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List of Countries to Buy Cheapest Citizenship by Investment

List of Countries to Buy Cheapest Citizenship by Investment

Some of the most affordable and low-cost citizenship by investment schemes in the world are found in the Caribbean. For $109,500 paid to the government by a single candidate, St. Lucia, and Dominica donation investment is the cheapest way to become a citizen by investment. (There are fees for the service as well). There are no cheaper ways to buy CBI, and underselling and financing are both forbidden by CIP Government units.

Overall, there are only four CBI schools that don’t cost more than $100,000. These are in St. Lucia, Dominica, Antigua, and Vanuatu. These are the least expensive and can be bought by most people. All other programs, like the ones in St. Kitts and Grenada, cost more than $150,000. Only the donation choice is being talked about here.

What You Should Know

  • The donation choice is the fastest and least expensive way to invest in getting citizenship. For one person, it’s cheaper to go to St. Lucia or Dominica.
  • Under the “Limited time discount” (LTO), Saint Kitts is giving a USD 25,000 discount on all applications until June 30, 2023. All applications are processed faster within 60 days, and there is no extra charge.
  • Antigua is the best CBI for families (the University of West Indies (UWI) fund is the cheapest for families of six or more).
  • People who want to move to the US using the E-2 visa route will find Grenada CBI very appealing.
  • CBI programs are also open to parents, brothers who are not married, and biological children.
  • Children and siblings under the age of 30 who are not married can be put on the same application.
  • The real estate method is expensive for everyone, and CBI can easily cost more than $200,000 with fees.
  • Families with at least $1 million to invest often choose to become citizens of Malta.
  • If everything is in order, it only takes 90 days to process.
  • The St. Kitts passport is one of the best passports because it lets you enter over 155 countries without a visa, including the UK, the EU, Russia, and many others.
  • Government bonds will give you peace of mind because the government will back them. Governments in Vanuatu ($175,000) and St. Lucia ($300,000) offer notes with no interest.
  • The real estate method is more expensive and can’t be less than $200,000 or even more. Investors should stay away from financing or underselling scams that are pushed by illegal real estate agents.
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Cheapest CBI

The prices listed below are for the opportunity to become a citizen by making a donation. The least amount needed for real estate is more than $200,000, plus costs. Please use our CBI calculator to figure out costs in real time.

Single applicant (Donation)

The following amounts were paid to the government:

  • St Lucia – Single person ($109,500)
  • Dominica – Single person ($109,950)
  • Antigua – Single person ($137,500)
  • St. Kitts and Nevis: $132,500 for a single person
  • Vanuatu – Single person ($135,000)

Note that you have to pay extra fees for the bank, courier, notary, and authorized agency when you send your application to the CBI Unit.

Expected Costs

The answer to which is cheaper varies on whether you are applying as an individual or as a family. It depends a lot on how old your kids are and if you include other family members like brothers or parents.

It’s important to know that you can only make the full investment AFTER the government approves your application, which takes about 3 months. Every payment is made in steps. At first, you pay half of the lawyer’s fee and a government fee to make the application.

Families (Donation)

The prices of CBI plans are VERY affected by who is in the family. Costs go up when there are more people in a family, according to the CIP laws set up by governments.

The CBI program in Antigua and Barbuda is the least expensive and easiest to pay for. When a family has six or more applicants, the UWI fund choice saves them more money. If you apply as a family with a spouse and two children under sixteen, you will pay all of the above costs as a gift to the government. This includes the government fee and the due diligence fee.

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Refundable investments

Another way to keep costs low is to invest in things like real estate shares, government bonds, etc. that you can get your money back from. Bonds are low-risk investments that give you peace of mind because the government pays them back. No interest or return will be paid, but you will get your money back in full after 5 years. We’ll show you how much it will cost if you are the main applicant (a single person). You can add family members at any time. You don’t have to spend all your money at the beginning.

St Lucia Bonds

We look at the budget of St. Lucia’s covid government bonds as an example. Refunded in full after 5 years. No extra cost to families

  • Government bonds – $300,000
  • Government filing fee: $50,000
  • Due investigation – $7500
  • $1,000 in extra costs
  • Total: $358,500

Since you’ll get the $300,000 back in 5 years, the total cost of your St. Lucia visa is only $58,500.

Caribbean (Real Estate)

We’ll use the example of getting a share in a hotel, where the developer can buy it all back or you can sell it whenever you want. (with rental income of 3-5% and two weeks off per year). Note Homes can be bought for more than $400,000

Single applicant

  • Real estate: $200,000 (part of a project by a developer).
  • The fee to register a share is $4,500.
  • Government filing fee: $25,000.
  • Due investigation – $7500
  • Extra – $1000
  • Total: $238,000
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Since the developer buys back your $200,000 share after 7 years, your net cost to become a citizen of St. Kitts is only $38,000.

Vanuatu (Govt Bonds)

Vanuatu has made it possible to become a citizen by investing in government bonds starting in 2023. Listed below are the prices if you are a single applicant.

  • AUD 180,000 to buy a bond with a two-year lock. or A
  • Fee to process: USD 15,000
  • Due research fee – USD 5000
  • The application fee is $2,000 USD
  • Total: AUD 175,000 (refundable no interest paid) + USD 22,000 (non refundable)

Authorized Agent fee

To send your file to the CBI unit, government-licensed agents charge a one-time fee of around USD 5,000, which can be paid in payments. It also depends on who is in the family. Please remember that the agent fee is not part of any of the calculations above.

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