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Immigrants to Canada and the Role of Settlement Services

Immigrants to Canada and the Role of Settlement Services

As a newcomer to Canada, you probably have a lot of questions about finding a job, finding a place to live, finding a place for your kids to go after school, and a lot more. It can be easy to find information online, but sometimes it’s better to just sit down and talk to someone.

Did you know that Canadian settlement services can answer all your questions and help you find other programs and services that can make your life easier in Canada? Also, it costs nothing to see a settlement worker in Canada.

In this article, we’ll talk about what settlement services are and how they can help newcomers in different ways. We talked to Sylvia, who is in charge of outreach and community relations at the YMCA of Greater Toronto Newcomer Information Centre, to learn more about what a settlement worker does. Read on to find out what a settlement worker can do for you and how to get in touch with one to help you quickly adjust to life in Canada.

The Immigrant, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) helps pay for the YMCA Newcomer Information Centre, which gives newcomers free services like a personalized settlement plan, information, and referrals about settlement and employment, information webinars, and chances to meet people in the community. To learn more about the program, go to

What are Canada’s settlement services?

There are settlement services and agencies in Canada that help newcomers for free at every step of their journey. The Canadian government pays for some or all of the costs of settlement services to help newcomers feel at home in Canadian society. Settlement services help people with things like jobs, housing, health care, education, immigration, and more. When you start using settlement services in Canada, you may be put in touch with a settlement worker who will help you get settled by working with you one-on-one.

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Tip: You can also visit the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website to find out about settlement agencies and newcomer centers in your area that offer free services for newcomers.

What does a settlement worker do?

Settlement workers are people who help newcomers settle in by giving them information and help about culture, education, recreation, money, social services, and other things.

Settlement agencies often work directly with some schools, libraries, community centers, and newcomer centers to connect settlement workers with newcomers who can most benefit from their services.

Contact community centers, libraries, newcomer centers, and schools to find out if they work with any settlement agencies and can put you in touch with a settlement worker in your area. If so, they might be able to give you more than one option for settlement workers.

How can settlement workers help new immigrants?

Settlement workers help newcomers adjust to life in Canada by taking a “holistic” approach. This means that they look at every part of a newcomer’s life, including their culture, skills, education, and career, and try to give them help that fits their needs and the needs of their family. Talking to a settlement worker in person can clear things up and save newcomers a lot of time and trouble by giving them the right advice the first time they need it.

Many newcomers to Canada follow the advice of people who moved there before them. This advice is very helpful, but it might not always work for your situation. If you tell a settlement worker about your exact situation, they can help you in a more personalized way.

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Ways that settlement services can help you as newcomers:

  • Give information on specific needs for settling in, like career, education, language, social programs, money, and more.
  • Help people get the things they need to live, like a place to live, health care, social services, and transportation.
  • Give your family and children advice and help in areas like education, recreation, child care, and more.
  • Tell you about your rights and what you have to do.
  • Help people fill out forms and applications, like those for government benefits.
  • Put you in touch with job agencies and help you with your job search.
  • Help with language and translation services and point people in the right direction.

All of these and more can be done to help a newcomer settle in. Even if you’re not sure if a settlement worker can help you with something, you should still ask. They might be able to point you to another service or resource that can help you.

Relationship-building with your settlement worker

Signing up to talk to a settlement worker is a personal choice since you will be sharing a lot of personal information with them, especially if you plan to work with them for a long time. You can choose a settlement worker based on where they are, what they specialize in, how well they speak your native language or any number of other things. You should choose a settlement worker based on who you think will understand your needs and point you in the right direction the best.

If you move or change your mind about what you want or what your goals are, you can switch settlement workers. When you move to a new area, you may want to do more than just talk to your settlement worker one-on-one. You may also want to join a group program for newcomers. You can do this at your local community or newcomer center. This is a good way to meet other newcomers and learn useful information in general.

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Settlement services are free and can help anyone who is new to the country. You can visit a settlement worker in your first few months in Canada, and you can continue to do so for years to come, even after you become a Canadian citizen. Now that you know what settlement services can do for you, you might want to include them in your plan for a smooth move to Canada.



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