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Job prospects for those ineligible in the Express Entry category draws | Move to canada

Job prospects for those ineligible in the Express Entry category draws | Move to Canada

In-demand occupations may be available to those who are not selected in the Express Entry category lotteries. Furthermore, even if candidates are not eligible for the most recent Express Entry category-based draws, their occupations may still be in high demand.

Candidates for Canadian Permanent Residence have been chosen as a result of the launch of the new Express Entry category draws. Their professional work experience, rather than their CRS ratings, is the reason for their selection.

Despite the fact that this new initiative of category draws has broadened the scope of immigration options. What about those who work in occupations that do not fall within the category-based selection draws? Is there an alternative to Express Entry?

Job opportunities for people who are not eligible for Express Entry

Because it is a top economic immigration method, the Provincial Nominee Program may be the best option in this situation. The PNP is used by all Canadian provinces to run their immigration systems. Quebec and Nunavut, on the other hand, remain exceptions.

Surprisingly, PNPs always prioritized individuals who could contribute financially to the provinces. They ranked their demographic and economic needs in order of importance. The provinces each have their own list of the most in-demand jobs.

It is also necessary to meet the eligibility standards of each province, in addition to having appropriate work experience in the in-demand professions of each province. Each province focuses on specific jobs in the high-demand category of occupations.

Candidates may be optimistic about matching job titles. They must, however, initially match the NOC of the job title. This will help them comprehend their job responsibilities and how they fit into their current role. The National Occupation Code is used by the Canadian government to classify employment positions.


Candidates seeking permanent residence in Alberta should apply through the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program. They must, however, have the necessary skill set to establish themselves in this province and contribute to the current labor deficit. The Alberta PNP does not provide an official list of the province’s in-demand jobs. The following job occupations, however, are among the most prevalent employment professions. The list pertains to the number of persons who are now employed in various roles. It comprises the following occupations:

  • Supervisors of Retail Sales;
  • Managers of Retail and Wholesale Trade;
  • Registered Nurses (RNs) and Registered Psychiatric Nurses (RPNs);
  • Clerks in accounting and similar fields; and
  • Drivers of Transport Trucks

Aside from that, Alberta has made its list of disqualifying jobs public. PNP immigration does not support or permit those who work on the ineligible job list. Alberta frequently holds targeted drawings for Healthcare and Agriculture workers. These draws take place through the Dedicated Healthcare Pathway, Priority Sectors, and Farm Streams.

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Manitoba job opportunities in well-known industries

Manitoba PNP is Canada’s oldest and divides its targeted professions into 10 distinct categories:

  • Health occupations: Psychologists, pharmacists, and physical therapists are examples of health jobs.
  • Educational occupations, also those related to law, government, community, and social services: Early Childhood Educators and Assistants, social workers, lawyers, and therapists are examples of educational jobs as well as those associated with law, government, community, and social services.
  • Occupations related to business, finance, and administration: Administrative Officers, Financial Managers, and Human Resource Professionals are examples of occupations relating to business, finance, and administration.
  • Related occupations to Natural and Applied Sciences: Civil engineers, architects, land surveyors, data scientists, and mechanical and civil engineers are jobs related to natural and applied sciences.
  • Sales and Service Professions: Cooks, Bakers, Retail Sales Supervisors, and Sales Managers are examples of sales and service professionals.
  • Manufacturing and Utilities Occupations: Occupations in Manufacturing and Utilities include Power Engineers, Power System Operators, and Manufacturing and Utilities Managers.
  • Rural In-Demand Occupations: Patient Service Associates, Nurses’ Aids, Industrial Butchers, Orderlies, Poultry Preparers, and Meat Cutters are among the rural in-demand occupations.
  • Natural Resources and Agriculture (related occupations): This includes Target Managers in Agriculture.
  • Art, Recreation, and Sports: Art, Recreation, and Sports – Sports, Fitness Program, Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Audio and Video Recording Technicians, and Service Directors.
  • Operators of trades, transportation, and equipment (associated vocations): This category includes Tool and Die Makers, Carpenters, Construction Managers, Electricians, and Plumbers, among others.

Northwest Territories

The PNP of the Northwest Territories has not released an official list of targeted occupations. This province groups together roles based on education and experience. It goes into detail on five jobs that are expected to have the most openings through 2034. The following are the job functions:

  • Some job roles require only a high school diploma. Building Superintendents, Caretakers, Janitors, Light Duty Cleaners, and Cashiers are the three occupations with the most vacancies during the next 15 years.
  • Retail Salespersons, Transport Truck Drivers, and Heavy Equipment Operators (excluding Crane) require a high school diploma.
  • Social and Community Service Workers, Administrative Officers, and Administrative Assistants are roles tied to a college-level diploma requirement.
  • Secondary School Teachers, Teachers (Elementary School and Kindergarten), Registered Nurses, and Psychiatric Nurses are examples of roles that need a university education level.
  • Retail and wholesale managers and financial and construction managers are examples of jobs that require management-level experience.

Job opportunities for people who are ineligible for Express Entry – British Columbia PNP as an option

The British Columbia PNP divides its targeted occupations into four categories:

  • Childcare Occupations: Early Childhood Educators and Assistants are childcare occupations.
  • Tech Occupations: Occupations in technology include web designers, astronomers, physicists, and data scientists.
  • Other Priority Occupations: Other high-demand jobs include veterinary technicians, animal healthcare technologists, and veterinarians.
  • Healthcare Occupations: Physiotherapists, Pharmacists, and Dentists are examples of healthcare occupations.
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New Brunswick

There is no formal list of targeted professions provided by the New Brunswick PNP. However, it notifies us about the industries with the most vacancies. In 2023, the following industries will be prominent:

  • Administration, business, and finance: Administrative Assistants, Duty Cleaners, Information and Customer Service Representatives, Police Officers, Financial Sales Representatives, and so on.
  • Sales and Services: Retail Sales Supervisors, Cashiers, and Retail Salespeople are examples of Sales and Services professionals.
  • Other Services: Administrative Assistants, Bus Mechanics, Barbers, Hairstylists, and Estheticians are some of the other services available.
  • Health Occupations: Childhood Educators and Assistants, Patient Service Associates, Orderlies, Nurses’ Aids, Home Support Workers, and so on.
  • Education, Law, Social, and Community Government: Building Superintendents, Canadian Armed Forces non-commissioned ranks, elementary and kindergarten teachers, university professors, and lecturers work in education, law, social, and community government.
  • Equipment operators, Trades, and Transport: Transport Truck Drivers, Letter Carriers, Store Shelf Stockers, Food and Beverage Labourers, Clerks, and other roles in equipment, trades, and transportation.

The province of Nova Scotia

The Nova Scotia PNP, also known as the Nova Scotia Nominee Program, provides an official list of in-demand vocations. These targeted occupations, however, fall within TEER tiers 3, 4, and 5. The TEER Code ranges from 0 to 5. This suggests that the 0 level is associated with extensive responsibilities and requires the most education and experience of all job classifications. Level 5 job roles require the least amount of education and experience.

The following occupations are targeted in Nova Scotia:

  • Cleaners for everyday use;
  • Servers of food and beverages;
  • Drivers of transport trucks;
  • Aides to Nurses
  • Operators of Heavy Equipment;
  • Kitchen assistants, food counter attendants, and other support jobs; and
  • Construction Trades Assistants and Laborers

Job opportunities for people who do not qualify for Express Entry – Newfoundland and Labrador PNP

There are four broad kinds of in-demand vocations in Newfoundland and Labrador:

  • Healthcare occupations: The most common vocations in this field include Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Psychologists, Licensed Practical Nurses, Physicians, and so on.
  • Occupations in Information and Communications Technology: These include Biomedical Engineers, UI/UX Developers, Software and AI Developers, and more.
  • Aquaculture Occupations: Jobs in this category require a master-class four fishing certificate. Facility Technicians, Farming and Feeding Managers, and Assistant Managers are among the positions available.
  • Technical Specialists Occupations: This category includes jobs such as Cloud Specialists, Data Analysts, Bioinformaticians, Security Specialists, Offshore Technicians, and others.


The Ontario Provincial Nominee Program uses the OINP Employer Job Offer Stream to distribute invites to persons who have a job offer from an employer and who have skills in in-demand occupations.


This stream also includes parameters such as median wage, work experience, and language skills.

In general, in-demand vocations fall into two categories:

  • In-demand job opportunities around Ontario;
  • Jobs that are in high demand outside of the Greater Toronto Area.

The following are a few in-demand jobs in Ontario:

  • Caregivers, Home Support Workers, and others in related fields.
  • Retail and wholesale – fishmongers and butchers;
  • Construction Traders include Helpers and Laborers.

Outside of the GTA, the following positions are popular:

  • Operators of Metal Processing, Mineral Processing, and Machines
  • Operators of Forging Machines and Metalworking; and
  • Assemblers and mechanical inspectors


The Saskatchewan PNP does not provide information about in-demand vocations through an official list. It can, however, choose to focus on vocations connected to TEER levels 0, 1, 2, and 3. Aside from that, the program includes a list of ineligible vocations. This means that people in ineligible occupations must apply to the SINP through the Express Entry and In-Demand Occupations Streams.

The province of Prince Edward Island

The Prince Edward Island PNP covers the following in-demand occupations:

  • Drivers of transport trucks;
  • Cleaners for everyday use;
  • Handlers of materials;
  • Helpers and Laborers in the Construction Industry;
  • Orderlies, Patient Service Associates, and Nursing Assistants;
  • Other Manufacturing, Utilities, and Processing Laborers
  • Process Control and Machine Operators in the Food and Beverage Processing Sector
  • Poultry Preparers, Meat Cutters, and Industrial Butchers, as well as other related workers.


The PNP in Yukon does not provide an official list of acceptable vocations. However, it employs two major streams: Skilled Worker and Critical Impact Worker. This only applies to individuals with TEERs of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, respectively. Employers and employees must both apply for this program if they have a job offer.



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