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Latest Job Posting at World Vision

Latest Job Posting at World Vision

Job Title: Governance & Landed Property Director 

Our 70-year mission is to help the poorest children live full lives. Our Christian faith inspires us to help all children, especially in dangerous places.

Join our 34,000+ staff in nearly 100 countries to help vulnerable children!

Key Responsibilities

Job Purpose:

Under the National Director, the position will support governance by providing company secretarial services to the World Vision Ghana Intermediate Board for effective board performance and compliance with regulatory and Partnership governance regulations; supervise the National Office Policy and Compliance functions to minimize risk and ensure the organization complies with policies, procedures, and standards; and

The job would also lead policy development and enforcement to maintain prudent management of all World Vision Ghana landed properties at the Head Office in Accra, satellite offices in Area Program areas, and regional offices to reduce hazards.

Management Coordination

Support the board’s governance to optimize management performance. Ensure the Board complies with Ghanaian legislation and WV’s Intermediate Board governance criteria.

Governing Boards

Ensure that:

The Board receives quarterly ministerial reports seven days before meetings. Board and committee minutes are distributed seven days following the meeting.

Board and Committee work plans are authorized by the Board Committee Chairs and the ND for Board. The Governance and Nominations Committee monitors their implementation. The National Office Global Governance database and WVG Board meeting minutes are kept safe. Plan and execute Board Meetings. Board Committee meetings to ensure their link with the Board meeting is strategic per the Board work plan and follow up on management action items from these sessions. Governance and Nominations committee and RGA consultation on board member recruitment, orientation, and development. The Board Development plan incorporates annual Board performance assessments. Implement the forward agenda, Annual Board Work Plan, and Board Development Plan. Board and senior leadership governance capacity building

Plan Board field tours to WVG project sites with Integrated Programmes to enable Board members to understand WV’s ministry. VFG/WVG Joint field visits and board meetings occur annually. Prepare the ND’s Quarterly Ministry Updates report for the Board and identify critical issues.

Legal Duties

WVG Board follows WVI National Board policy and Ghanaian legislation by calling and holding Extraordinary Meetings. Ghanaian legal compliance for WVG. The Board Chair and Governance and Nominations Committee arrange succession to guarantee corporate continuity. WVG Board follows WVI National Board Policy and Ghanaian laws.

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WVI Partnership Needs

By ensuring:

Partnership reports submitted on time for WVG governance accountability.

Board members receive instruction and Partnership Policies.

The National Office contextualizes, implements, and monitors new WV Partnership policies.

Coordinate NO peer review processes with the Partnership Peer Review Office, prepare the National Office Action plan, including the National Office self-review report, handle all peer review logistics, provide peers with all the information needed for the review, track the implementation of the Peer Review Report recommendations, and ensure WVG’s compliance.

Coordinate the Annual Board Self Review, peer, and Governance and Nominations Committee effectiveness reviews with the Board Chair. Make sure the learnings inform Board work plan and development processes.

Company Property Management Guaranteed

WV Ghana’s land holdings pose a big danger to the organization that could cost several thousand US$. Urgent action is needed to alleviate the hazards.

Property Risk Mapping

Check World Vision’s land holdings by updating the land asset register. This will be done by identifying and registering World Vision Ghana’s landed properties. The landed asset register lists all landed property uses and descriptions. Risks to all landholdings are identified and prioritized. Risk management, land title regularization, and development management are implemented.

Property/Land Management


The role provides professional guidance and management of landed properties in line with Ghana legislation and ensures that World Vision’s land administration/management fulfills requirements and do not endanger the organization.

All high-risk homes are addressed within 6–12 months. World Vision regularizes all title deeds in 15 months. The office has defined landed properties policies and operational processes within 12 months. New projects follow operational principles. All title paperwork is in place for untransitioned projects.

All properties acquired or occupied comply with Ghana land law and are legally registered or renewed within 18 months, starting with Head Office, GIWASH, and Northern Operations properties. Market value appraisals of all World Vision properties for property management, including annual ground rent and property rates. Property management solutions and internal business process improvements.

Minimizing Property Risk

Support Services and HEA/Security ensure that all World Vision offices follow property standards and safety regulations.

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Field properties are compliant, risk-free, and safe. To avoid penalties, verify all statutory landed property claims within the standard timeframe. Advice on properties World Vision should sell, managing property assets and liabilities.

Standardize Property Acquisition and Transfer Protocols

Standard protocols for property acquisition and occupation ensure that risks are adequately handled by providing guidance on legal requirements for compliance on newly acquired landed property and advice, guidance, planning, and implementation of both maintenance and effective management of same.

Develop a transparent, risk-free property transfer procedure to protect youngsters and maintain a good organizational image.

Promote National Office Policy and Regulations

Manage Policy and Regulations

Enforce Policies and Regulations by:

Forming a Compliance Working Group with P&C, Supply Chain, Finance, IPD, Security, Risk and Audit Committee, etc. Lead the Working Group to establish collaboration expectations, workflow timetables, and compliance involvement with other office procedures and objectives. Policy and regulatory inventory: World Vision Ghana requires internal and external inventories (and updated as needed).

Complete the Compliance Prioritization Assessment (CPA): Determine compliance risk priorities that could harm World Vision Ghana if ignored. Observe Laws Compliance: Determine and enforce Policy Management requirements with stakeholders. ICMT completion: Complete the ICMT with Policy Management Stakeholders and submit to the Regional Compliance Champion after ND/Board approval. Plan Policy and Regulations Risk mitigation: Work with Policy Management Stakeholders to fix monitoring or control gaps.


The incumbent must use strategic judgment and take responsibility for decisions, repercussions, and results that affect people, costs, and/or services in the functional area and the organization’s reputation.


  • National Director: (Supervision), joint planning, Leadership, and Strategic direction, World Vision Ghana Board, Regional Governance Director, Senior Leadership Team
  • Board: WVI Legal, Ghana Government Legal, Registrar of Companies (Support, Coordination, Facilitation).
  • Integrated Program Effectiveness Director: Periodic planning, reporting, coordination,
  • Finance Director and Support Services Director: Financial management consultation, business process development, collaborative monitoring, planning, and approvals.
  • People & Culture, Consultation, liaison, joint monitoring, planning, and approvals for human resource management and policy/regulatory concerns.
  • Communications Manager: Consultation, coordination, joint planning, goal-setting, business process creation, and monitoring.
  • Risk and Compliance Officer: Collaboration, planning, target setting, business process creation, and monitoring.
  • Key National and International Stakeholders: Coordination, networking, ongoing contact, and influence/advocacy building.


  • Must be a devoted Christian who can overcome denominational and cultural diversity;
  • Ability to recognize strategic change opportunities and provide feasible recommendations.
  • Professionalism in a fast-changing environment.
  • Leadership qualities to persuade people to embrace strategic initiatives.
  • Continuous learning and interest in governance and development advances.
  • Landed property management experience and great property management advice.
  • Risk-based analysis of Office policies and regulations.
  • Build stakeholder relationships to collect compliance data for high- and medium-risk rules and regulations for self-assessment.
  • Helping departments reduce compliance risks
  • Annually report compliance metrics to Regional Compliance and Senior Leadership for responsibility and monitoring.
  • Excellent communication and social abilities.
  • Analytical and critical thinker who can handle several tasks and tight deadlines.
  • Multicultural team player that respects diversity.
  • The job involves proactivity, self-management, tact, diplomacy, discretion, and confidentiality on many complicated and delicate subjects.
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Qualifications: Knowledge/Skills/Experience:

  • Bachelor in Law, social sciences, corporate management, organizational development, or other relevant fields.
  • A solid degree in Land Economy or Estate Management with 5 years of relevant landed property experience.
  • Experience in corporate governance, organizational development, strategy management, and property management.
  • Minimum 4 years of international NGO experience with a strong comprehension of development and relief humanitarian operations strategies and initiatives.
  • Good grasp of significant Humanitarian Strategic efforts, best practices, State policies, and development context concerns like religion, security, etc.
  • Information management expertise
  • Partnership and network-building experience

How to Apply for Job Posting at World Vision

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Deadline: 3rd, February 2023

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